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  1. ZLevitt23 says:

    Which of the two rookie AZ RBs is the best to own?

    • Brian says:

      I think it is Ellington. He is more explosive than Taylor. I think they selected Taylor way to high for his talent as well.

    • SJ says:

      Id actually take Taylor in that he could have the chance to take on a large role in the running game, given his size and skill-set. Hes sort of a grinder, kinda what Mendenhall has become, and after Mendenhall eventually leaves town, it very well could be Taylor as an interim stop-gap bruiser back for Ariens.

      Not really blown away by Taylors talents or measurables, but this just seems like a interesting possibility.

    • Chad Scott says:

      I’ve taken both but lately it’s been Ellington when possible because of the big play potential… I’m a sucker for guys like that.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s Taylor, hands-down. Ellington is tiny (5’9, 195 lbs), not that fast for his size (4.52 at Pro day), and extremely injury-prone (basically hurt every other game at Clemson).

      Taylor is durable, a good inside-the-tackles runner, a good receiver, and fits Arians offense better.

      Ellington is next to worthless, as his draft status (6th round) indicates.

  2. cannoncruz says:

    Is the backfield so muddled with the addition of Lattimore that LaMichael James gets not even a mention anywhere.

    Last year teamates were saying that he is doing some Percy Harvin-esque stuff. This year they are down Crabtree, have an aging RB with Gore, a backup RB who is recovering from an ACL, and a rookie RB that nobody knows for sure will be effective let alone ever play.

    Please give me a reason why he can’t be an X factor out of the backfield, and why he gets no love .

    • SJ says:

      I think its mostly because James didnt make great strides or explosive play-making differences his rookie year. He gave what a standard COP back would give. So until he really shows something more, not many people will be high on him in. He’s going to really have to take advantage of the touches he receives.

      Not saying he wont, because many backs improved big in their second years. Just saying not a lot of pundits expect or foresee it coming. Very possible, just no hype.

      But given his lack of large amount of touches, at any level in his future, its tough to say he’s going to ever be anything better than a mere flex play.

    • Chad Scott says:

      I like LJ but the situation is muddled… Think he will be a better version of Jacquizz Rodgers… Solid PPR guy but don’t count on him being a lead back without injuries to Gore and Hunter.

    • sean mcguigan says:

      Cannoncruz…I am with you on James….the situation sure looks muddled right now but Gore is aging and I say this is last year he is feature back, Hunter coming of achilles which could easily rob him of a step and Lattimore is a 50/50 proposition at best that he ever makes it back anywhere close to form. James put on 10 LBS of muscle and is now bigger than Hunter. I watch tape of this kid in college and I can’t believe the plays he made…maybe a bit of a long shot but kid could be a MAJOR sleeper.

      He was a rookie last year took a while to learn anything and had a couple of ball control issues…if he comes in ready which he looks like he is, look out Kid has special talent no doubt about that

  3. Lamar Miller says:

    Nice to see someone that agrees with me on Golden Tate. He’s ridiculously undervalued as a cheap WR option. He’s the type of guy that I love to have thrown in as part of other deals.

  4. SJ says:

    Always enjoy these articles.

    Very glad to see an level opinon over AJ Jenkins status finally. I’ve really heard enough about him “dropping his lone pass, therefore is worthless forever” (paraphrasing other’s articles) line about him.

    Obviously his rookie year sucked, but an abundant of established, high-level NFL performers can say that. All I care about whats going on moving forward. I think you summed it up perfectly – great opportunity, finally good mindset and conditioning, and always good talent and measurables to go off of.

    Like you, I’m ready to see what Jenkins does with the pads on. Even if a guy like Collie or Patton challenges him, its possible this year could be a nice uptick in value for Jenkins. Nothings certain for him next season, but hopefully this year shows good promise.

  5. Pete says:

    Do you see Chris Harper carving out a role in the Seahawks O? You touch on A.J. Jenkins and Patton but not this guy?

  6. jbpar72 says:

    Trade question:

    I have Pead and Richardson on my team behind Spiller, Charles, Montee Ball, Bryce Brown and Stephan Taylor. I might be able to trade Pead and Richardson for DeAndre Hopkins. Does anyone think either RB will emerge as anything more than a bye week fill in. (non-ppr league). I got burned when I traded Cobb to this guy so I’m worried about making the wrong trade again.

    • Griffin says:

      I think this depends on what WRs you already have

      • jbpar72 says:

        I have:

        AJ Green
        Mike Wallace
        Josh Gordon
        Jeremy Maclin
        Alshon Jeffery
        Brian Quick
        Markus Wheaton
        Jon Baldwin

        • Chad Scott says:

          Don’t think you NEED Hopkins…just depends on how much you value him…I think you have a nice collection of vets and upside young WRs, tho.

          • jbpar72 says:

            I do like Hopkins, especially with Andre Johnson likely starting to decline soon. Hopkins can be the number one in a few years. But my thought was more about not liking Richardson or Pead, even if they start. Sounds like the Rams will be more pass heavy with Stacey getting goal line I assume. It’s a non ppr league so I don’t see 250 rushes going to either of them. Since it just came out that Richardson is tops on the depth chart I’m trying to send Richardson for Hopkins straight up. Normally that would sound ridiculous but his #1 rb is Chris Ivory and his #2 is DuJuan Harris. He needs a starting RB bad!

  7. Chad Scott says:

    Hopkins is my rookie man crush, but everyone who follows me knows my love for Pead knows no bounds.

    With that said, given your RB stable, I would trade for DHop.

  8. bignett86 says:

    Is Tavon Austin the clear #1 WR in ST. Louis, even though they have Pettis listed as #1 on the depth chart?

    • Chris in Chuck says:

      Chris Givens may be the WR1 on Saint Louis for fantasy purposes.
      Pettis might not even be #2; that’s the way I would bet.

    • Chad Scott says:

      In 2013 I’d say for fantasy purposes, Tavon will be #1 in PPR, followed closely by Chris Givens or Brian Quick…but I need to see a lot of improvement from Quick this TC

    • reeno85 says:

      I agree, Givens is going to be the man.

  9. Bruce Matson says:

    I think Pettis may be able to beat out Quick if he dosn’t prove him self.

  10. REBEL says:

    I have both Pettis and Givens in St. Louis. Tavon Austin went 1.01 in our rookie draft, at $15 salary cap, a bit rich for me as a small, unproven rookie. And I traded for AJ Jenkins this offseason.

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