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  1. Chris says:

    So this may not be related but i have a dynasty question! i have to drop two RB’s Out of K. Hunter, S. Greene, and L. James

    or i can drop a reciever and one rb my lowest receiver ranks are Hartline, R. Randle, and Sanu

    • ChiefsHonk says:

      You can’t trade Greene to whoever owns CJ2K? If not i would drop Hartline and Sanu assuming you have at least 4 solid WRs. I couldn’t decide on who has more value in SF between Hunter/James but to have both definitely has some long term value since the team has the best and youngest O-Line in the NFL + they draft extremely well and should be competetive for a long stretch. Hartline is not a TD threat or a homerun threat not to mention the Dolphins have about 5 offensive players that were not there last year to steal his targets. Sanu may have long term value but the Bengals only throw enough to supply 1 WR and that’s AJ with Gresham as the 2nd option and Eifert/Gio both figure to demand targets ahead of Sanu this year and Sanu still hasn’t completely beat out Jones for the #2 WR. So long story short I would keep all the RBs and look to trade Greene to CJ2k owner……and if you do I wold bet the either Sanu or Hartline would still be on waivers….unless you are in a 16 team league or something.

      • sixshooter says:

        I agree with this but it is tough! I have Sanu on my team and I am doing all I can to hang onto him because he showed promise in the games he played in prior to injury and I would say that, other than proving he is healthy, he has certainly beat out Jones for the #2 which was pretty much determined last year prior to his injury.

        I was able to trade Greene to the Chris Johnson owner for a couple future second round picks in 2015. Better than nothing that is for sure!

        Part of me is wanting to say to cut Hunter instead of Sanu as I believe Sanu would get taken in our 12 team, 37 man roster at least until final cuts to a 27 man roster just before the season. Sanu was definitely getting some looks with getting 9 targets in his last game prior to injury and averaging 5 targets in the 5 games he was asked to produce as a receiver while catching 4 TD’s during that span. And of course one can’t discount his 73 yd TD pass prior to that.

    • js81 says:

      Agree with poster above also don’t drop or trade Randle unless you get overpaid for him.

  2. ChiefsHonk says:

    Ballard is getting picked up in a lot of leagues. I watched some video on him at OTAs this year and he said he was close to 100% and was doing some drills. But when you watch him run he looks fat and crippled. I picked him up as a TE4 in 1 league where I am absolutely dying at TE with 3 mid TE2s on my roster. I think he could be a red zone dynamo in NE but the yards will never be there. He is definitely not the same kind of player as Gronk or Murnandez.


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