20 Responses to “Rob Gronkowski: Dynasty Buy?”

  1. mike_blahnik says:

    Great perspective Dan. I smell opportunity as well!
    One data point that I think isn’t given here is that Gronk is going even lower than his DLF mock ADP in many real start-ups that I have seen in the last month. I think this is due to the fact that even the risk adverse owners will pony-up and grab Gronk once the top 15 RB, top 2 QB, top 10 WR, and Jimmy Graham are drafted in a mock draft….because they aren’t really responsible for holding his rights and hanging on through the next 12 weeks. In a 16 team start-up that I have going right now he fell to 36. I was sniped and grabbed Hernandez with the very next pick.

    This makes your case for acquiring him even stronger, in my opinion, but also shows Joe Average Dynasty is even more afraid of him than the DLF mocks indicate because of that psychological “what the heck” mindset mocks allow.

    P.S. I love the off-season mocks and truly appreciate them for the market-metrics they provide.

  2. ZLevitt23 says:

    A guy in my league just got him for Jordy Nelson and 1.07. I thought that was a steal.

  3. realABC says:

    Just got him for Housler and a 2014 2nd!

  4. Cy23 says:

    I would have MUCH preferred to see a “Now is the time to trade Gronk!” article viewable to the masses, and this article only viewable to Premium members.

    I haven’t been able to trade for Gronk myself, but I have seen trades go down. I would love to have him, but I don’t mind having Graham in some of my leagues instead.

  5. Chris_R says:

    I’m a buyer, but I’m not giving up a guy like Dez to get him. He’s been coming off the board as the #3 or #4 WR in start ups and has shown to be healthy now. Now sure if it took a Chris Johnson a guy who doesn’t have many years left then sure, but a Harvin or Dez I’ll pass.

  6. smcguiga says:

    Not sure I agree and definitely wouldn’t not give up guys like Harvin and Dez, this upcoming surgery will be the 7th!!!!! Of his young career…….7!!! I know four were related to same thing but that has got to be concerning….kid gets hurt and a bad back is VERY concerning…decent chance he starts season on PUP…..you can buy but get a deal or don’t do it

    • The Doctor says:

      I think it’s lazy to just cite the number of surgeries he had as a concern. As you alluded to, he had multiple surgeries because of an infection. Infections can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t mean he’s “infection prone.” If anything, use this high “number” of surgeries to try and make him even cheaper.

      • smcguiga says:

        What’s lazy is ignoring 7 surgeries on 3 different areas of body and an obvious chronic back issue…..That would be lazy and foolish actually… I am stating facts not hearsay as I said if you can get a good deal for him then yes worth the risk but you need to get a discount here and I think a big one given his history…..very logical and not lazy at all dr

        • The Doctor says:

          I never said to ignore them. I said you should properly identify which surgeries are related to injury risk moving forward and which are not. Not all surgeries are the same.

  7. Bird says:

    Traded Gronk this off-season for DeMarco Murray and Dennis Pita…I thought I did pretty well there.

  8. Georgie says:

    I, too, would not move Dez or Percy for Gronk. His surgeries ARE concerning and cannot be ignored. To do so would be careless. If you like Gronk, so be it. But to act like his infections and back issues aren’t a concern is foolhardy. If I can get him on the cheap, cool. No way would I pay premium prices though. Not now. Probably not ever. Just one owner’s opinion though…

  9. Brock says:

    No way I trade Dez for Gronk, and Gronk is about the closest thing to a mancrush that I have in FF. Harvin I would think about depending on my roster, but I don’t buy Harvin as a top 5 WR long term. I did buy Gronk in a 2QB league not too long ago. I gave up a lot of pieces, but none of them were starters, and all but one were aging pieces. Vick/Welker/Patterson/FDavis for Gronk/SidRice and a couple of scrubs. I was thrilled to get Gronk without giving up anyone elite in return

  10. DJ says:

    I agree this story shoul have been told to the premium subscribers and not in public….

    • Jcube says:

      premium retards would need for themselves.
      Who can’t think of this obvious consequences?
      just do your right, not your wrong

  11. Kyle says:

    “Players like Dez Bryant, Percy Harvin are being drafted near Gronk. In the right situation, I would trade one of them (plus a replacement tight end) for him.”

    LOL. No way.

    I have an opening in my league. Want to join?

  12. TradeHappy says:

    Great article!! But no way would I trade Dez, Percy or even Morris
    for Gronk.

    • sixshooter says:

      Totally agree. I think the problem with any potential Gronk deal in a competitive league is that the Gronk owner(s) are likely the same owner that drafted him and therefore have an attachment issue where they will not let him go for a guy like Cecil Shorts and a draft pick or two and those who are wishing to trade for Gronk are not willing to give up a guy like Bryant for a TE who is an injury risk right out of the gates at the start of the season possibly starting the season on PUP! I have not seen much movement with Gronk even in leagues that score 1.5 PPR for TE’s.

  13. ZLevitt23 says:

    Who is better long term Gronk or Graham?

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