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  1. umm says:

    for 2 2nds, you could have improved your team a lot more. Horrendously overpaying for Miller was a very risky move and you could’ve gotten someone a lot better than him if you’re seriously considering a playoff run.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      I’m really surprised you think I horrendously overpaid for Lamar Miller. Antonio Brown and Isaiah Pead were not going to make or break my team. Miller on the other hand, could command a kings ransom on the open trade market around week four if he performs at a high level. I’d make that move 100 times out of 100, even if it doesn’t work out for me in the end. You’ve got to take shots on guys you think have the potential to be studs, before their studs. Otherwise you’ll always pay full price for your elite players.

    • Furnace says:

      I assumed he meant Murray and not Miller.

      I personally believe the deal for Miller was a steal. I don’t care for the Murray deal. I’m not a believer that he is anything special, but I don’t see an issue paying for someone you believe in.

      • Cy23 says:

        That is how I interpreted it too– giving up two seconds (And Wilson!) for Murray does not appeal to me.

        The Miller trade was great though.

  2. Brad says:

    I’m so confused about this draft. ADP has Gio as far and away the first rookie taken and the rankings on this site have Gio #1, but two articles in the last few days (this one and the “top 4” article) have him further down the list. I have the 1.01 and 1.06 in a league where RBs go early and often. If I pass on Gio there is no way he makes it to 1.06, but if I do take Gio, there is a really good chance that either Austin or Hopkins make it to 1.06.

    I’m thinking either Gio or Austin, but I don’t know. Luckily our draft isn’t until after 2 of the pre-season games, so I have some time.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      Simply put, ADP is used to identify trends. It’s not the end all be all. I put way too much time and effort into my scouting to have a “follow the herd” mentality. For me Gio is an average talent at best that landed in a favorable situation. For my money I’d take Christine Michael over every single running back in this draft class. People view his situation as a horrible one, but I couldn’t disagree more. His situation reminds me of the one in Philly when Westbrook was still the man when Shady came into town. That only lasted for one season before Shady was handed the reigns. I have necessary patience and roster depth to allow that situation to play out.

      • Brad says:

        I have a really young team (complete rebuild mode) and don’t have a QB (Loecker is my best option), but have young guys that could be really good at my other positions (David Wilson, Lamar Miller, Kendall Wright, Josh Gordon). Would trying to trade the 1.01 straight for Kaepernick or Russel Wilson be a good move, I think I have a chance at either of those deals.

        • Doug Veatch says:

          If it’s a 1QB league, that’s too rich for my blood. The move if you own 1.01 is to trade back into target specific draft positions, while also building up some rookie picks for 2014. If you can do that, you’ll be holding trophies before you know it. That’s what it’s all about.

        • Magma says:

          Although Doug and I seem to think very scary similar after looking at his draft. I do think I’d trade that 1.01 for R.Wilson or Kaep. Your basically just losing a M.Ball or Hopkins, your young RB’s in D.Wilson and L.Miller could be gold already, you need a stud QB to compete consistently for titles. Plus, like Doug and I both agree on, C.Michael is the BEST RB in this class. Grab him w your 1st pick of rd 2 and with Miller, D.Wilson, and C.Michael, that’s a very very possible potent RB core in two years from now. And what its worth, I’d go after R.Wilson first, then Kaep.

  3. SJ says:

    I like the aggressiveness of your trades, but still feel you need to make a move for a current QB1 for your QB2 slot.

    I know theres a degree of overpay involved, but as a veteran of 2QB leagues, and as you also allude to, having two top QB’s will carry your team. Really cannot be understated.

    I know some, not me, are high on Tanne and Bradford, but id figure out a way to maybe package them, or whatever it takes to get a top end QB. After that youd be pretty set.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      I agree 100%, but I need either Bradford or Tanny to show well in the first half of the 2013 season, otherwise I’ll have too much of a gap to make up in order to get myself into a position to land an upgrade at the position. Like I said in the article, it was the only position I didn’t address, but it’s definitely my top priority heading into the season. Playing in 2QB leagues as you already know puts an insane premium on the position and I’m just not willing to sacrifice the plan I have in place in order to go get a guy now. You never know, I may not even have to if Bradford has the season I think he’s going to have. I may end up being just fine.

  4. NFL Lion Blood says:

    Hey Doug. Didn’t you also trade for Michael Floyd? Good article. Too much for Latavius Murray in my opinion for a non DMC owner in my opinion. It could work out but he has a lot of ifs before seeing the field.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      I did trade for Michael Floyd. I gave up a 2014 1st for him, but that was after I wrote and submitted this article. Also, Ahmad Bradshaw wasn’t a Colt when I wrote this article, he was still a free agent. Personally I don’t view Latavius Murray as a handcuff, I think he’s going to be the guy. Considering the fact that DMC is in a contract year, I just don’t see how they can bring him back if injuries plague him again this year. It’s all about thinking forward and I try to never let current situation dictate what I do in any rookie draft I participate in.

      • Slick says:

        Hey Doug,

        another instant classic. keep them coming! you are the 1st to offer good insight on latavius murray and his huge upside/opportunity. I have him ranked high in my 2nd tier of rookie RBs for the same reasons given. refreshing and encouraging to read your article and take on things. Quick question – do you see joseph randle having similar upside based on murray also being injury prone and no clear cut #2 behind him? especially after jerry gave room all of that money, he needs a running game to protect room to get thru that contract.

        lastly, these type of moves/views on young RBs are essential in today’s quickly evolving league. it seems to me that those peak RB years are getting shorter and shorter. basically you need to be ahead of game like doug is to secure legit stud RBs in their prime (which is now like 23, 24, as opposed to 27, 28 only years ago).

        Doug – looking forward to your thoughts on randle and any other RB in a similar situation. btw – who you rank right between joseph randle and latavius murray??

  5. BigD says:

    great article. it really does’nt matter at all about the trades, it’s the point of HOW you went about changing and adding talent and depth. nice work. (the trades were good too, by the way, but it is a opinion)….also a little hidden gem, was that the article was probably written before bradshaw signed with indy, so now you have a great possibility with him also.

  6. Ariakis says:

    Murray is already hurt on a bad team with other rbs if dmc gets hurt. 2 2nds and wilson should have netted a guy with more upside and talent. your other moves are solid but now you lack bullets if murray doesnt pan out. i would have waited for an opportunity. stacy too seems like a guy people are already paying a premium for with no on field reason.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      Latavius is the second most talented back in this class besides Michael IMO, from a metrics standpoint, he grades out similarly to Adrian Peterson. With that kind of upside, 2 2nd rd picks mean nothing to me. Like I said, it could be one of the best or worst trades I’ve ever made. I don’t care about losing a trade every once in a while to take a shot on a guy I believe in. Not saying to do the same with your team, but I now have a loaded roster with plenty of developing talent stocking the back end. That was the point of this article.

  7. Vision says:

    Everyone can trade for players when they’ve already proven their studs. The key to winning in a dynasty format is to identify players you have a conviction on and acquire them for prices that make sense given your plan and team situation.

    If it were me, I’d follow your plan Doug and see if Tanny or Bradford develop and then reassess at that point.

    My one problem is the Murray trade. If you valued him so highly, why didn’t you simply move up a few spots once he got close to ensure you didn’t get sniped? It would have been much cheaper than that what you gave to get him. Were you just gambling he’d make it and then deciding to acquire him for whatever price after he was taken?

    Good moves and a fortuitous break took your team from also-ran to fringe contender.

  8. Britt says:

    I enjoy reading roster moves like this because they are questionable & show guts. One suggestion – you might want to have your rookie drafts before you post an article documenting your love affair with an unheralded rookie. Your league mates will make you overpay every time. Murray went in the late 3rd in all my rookie drafts this year. Giving up two 2nds is insane.

    I’m always curious when people in the fantasy football industry tout C.Michael as being the best RB in the class. I like him myself but have no illusions that he is the top RB in the draft. I think NFL GM/Coaches know a little more than me & the rest of the fantasy football community. If Michael is the best RB in the class & it turns out that way – you should go work for a NFL team’s scouting department & quit your current job. I put more emphasis on where RB’s are selected in the real draft in ranking them from a talent stand point. NFL scouts know a hell of a lot more than I do.

    If you are high on Miller then the move makes sense but I wouldn’t deal A.Brown – the #1 WR for Pitt for Miller straight up. I don’t see Miller as anything special & doubt he is a starting RB in 2014 – 1 year gig.

    • Slick says:

      easy on the latavius hateration. although I understand your perspective on Christine Michael, have you considered the personnel dept in seattle knows what they are doing?
      look no further than all of the teams (especially QB needy ones) who passed on russel Wilson. and that is not the only high quality decision made out there lately.

      I guess my point is..you have to look deeper and not just assume if gms pass on a guy that means they are automatically right. I believe this site had a good article or 2 before the NFL draft about top NFL GMs you can trust.
      I currently have a top 10 GMs list, I currently have carroll/Schneider at #3 after jerry reese and ted Thompson (WRs).

      something to think about…

  9. Slick says:

    oops. I meant Christine Michael hateration..
    although murray has his detractors as well.

  10. Smudga says:

    Doug I don’t always agree with your opinion on many of the players but I couldn’t agree more with your mantra regarding staying true to your convictions and overpay to ensure you get the player you believe in. This has been my philosophy too in the short time I’ve been playing this wonderful game and so far it’s servede very well.
    It’s important to identify the players that can have value for short periods of time as well as the long term breakouts as these are the guys that you package with your second theirs players to move up for the studs.
    I’ve heard you talk of a similar approach yourself before and it always amazes me how many players will lose a deal because of a rookie 3rd pick or something crazy. If you believe in a particular player then go out and get him regardless. Hats off to you on a good looking draft there bud.

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