8 Responses to “The DLF Dynasty Podcast”

  1. Kaleb says:

    I’ve currently got Jarius Wright on my bench (picked him up late last year) but I’m interested in Davone Bess and Andrew Hawkins (both free agents). Who, of the three, presents the best dynasty value?

    16 team, non PPR league

    • Jarrett Behar says:

      Probably coin flip between Wright and Hawkins. Bess definitely third. Wright has less competition even assuming Patterson develops – that might tilt the scales. In a vacuum though Baby Hawk is the most talented.

  2. jtkelley06 says:

    Is there any way to post the link to download the podcast on blog talk likke you used to? This imbedded player is not very good for listening on my phone at the gym or wherever. You can’t navigate away from this page or anything without it shutting off. Just my opinion. It kind of makes it a pain to listen to which sucks because I love the podcast

  3. Jake R says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast. Jamey is one of the best in the industry. His analysis and reasoning are spot on. Thanks for bringing him on.

  4. jtkelley06 says:

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it

  5. Purple Pride says:

    Today is 6-27-2013, I am trying to listen to the old podcast from 6-13-2013 and the embedded blogtalk player you have on this page is playing the current one that was recorded yesterday and not the old one. Can you fix this? I know I can get it on the blogtalk website, it would just be nice to do it on your site.

    Before you embedded the player you used to have a link to the correct podcast, it would be nice if you brought that feature back.


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