10 Responses to “Acquiring Injured Players”

  1. Jacob Feldman says:

    Boy, whoever received Charles, LeShoure, and a 1st for McFadden while McFadden was hurt received a heck of a deal!

    • AfroPicks says:

      I trade Eli Manning / Titus Young / and rookie 1st (1.05) for Jamaal Charles last off-season. Worked out well for us since we had Drew Brees and Young was a headcase.

  2. Chris_R says:

    You could have included Demaryius Thomas in this as well. He tore his Achilles not only were people calling him injury prone but were questioning was he worth anything at that time. A few years ago I never wanted to take on the risk of giving up quality assets for an injured player for fear of them returning not as explosive but that seems to never happen anymore.

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      I mentioned Thomas in the introduction and chose not to include him because he suffered his injury before he had really established himself in the league.

  3. Scott Peak says:

    Wow. Those deals for Welker and Stafford are crazy. In hindsight, those are fairly awful. But, it’s easy to pass judgement retrospectively I suppose.

    I have to say, I wouldn’t touch Crabtree. There is very, very little evidence of wide receivers returning to have same or better production after a complete Achilles tear. Demaryius Thomas is often cited, but he had a partial tear. I keep hearing that Achilles tendon ruptures aren’t as bad as they used to be. Yet, I’d like to get names of wide receivers who have returned from a complete Achilles tear with the same or better level of production. I do agree rehab and surgical techniques will improve over time, but I think that improvement is vastly overstated at the moment. Clearly, it didn’t do much for Leshoure, for example. We will see how Fred Davis, Kendall Hunter and Crabtree recover. That will answer the question for sure. Until then, trading for Crabtree is a risky proposition. Notably, Crabtree also had a Jones fracture on his left foot, and that sounds like the same injury plaguing Ahmad Bradshaw. Of course, Bradshaw is dealing with non-union of bone, and Crabtree seems to have escaped that issue. Still, we are talking about a WR with a torn Achilles on the right foot and a Jones fracture on the left foot. Too much risk for me. I hope he returns healthy, and I admit it is possible. Problem is, presently available data just do not give much reason for optimism. I guess we will see how it turns out. Proof is in the pudding, and Crabtree, Hunter and Davis will tell the tale for good. I hope they do recover well, but current evidence would suggest no reason for optimism.

    I like the article Ryan. Looking back on these injuries and trades is a really cool idea.

    • nicaragua says:

      when did conclusive evidence come out that Thomas was only a partial tear? it’s been batted around, but last I recall reading is that the Broncos never said officially.

      I did also read/hear however that Thomas referred first-hand in interviews to his Achilles injury as a “rupture”. I’m no Dr. but I was further told that in medical jargon, “rupture” means “full tear”. Now the only variable is whether Thomas knew what he was talking about when he said that.

      I’ve been scouring the net for something one way or the other but have yet to find it. If you have something that says 100% it was a partial tear, please do share!

  4. SJ says:

    Thought provoking article.. very interesting Ryan

    Also nice comments Scott – I share your outlook on Crabtree and am not particularly intent on buying at this time given the complete tear nature of the injury and history behind it.

    But after looking at the article, I am inclined to inquire on maybe getting Britt in a few leagues. His injury, lack of production, current QB plan and shaky future with the team all play towards him coming down in peoples minds… where as in reality, all of these situations are remediable and are minor if he just outputs a great year. As we’ve seen here with others – production settles a lot of concerns. And it appears Britt could quell those concerns.

    I’d also nominate Nicks for this list, as well. Given how terribly injured and unproductive he was last year, I wouldn’t be shocked if he made quite the comeback. I’m by no means big believers in he or Britt…. but again, the article provokes some of these thoughts to mind.

    I’m sure there are other players out there that come to mind that I’m not thinking of (and no R.Mathews doesn’t count – he never counts for anything anymore)

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