21 Responses to “Dynasty Analysis: Tim Tebow signs with New England”

  1. The Hamburglar says:

    Wake me when he agrees to play full time H-Back/TE.

  2. Oddknob says:

    I wish more coverage was given to signings of third string QBs/some other position/guys that ESPN can’t get enough of for no reason that relates to his ability to play that particular sport. Mind you, this is not me bashing you, Ken, for writing this article (which I thought was a perfect breakdown of the likely path this will shape out to be for him in New England), but more a vent on “Tebowmania” in general. Keep up the good work fellas!!!

  3. notorioustot says:

    “Dynasty Analysis”???? Of Tebow???? Here ya go: “Not applicable.”

    C’mon guys, you’re better than that!!!! Leave the Tebow coverage to ESPN please.

  4. SJ says:

    When Tebow was given the choice between Jacksonville and the Jets as his trade partner, he should have chosen the Jags. He could have likely been going into the year as their starting QB, in his hometown no less. I dont know wtf he was thinking. Dumbest decision of his life

    • Eric says:

      Past is past, but I thought Tebow had agreed to the Jacksonville deal and then Elway backed out because the Jets gave a better offer.

      I am probably wrong, but that’s how I remember it.

    • SJ says:

      Multiple reports, most notably Adam Shefter, reported that the offers were nearly identical and that they left it up to Tebow to decide.

      I was a Tebow fan, so i followed it closely when it happened, and was hoping hed go to Jax know the lucrative opportunity. Just opportunity lost now.

  5. smcguiga says:

    useless article he is not relevant in fantasy or reality…kraft said he signed him for his spirituality……what a joke wish the guy would just go away he sucks plain and simple can’t throw at all and thinks he is a QB pathetic….save your energy for real fantasy articles please this was a waste of space and should be deleted from this great site…..GROSS

  6. Brandon says:

    Say what you want, but he has a win (as a QB) in the playoffs against the #1 ranked defense. The same team (actually better) Quarterbacked by Peyton Manning lost to a worst team.

    • SJ says:

      There will always be Tebow haters, so is life. Im fan because of the grittiness and team first element he brings to the table. He a gamer and no one can debate that. When you just look at that, and how he leads on the field, its a refreshing change from the norm. Of course others will disagree.

      • smcguiga says:

        bottom line though is he is not relevant no point in talking about him at all actually he will not be Tom Brady’s BU and will not take over when Brady retires….he will maybe get a few plays here and there in read option to shake things up….He is completely non relevant…you think anyone is rostering Tebow??????PLEASE the fact he gets so much media attention has Zero to do with his football skills….he will be preaching brimestone and fire from a puppet in the Fla panhandle before long…I am sure he will be great that but as far as a QB…….not so much

  7. justinkilmer says:

    Biggest mistake for Tebow was no sleeping with all those chicks in college

  8. Cody says:

    An article on tebow before bradshaw? Really? :/

  9. Scott Peak says:

    I think the article is relevant and necessary given the amount of media coverage given to Tebow. I do agree the extent of coverage given to Tebow is insane, and I wish some sanity would be restored. Still, I’m sure there will be questions raised about Tebow’s value in dynasty for some, and I think it is reasonable to discuss it. I’m by no means a fan of Tebow. Still, we should recognize that is Tebow can ever rehab his dynasty value, it is with the Patriots. I for one am not so quick to hit the eject button on Tebow now that he is with the Patriots. We are talking about an excellent organization that has a reputation for turning cast-offs into productive assets in real and fake football. Belichick somehow found a way to make Danny Woodhead relevant. Tebow will have to accept that his role in the NFL is a jack-of-all trades type. I might be nuts, but if Tebow fulfills that role as an RB/WR/TE, he could put up surprising numbers. Let’s face it, Tebow’s value is non-existent in most leagues, so you can pluck him off the waiver wire or draft him with your last pick in a start-up draft. Why not take a shot on him? There are owners talking up James Casey. Maybe Tebow can follow a similar path. Maybe not. If I have a roster spot, I’d consider adding him, but not at the expense of a better asset.

    • Sean C. says:

      Why?? Tebow is loved and hated as a person. If I wanna know thoughts on Tebow’s future I’d tune to NFL Network or ESPN…wait, everyone and mother has tried to say what what he can or can’t do already. I almost totally agree with the article, but didn’t need to read it.
      Why does this junk get posted? Simple. I could care less about Tebow’s fantasy future. Yet, I still read every word of this well written, unneeded article.

      Tebow just sucks you in

  10. JBlake says:

    I have a Broncos fan in my league who honestly believes that Denver had a better chance of winning it all with Tebow than with Peyton. Those believers are out there, so this article IS necessary to tell them to not get too excited. His dynasty value went from zero to some very very small number greater than zero. Personally, I appreciate the balanced analysis from a Pats fan/Tebow hater.

  11. BrianW says:

    I think it’s a good choice of topics for an article. #1, Although most readers here are pretty well informed, there are others who need clarification of this confusing, over-hyped, media circus. #2, Forget wins/losses, playoffs and arm strength ect….. Tebow put up some decent FANTASY points when he did play. That’s what this is all about.

    While I don’t advocate rostering him, I don’t think it should be criticized considering the ultra long-shot, pet project players some people keep on the end of their benches. At least Tebow has put up a fantasy point before. Problem is, it will now be a couple of years before we see him again, if ever. Hopefully the immature media will quiet down and let all the scaredy-cat GM’s out there give him another chance to compete for a job somewhere in a couple years.

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