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  1. thekidcreol says:

    no doubt about josh gordon’s talent he has skill set to be a WR1 but I do doubt Weeden gets him there, and no other real big time threats will lead to some double teams bright future for sure but don’t really see it near term and they may very well be hitting reset button at QB in a year or so

    • sixshooter says:

      Totally agree on Weeden! Not a fan at all and actually thought Colt McCoy was better!

      I do believe Greg Little will take some attention away Gordon this year as they are saying he has been one of the most impressive players in mini-camp this year!

      • Aaron Katyl says:

        I bet Greg Little is as “uncoverable” as Titus Young was last year…not gonna fall for that one again.

        • Jim says:

          Give Weeden another year. He’s working with Norv Turner now who’s done a great job with QB’s over the years. Plus, Weeden’s advanced age actually helps him and he could surprise this year.

          • Bobo says:

            I think Gordon will flourish (ala Steve Smith) under Turner and Chud. Weeden might be a low end QB2, but I would definitely take a shot at drafting Gordon, Bess, or Cameron in a PPR league.

  2. sixshooter says:

    Good advice/response to all four questions although I would be tempted to keep Green ahead of Richardson but it is definitely close!

    I have Best in a 12 team dynasty and he is on my cut list come August if nothing changes which will likely be the case unless he officially retires. I have had him on the trade block for a very long time with not even a nibble although I have not been active in trying to trade him either since everyone in the league knows his situation and believe he will never play another down in the NFL which sucks!

    I also agree completely with your “stand pat” response to the Dez Bryant trade! I tried to trade for him early in the season last year before he really took off but could tell the owner was going to want alot for him and I wasn’t willing to overpay for a guy that is not only somewhat of an injury risk (although that has improved since he is no longer relied on as heavily in the return game like he was his first two years in the league) but also a character risk.

  3. Jeff Beran says:

    I like Richardson a lot but it’s hard for me to acknowledge him as an “elite talent” when he ran for less than 1,000 yards on 267 carries last year (a very mediocre 3.6 ypc), especially when all other players in the discussion have already proven themselves as elite talents. Two-player keeper leagues should be approached more like redraft leagues in my opinion so I’d rather keep Foster, Green, or McCoy (in that order) than Richardson.

    • Eric Olinger says:


    • Eric Hardter says:

      The YPC was definitely mediocre, but you have to remember the following:

      1. He had knee surgery over the summer.
      2. He played through a large portion of the season with broken ribs.
      3. The Browns weren’t very good.

      I’ll admit, I base a lot of my T-Rich love off of the “looks test,” but believe he’s in for a big 2013.

    • Bobo says:

      I’d keep Richardson instead of McCoy. I think Philly’s offense will be anemic under Chip Kelley and McCoy will end up in a RB/BC with Bryce Brown.

    • Karl Safchick says:

      I agree Jeff. I rarely disagree with Eric.
      Eric – All three of your reasons aren’t reasons to give him a break, they are reasons as to why his value is lower than AJG.
      Great mailbag this week though!

  4. Jeremy Upah says:

    Hey I love this site so much!! Thanks for making dynasty league football even more fun for junkies like me.
    In my 16 team league we have a 22 man roster, here is mine
    qb score 4pts pass td, 6pts rush td. TE is 1.5ppr

    qb’s- Newton, Schaub & Mallet
    rb’s- Ivory, Goodson, Drich, Tate, Ry Williams, Hillman, Christine Michael, & Kerwynn Williams
    wr’s- J Baldwin, Boykin, A Brown, Mal Floyd, J Hunter, C Patterson, M Wheaton, J Wright
    te’s- Rudolph, Housler & Keller

    I’ve been offered rb B Powell for Mallet. I dont think i should do this as i’m not a contending team, and Mallet is a buy low now with great potential. Am I off base, or should I have the whole Jets backfield? I’m debating picking up the Texan 3rd rb and dropping K Williams, I am thinking Cierre Wood will win the job. Would you drop Williams for Wood?
    Any suggestions on how to improve this team are welcome too.
    Thank you

    • John Clayton says:

      I believe I’d hold onto K.Williams, as I’m not sold on V.Ballard. Defiantly hold onto C.Michael, as I think he’s a top 5 RB in 2-3 years from now. I’d keep Mallet too, as he and Newton could be a solid core in the future. I would look to cut/trade Goodson, he has some value, but with all his off field issues, plus I think Ivory dominates the carries in that backfield, he’s the one I’d let go. Your RB are weak, BUT this time next yr, you could have four starters in Ivory, Michael, Tate, and K.Williams, at least the first three I’m very comfortable with.

    • JBlake says:

      If you love the site, you’ll like the forum also…suggest you post your question there.

  5. thereddevil says:

    So 14 team dynasty league …I just traded my 2.28 and Courtney upshaw for 2.24..I drafted Christine Micheal…immediate regret on my part…but I stayed true to this website…and also I watched Joseph randle go at 2.21…I had 3 first round picks(bell,eifert and Arthur brown) our league rewards highly for linebackers…I felt I took a calculated gamble(my roster is stocked) should I have buyers remorse?

  6. Ron says:

    I am in a 8 team Keeper, TD only league. We keep 9 players. I am keeping Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Arian Foster, C2K, Jimmy Graham, Roddy White for sure. Having trouble with my last 3 spots. And they are Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Crabtree, Marques Colston, David Wilson or Andre Brown.

    Thinking Fitzgerald, Crabtree (long term) and Brown (goal line back)

    Any help would be great.

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