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  1. Ches says:

    Very thorough. Great article!

  2. German Cowboys says:

    Very nice article from the medical view indeed.

    But, Cadillac Williams, who was the Lead-dog runner for the Bucs prior to his injury, never came close again to shoulder the full load,
    His stats after he came back from such injury, were not bad, but he did it as a part time runner, as a change of pace type of RB. He was not able to return as the Primer RB for his team. ( later he took a backup job for the Rams).

    Buckhalter, was always a part-time RB in the west coast offense run by the Eagles. He was never a Lead-dog RB for his team either.

    Coming back from a ruptured Patella tendon could let you perform well enough as a part time RB ( situational RB, change of pace kind of Runner), but never as a full time, Lead-dog,
    3 Down kind of RB ( what we like to see in Fantasy).

    A Ruptured Patella Tendon is much more serious than an ACL one. The anatomical, the biomechanical and the pathophysiological aspects of that part of the body is more complicated than the ACL

    • German Cowboys says:

      Regarding Childs, i agree 100%. I do not believe he got any serious shot to be a factor in the NFlL.

    • Scott Peak says:

      Hey, German Cowboys. I agree with you. It’s never good for an NFL player to have a ruptured patellar tendon, much less a skill position player like a running back. I was surprised at how many players were able to maintain or improve on their statistics post-injury. The sample size is small, but the data seems to suggest players can rebound from this injury.

      It would be great if the NFL would start prospective studies evaluating NFL players with these injuries, as it would help us learn more about how to improve treatment techniques/strategies, rehabilitation and tracking quality measures to see how our medical therapies are working in these elite athletes.

      In terms of Ryan Williams, based purely on the data, I would have no problem acquiring him at a substantial discount. Owners might be disregarding his chances of returning because of his ruptured patellar tendon, and he might be had for pennies on the dollar. I picked him up on waivers for free in one league last year, and he is my RB7. I have a feeling, though, that Ryan Williams career will be limited until he lands on a different team, but I could be wrong. We’ll see.

  3. Aric Bremer says:

    This article seemingly points to a favorable potential outcome for Ryan Williams. What say you, oh Doctor of Dynasties? I just acquired him as a trade throw in and must decide whether or not to cut him presently (Mendenhall is not my primary concern).

  4. Nema says:

    Thank you for the info. Great article!

    I tore my patella tendon a few months ago and found this article through my research. Everything points to a full recovery based on what I read here and elsewhere. I tore my ACL in 1999 and I can certainly feel the difference between that and the patella rupture. As someone eluded to, the bio-mechanics are completely different. From a mental standpoint, the ACL is much easier to deal with.

    I could envision playing DB and WR again after a patella rupture (although wow, that in itself is a physical and mental challenge), but I could not begin to fathom a return to the field at RB, LB or any other position that constantly revolves around leverage. This is where I feel patella ruptures can be real killers for running backs.. the ability to sprint will return, but driving off of that knee just isn’t the same. This is likely why the running backs who do return from this injury serve as 3rd down or change of pace backs. A lot of power and ability to drive is lost.

    I saw Adrian Peterson drag a few defenders into the end zone last year after his ACL rehab. Granted, he is AP, but I couldn’t imagine someone being able to do that (ever) after a patella rupture. Just too much force being funneled through that tendon.

  5. Heather says:

    “The Dynasty Doctor: Patellar Tendon | Dynasty League
    Football” was in fact a splendid blog post, can’t help but wait to read
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    Thanks for your time -Claire

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