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  1. Coach says:

    I know this is silly… but I can’t draft a guy named Christine. lol.

  2. BB says:

    Nice article. I realized after reading this that my draft style really was based on BPA. Having no immediate need and looking down the road 2-3 years, I up Michael at the 2.14 position. As we only have a two round rookie draft, a couple of these guys are still available at the UFA stage and I have room for one more!

    • Derek Kirby says:

      I am so torn with what to do in my 14tm league, I have the 1.01 pick and plan on taking Ball, but I absolutely love Michael and I truly believe he will be the best RB 2-3 years from now too. I guess I’m just hoping Michael could slide to 2.01 and all would be perfect. But since our league doesn’t draft til mid August, I’m afraid he’s value may become apparent to all by then. If so, I Will take him at 1.01, that’s how certain I am with him. I have Mathews, Mendenhall, L.Miller, D.Wilson, Ivory, Hunter already at RB, where we can start 4 (2rb-2flx) if possible, so I have the luxury to wait on Michael. But dang, I look love to get Ball and Michael! !!

      • Doug Veatch says:

        What is the probability of trading out of 1.01 and acquiring some additional picks that are target specific, while also possibly loading up for 2014?

        • Derek Kirby says:

          That’s a good idea, and I may lean that way. If I drafted and didn’t get Ball, I’d be disappointed but ok. If I drafted Ball, and missed out on Michael, I would be sick!! The greedy me wants both, half the league is numb nut kool aid drinkers, and will never know anything about Michael unless he goes off in pre season OR LYNCH gets suspended and Michael’s name starts being plastered in front of there face.

          • Krcil says:

            “OR LYNCH gets suspended…”

            This is very possible isn’t it since he got that DUI last year that he is just going to court for now?

  3. K_robichaud911 says:

    Great breakdown of vaulted rookies. Wish I had this before my draft. I took Patterson before Michael @1.08 but was lucky enough to snag Michael @ 2.08. A for Zach Stacey, I think he’s the 2nd best Rooke RB in camp, Benny Cunningham UDFA is a deep sleeper in my opinion. Explosive, fast, low pad level, and elusive.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Karl Safchick says:

    Great article Doug. Couldn’t agree more with most of these players. Maybe its because I’ve already formed my opinion to your suggestions prior to this article!

    • Doug Veatch says:

      If there is one player I focused on in this article that I know 100% you happen to not agree with me on, it’s Eifert. I know that you are a big Gresham guy, but I digress. We’ll save those rants for Twitter!

  5. Cowboys says:

    Great article and great timing. My rookie draft just started and this really helps. Nice job.

  6. rmhtexas says:

    Would you add any idp players in zone 2 or 3? I’ve been considering taking aurthur brown in the early mid second.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      Although my IDP knowledge is limited, if I could get arguably the percevied LB1 in zone 2 or 3, absolutely. This would be a better question for Steve Wyremski. I’ve got a sneaking hunch he may agree with me though.

      • Steve Wyremski says:

        I’d say it’s between zone 2 and 3. I wouldn’t take him in zone 2, but would before zone 3.

        • Cyrus says:

          Brown went 1.12 in my IDP rookie draft, for the record.

          Rest of the LB’s were late 2nd round picks, four of them from 2.07 to 2.12.

    • JBlake says:

      Unlike last year (Kuechly and BWagner), I don’t there are any no doubt studs in this year’s class. ABrown definitely has the best situation but he’s not necessarily the most talented (Steve W had him rated as 5th best pre-draft).

      Here’s an idea, if you have roster room to stash 2 LBs: Grab KGreene and Bostic late or on the waiver wire, and whichever one develops into the Urlacher replacement at MLB probably gives you just as much production as ABrown.

      • Steve Wyremski says:

        I agree that last year’s class was definitely a more talented class. Still, as we know, talent isn’t the most important thing in IDP – situation is. That’s why Brown is far and above the best IDP option out there this year.

        You also have to remember that I had Jarvis Jones and Dion Jordan higher on that list because I was hoping/wishing they’d both go to a 4-3 team and stick at LB in that scheme.

        • jbpar72 says:

          What do you think of Kiko Alonso? I like him to win the starting job and be one of the better LB’s of this class because of opportunity. I think 100 solo tackles are possible and he’s my guess for a surprise year as a rookie, this years Lavonte David.

  7. JBlake says:

    Good summary, and eerily similar to some of the choices I faced, such as Hopkins with the 4th pick, Murray in the early 4th, and CJohnson in the early 5th. But I took JFranklin over CMichael with the 2.04, how about Franklin as another undervalued RB to target in that range?

    Having drafted Fleener (consensus most talented TE in his class) last year, I have shied away from Eifert, but did take a chance on Kelce in the late 2nd.

    • Doug Veatch says:

      Based on the NFL draft alone and considering that 32 teams basically passed on Franklin four times, I think there was a reason for it. Not sure exactly what that reason was, but with the way my targets are going, if Franklin fell into Zone 3 and I had to choose between Franklin and Murray, I’d choose Murray. There is no doubt who the better player is in my mind. I know that is going to cause a bit of contraversy, but I don’t even think it’s guaranteed that Franklin is able to beat out DuJuan Harris for the backup job let alone earn the starting nod. Like I said in the article, McFadden “WILL” get hurt and Rashad Jennings proved last season that he can’t stay healthy and really isn’t that good when he’s playing. I’d be flabbergasted if Murray isn’t the RB2 in Oakland after training camp. From a Christine Michael standpoint, the only player I’d draft ahead of him period, is Hopkins, so I think you missed out on a tremendous amount of value by passing him up. However that’s just my opinion and while I may not always be right, I’m never in doubt.

  8. mcwills83 says:

    In a superflex league where QB are valued much higher than a normal league, at what point would you consider the Barkley/Wilson/Glennon tier? I pick 1.11 and assuming Geno and EJ are gone, I am not confident they will last to 2.11. Would 1.11 be reach?

    • Derek says:

      In our 10 team 2QB league, EJ went at pick 1.8, Geno at pick 2.1, Barkley was a mid 3rd rounder and Wilson was a 4th rounder…

  9. mikey b says:

    Good work Dougie! I happen to be in this predicament with the 1.03 pick. I’m trying to trade down but not getting any bites? I absolutely love Hopkins, Michael and Eifert! Reason being; I own A. Johnson, Lynch and Turbin. I also have a major need at TE. Do you really think taking Hopkins at 1.03 would be a reach given I have Johnson? Then I hope Michael falls to 2.08 because of character issues alone! So that leaves possibly Kelce at 3.03 or maybe even Ertz. I would be ecstatic if this played out for my team, what do you think?

    • Doug Veatch says:

      I honestly wouldn’t even consider taking Ertz or Kelce over Murray at 3.03 because there is a good chance he’ll be there. I’m not a Kelce guy at all and I will tell you why. If Vernon Davis, who is 10 times the athlete Kelce is, can’t succeed with Alex Smith as his QB, what kind of production do you realistically expect from this guy? You can get a TE2 whenever you want for a late 2nd early 3rd who is going into his 2nd or 3rd year. I’m not willing to risk losing out on a potential WR2/RB3 for a TE2.

      • jbpar72 says:

        I like Kelce because he now has Andy Reid. If Reid can get guys like Brent Celek, LJ Smith and Chad Lewis to rack up 700 yards then I would bet he will get Kelce up there easy. Kelce is a far better receiver and overall athlete then those other guys. Reid also goes to the tight end in the red zone so I think 7-8 touchdowns isn’t out of reach either.

    • Cyrus says:

      Michael went 1.11 in my league.

      I would try to trade down from 1.03 to 1.05-1.07 or so, but if not, take the guy you believe in. Hopkins is the guy, IMO, that you would take if you can’t trade down. I took him at 1.06 in my league.

  10. Jordan Spires says:

    I got Christine Michael at 2.10 in a 5 round rookie draft in a 10 team PPR! I hope he turns out to be a stud like you are saying he will be!!!

  11. Derek says:

    Nice article Doug!

  12. Craig Gerein says:

    Color me confused on something. If all 4 of the most commonly drafted top 4 players are a reach in the top 3, who wouldn’t be a reach in the top 3? Trading down is all well and good, but if your league mates don’t see value, how are you supposed to trade down? Somebody still has to pick a player at 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 and somebody has to be picked in those spots.

    It’s just a weak draft class. That doesn’t make Tavon or Bernard a reach at 1.01 if you have one of them rated as the best player in this draft.

    • meineymoe says:

      Well, if unable to trade down, then you take the player that you like – I have been a Monte Ball guy all along so don’t see a problem with him going in the top 3… but if you don’t trust the Tavon Austin or Gio Bernard are going to amount to anything, then go with your gut and take a guy you like, such as Hopkins, at 1.02 – I think he’s the best player there, so not a problem taking him there even though his ADP may be lower.

      • craig says:

        I actually have the 1.01 and I’m taking Tavon Austin, no questions asked. I think he’s a special talent.

    • Cyrus says:

      I view it as– the top tier has 4 players of equal value. Therefore, picking #4 is ideal.

      I was bummed to see Ball and Bernard go before me, but I happily drafted Austin at 1.04. The only scenario I would have been upset would be if Bell fell to me.

  13. Sejjr says:

    I respectfully disagree on Christine Michael. I keep reading that he has the most “natural talent” in this draft class, but I see a guy who underperformed to his 5-star ranking in college due to injuries and character issues. Buyer beware.

    Love Hopkins however.

    • Craig Gerein says:

      I don’t think there’s any arguing Michael is a buyer beware pick. He’s a guy I’ll take though because I’d rather hit a homer or strike out with a rookie pick than hit a double. I’m not winning multiple championships with a group of RB2s or WR3s.

      It all depends on the current state of your roster, but if Michael is a guy you can afford to stash. He could be gold. I feel the same way about Patterson.

    • Payton34 says:

      Thank you!!! Someone is with me on this rediculous Christine Michael love… When he was playing a couple of years ago he didn’t seem to be able to get Cyrus Gray off the field… Who? Yes, the Cyrus Gray currently buried on the Chiefs depth chart…

      I don’t trust Michael, and for my part I don’t feel like waiting for that train that, IMO, likely won’t come. Rather spend the pick on a J Randle or L Murray who will likely see the field early and often based on situation…

      I think Seattle is going to run Lynch into the dirt these last two years before turning to the next guy. Can Michael keep his nose clean for that long? I don’t know.

  14. James S says:

    Tenth season of our ppr dynasty league. Twenty six man roster with idp. Also an eight man developmental squad that doesn’t count against cap
    Rookie draft first as follows:
    Patterson me
    I drafted Dobson with the 2.01 and Hunter with the 2.05
    Even when you think you know what owners are going to do you Don’t. I believe my two seconds could have easily gone in the first
    Also, we can stash rookies on our dsq for up to two years.

  15. Joe Schmo says:

    Y u no put Latavius Murray in rankings?!

  16. Anthony says:

    Great article Doug. Unfortunately it doesn’t make my decision any easier! I have the 1.10 in my 12 team dynasty league, and I’m torn between Hunter and Michael. Neither position is a real need for me, although my RB depth is probably a little thinner than my WR depth. I’m a big Tennessee Vols fan, so I know what Hunter is capable of and it’s going to be awfully tough to pass on him. On the other hand, I think Michael could be an absolute stud in the 2-3 year window we give our draft picks. It’s been awhile since you posted this article…has anything changed your opinions? Do you still think Michael is the pick in this scenario?

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