10 Responses to “The DLF Mailbag”

  1. Eric Barrett says:

    I need a quick answer…Would you trade Dennis Pitta for a late 1st rounder in 2014 ??? I have Witten, Pitta, and Gresham in a start 1 TE league.

    • Michael Bodette says:

      I think I would do that one

    • Derek says:

      I would trade him for a 1st considering you have 2 other good TE’s

    • Eric Hardter says:

      I honestly think I’d stand pat. Pitta stands to see a bump in action this year, and I’d rather wait for him to accrue a little more value.

    • Jon Denny says:

      Without a doubt yes! Witten is a surefire top 5 TE and Gresham still shows some promise. Acquiring picks for the future is one of the safest ways to stay competitive year in and year out.

    • kcDemonSlayer says:

      I would try to get a 2015 1st rounder and hope you get TJ Yeldon!!!

    • kcDemonSlayer says:

      I still can’t see Luck as a starting fantasy QB this year. He was a roller coaster last year where as Kaepernick was steady producing. And Kaepernick never had huge yards rushing until the playoff game when he went off for 180 yards. So its not like his points were directly tied to rushing yards. But IMO just 50 rushing yards will always offset turnovers for a fantasy QB which is why I would rather start Kaep over Luck this year. In addition Kaep did not have many turnovers and the San Fran offense in general does not turn the ball over because Alex Smith never turned it over with Harbaugh as coach either. Dynasty I agree Luck has more value but again you are probably starting somebody else this year and letting Luck marinate on your bench for 1 more year until he shows consistency. Keeper league it would be hard for me to hold onto Luck because I think you would be sacrificing this year.

  2. bryan l says:

    Do it

  3. Eric Barrett says:

    Thanks guys !!!

  4. Duck says:

    Just be certain Pitta isnt a future stud….lol. the reason I say that, I play in a 16tm dynasty, we start 1 TE each week with 2 flex positions, so I could start 3 TE, but who has that? Well I had Jermichael Finley when all the hype was he was gonna be the next superstar, I also had drafted two rookies from the previous year, there names where Rob Gronkowski and Arron Hernandez. I had Finley…..the next big thing……..I fell in love with Greg Littles highlight tapes and “offered” the team that nabbed Little, Gronk and P.Burress for G.Little…..then I had already pre draft traded Hernandez for a 4th rd pick……I guess you never really know what you’ve got til you give it time..this still haunts me…but since then. Ive acquired J.Graham for MJD and Finley, so im good at TE, but oh what couldve been!!

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