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  1. Eric Barrett says:

    Any thoughts on MJDs lisfranc fracture ???

    • Scott Peak says:

      Hey, Eric. Great question. That sounds like an interesting article to write. :)

      I’m not a fan of football players with foot injuries, particularly of the Lis-Franc variety. Still, surgery can help improve recovery for these kind of injuries. Re-injury can be hard to predict, and anatomy of the foot is very, very, very complicated. So, it’s buyer beware. However, MJD’s value is heavily discounted right now, so a contending team could take a chance on him in 2013. I love MJD’s attitude, and he recently commented on getting 2000 yards in 2013, like AP. Still, I would only trade for him at a discount, and that depends on whether his current owners feel the same.

  2. German Cowboys says:

    Pelvic postural Dysfunctions and Spodylolithesis, as an example for vertebra postural dysfunctions, are other cause of hamstring-injuries.

    Therefore Hamstring-injuries are mostly caused by the individual player’s anatomy and pathophysiological biomechanics ; with other words , some players with certain anatomic and pathophysiological status of their bodies, tend to hamstring-injury , even if they do not have other prior injuries, despite their age and even if their warm-up program is perfect.

    you could make a case that the player with hamstring issue, could be defined injury-prone, if he has a significant anatomic postural dysfunction, which cannot be corrected easily.

    But a player , who had a hamstring injury, because of bad luck, or insufficient warm-up, cannot be called injury prone.

    In case of Miles Austin, without knowing his medical data, i would assume he could be called injury- prone , because of the occurrence of these injuries. That cannot be tough luck only.

    Fantasy-wise i would be caution to rely on Miles Austin as my lead WR on my team. On an explosive offense like the Cowboys, Miles Austin makes a good WR2 , just make sure your WR-corps is deep enough, if injury strikes again.

  3. Brian says:

    I’m a Physical Therapists Assistant and have absolutely loved your articles in regards to fantasy. I feel like knowing anatomy has always given me sort of a leg up on my league mates. Keep it up!

    • Scott says:

      I have a friend who’s a physical therapist and there’s quite a few times I’ve consulted with her on my players injuries.. she finds my concern for my players humorous. lol

    • Scott Peak says:

      Thanks Brian! Just don’t pull a hammy getting that ‘leg up’. 😉

  4. Jacob Feldman says:

    I’m guessing that it would be reasonable to lump Andre Johnson into the same category as Miles Austin given that Johnson has had career long issues as well.

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