13 Responses to “Falcon Crest?”

  1. Ray Voeller says:

    Not a Jackson owner but wow considering division foes weak Ds dynamic offense of falcons could be 1 year of fantasy gold. From a nfl fan perspective Jackson deserves a shot

    • Ken Kelly says:

      He won’t miss playing against SF and SEA twice a year, that’s for sure…

      • Derek says:

        TB had the #1 ranked defense against the run last year… just sayin’

        • DLF_KenK says:

          …Saints were last, so it evens out I guess. Shold be interesting to watch.

        • German Cowboys says:

          T.B. had the 1 run D last season, they must be good right, but who would run against them, if you could pass against them, who were one of the worst pass D in the NFL.
          any offense would pass all day against the Bucs.
          besides in their own division, which RB’s were they stopping, Turner? or the Saints runner, who could not show how good they could run, as the Saints had to pass all day because of their weak D and coming from behind because of that.
          i guess that leaves Deangelo Williams and the ultimate Teaser Stewart of the Panthers….well last time they did someting were years back.
          T.B. had or still has a good run D, but some of that positive credit goes to the gameplan of their opponent , who did pass all day on them.
          SJ should have a career season in Atlanta. IF his Hammy’s hold on.

          • Bubba says:

            “any offense would pass all day against the Bucs”

            Yeah that was last year my friend. The Bucs were in rebuild mode last year and yes we were hurting at CB badly.

            Turn the clock ahead to this season. We snag the best Safety in FA and possibly in the NFL in Goldson. Pairing him with Mark Barron to form one of the hardest hitting Safety tandems in the NFL.

            Next will be to address the CB problem which Revis seems very possible at this point.

            I dont see TB being the team you describe above. And considering we are talking about SJax NEXT season this is all that matters.

      • DK says:

        St.Louis had a pretty good defense as well. S.Jax is gonna be loving this weak run division. And the lanes? Has he ever NOT had 8/9 in the box?

      • seth says:

        Ironically, the Falcons play the NFC West this year, so Jackson will face SF and Seattle, albeit just once.

  2. Jon says:

    My only concern is his durability. He has a lot of wear and tear on those tires. If Atlanta incorporates a 75-25 split and uses S.Jackson wisely along with J.Rodgers, I could see him putting up one of his best ever statistical performances of his career. This will be the most talented group of players he’s ever been surrounded by. I don’t own him in any league but respect him for what he’s done over his career. For the sake of the game and for S.Jackson himself, I hope he does well. Here is to he and T.Gonzo giving it one last go. What an impressive supporting cast. Although I’m a Vikings fan, I’m rooting for Atlanta to do well.

  3. Nathan Mizell says:

    Sky’s the limit. Really no telling how big his year could be if he plays 15-16 games. 1500-1600 yes and 12-13 TDs possible. Ryan/Smith like a balanced offense especially in red zone.

  4. Brett says:

    As an owner of Jacquizz Rodgers, this is some terrible news. I was literally dancing when I heard Turner burned out finally. ‘Quizz is one of those rare RBs who are able to be highly involved in the passing game as well. In a PPR league, I am constantly looking for someone who fits this build (Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, Ray Rice…) but I can get for a reasonable price.

    I hope Jackson ends up doing a 50/50 split, but I have a feeling that my bench will be staying warm for a while yet.

    • Silver&Black says:

      I know how you feel. I loved Quizz because our league rewards PPR. He’s not going to blow you away with his rushing yards, but with PPR he can be respectable, especially in deep leagues.

      I had Jackson last year, and ended up franchising him for 2013 as I see Quizz getting more of a KR/PR and replacement back for quick breathers.

  5. Chris R. says:

    I spent a 2014 1st on him, hopefully I don’t regret it. Our league is 14 teams and starts up to 4 RB’s max if you flex 2 of them in so with me starting Lamar Miller & David Wilson at 2 spots, with likely Lacy filling the other RB spot with my 1.01, I felt Jackson was the perfect buy to complement some of my youth at the position. Even if I only get 2 stud years for him I think it’ll be well worth it, just have to hope he stays healthy and I don’t hate myself for mortaging the future.

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