16 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Alex Smith traded to the Chiefs”

  1. Kevin says:

    Great article, Ken. How do you think this trade affects Tony Moeaki?

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Thanks for asking, Kevin. I mentioned Moeaki could get a slight uptick in value in the article, but I remain skeptical of him. His biggest challenge is simply staying healthy. There’s little doubt he has talent and is well suited for a “Brent Celek” role in that offense, but you can’t do much from the trainer’s table.

      If Moeaki can get himself right, I think he could emerge as a low-end TE2 candidate. However, just remember that puts him in a very large pool of players. I wouldn’t be targeting him via draft or trade even if Smith does help his chances.

      Thanks for the late night read!

  2. kcDemonSlayer says:

    Love Alex Smith, hate that we gave up so much for him though. I was all for the Chiefs getting Smith for a 4th or maybe a 3rd and using him as a stopgap, taking the #1 player in the draft no matter the position, and taking a Tyler Wilson/Matt Barkley/EJ Manuel etc etc at 34 overall. This trade crushed all of that. Hopefully EJ slides to #63 overall but his stock is rising fast and not sure if he will make it.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Yes, and even if he did, the Chiefs may not have the luxury of taking a young QB this year since they traded an important pick this year and next for Smith.

      Andy Reid reportedly LOVES Smith, so hope will spring eternal for you and your fellow Chiefs fans. Best of luck to you this year – hopefully you can slaw those demons in San Diego, Denver and Oakland.

    • robbyrobdu says:

      As an FSU fan living in Tallahassee, trust me, you don’t want EJ Manuel.

      So a 2nd and conditional is a LOT for a 70% NFL passer, but you’d LOVE to take a QB who has extreme accuracy and decision making issues and non-existent pocket presence at 63 overall…..that seems like a huge contradiction on value.

      A starting QB for 2 picks NOT IN THE FIRST ROUND?!?!? Not like he’s old either, he had, what 15 TDs before his first pick last year (And he won’t be facing any pass rushes like the NYG in that division, Von Miller is about it).

  3. Chris Mertz says:

    Should this trade make me feel better about my Jon Baldwin investment, or is he a product of his own undoing thus far in his career?

  4. SJ says:

    The nice thing about this A.Smith trade is that it just confirms youre getting a decent bye week starter cheap for the next couple years. Which is nice considering Smith is going dirt cheap as a QB3 in dynasty startups, and likely a QB3 on fantasy benches. I’m not a firm believer in having a ton of QB depth (just a top tier starter), so he fits my thrifty ways nicely.

  5. Cyrus says:

    I’m just confused by the Chiefs giving up that much. I just don’t get it, at all.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Quarterbacks have become so incredibly valuable in the NFL that you pretty much have to pay what we used to think is an exorbitant amount to get one. We may have to simply start re-thinking their values in terms of draft pick compensation.

      • robbyrobdu says:

        And not just QBs, proven successful starters.

        Yes in Dynasty Nick Foles should get more than Alex Smith in a trade just based on potential and the snippets he has shown…but Foles has yet to do it for very long stretches and ISN’T a starter yet.

        Not to mention Philly is milking the situation and better get something while they can.

        • Derek says:

          They may be milking it, but Foles to me looks much better than Kolb when they milked his value….I never thought Kolb was it, Foles has a chance…i’d like to see him a little more…but he might be pretty good and we just don’t know it yet? sometimes it has to smack us right in the face before we see it…but then, everybody see’s it at that point.

      • Cyrus says:

        Yeah… except that I see the draft as offering greater upside than Alex Smith. Russell Wilson was drafted late. Some of the guys this year could be good. Personally, I would rather go with a cheap QB this year, get a high draft pick and go for a stud QB next year.

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