16 Responses to “Concussions: Changing the Game in Dynasty”

  1. Wesley Wood says:

    Great in depth article. Felt like I actually learned something useful beyond fantasy football.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Yeah, we’re really excited to have Dr. Peak on board. If you have any questions relating to medical science, I’d encourage you to use that new form and ask! It’s a going to be a cool new series for sure.

    • Scott Peak says:

      Thanks Wesley. I appreciate the kind words, and I’m glad it was helpful! :)

  2. SJ says:

    ..Completely agree.

  3. Mark Rockwell says:

    Wonder if the rate of concussions would drop if we went back to leather helmets… not going to happen but it would be interesting to see how players would tackle then.

    • Andy Miley says:

      As someone who has had five diagnosed concussions (I think it is closer to ten), this is a scary reality. It’s not about toughness or will, it’s about safety and quality of life.

    • Scott Peak says:

      There are two points to leather helmets of interest:

      Tackling technique. I do think the first generations of NFL players who used leather helmets probably were less inclined to launch head-first into another player, and that reduced concussions.

      The Neurosurgery study on leather helmets used a sophisticated system where leather helmets and modern helmets were both tested when the same concussive forces were applied. In this study, tackling technique wasn’t evaluated, but rather the true ability of each helmet to absorb concussive force. I think this study highlights the effect of inertia created by force damaging neurons in the brain, and how difficult it is to stop. Think of it like trees bending in a hurricane from strong winds. That results in neuronal injury and, hence, concussion. Hard to stop completely.

  4. Ken Dogson says:

    Good article.

    I would disagree about one thing: the NFL is not doing everything it can, because there are helmet technologies and designs not being mandated for used in games and practices. WIRED, about a year ago, had a good piece on helmet designs that would greatly, greatly reduce head trauma. WIRED has had a lot of good pieces on the NFL and safety over the last few years.

    Also, getting the officials to call spearing would help. Too many defenders are using the crown of the helmet as a weapon. Defenders need to get their heads up and use their shoulder pads. This goes back to your point on tackling. But the rule for this already exists; it just goes unenforced.

    • Scott Peak says:

      Thanks for the reference from the WIRED article. I will check it out.

      I’m all for new innovations in helmet designs, and the NFL should absolutely continue research for player safety. I’m just not sure any modern helmet will be able to completely overcome the impact of strong force given neuroanatomical challenges in the brain/skull.

  5. Chris says:

    Great article! Look forward to future medical discussions as this is a huge part of the dynasty game both in season and off.

  6. Jacob Feldman says:

    Great job Scott! Welcome to the team!

    Quick question, do you envision better helmet technology and construction as ever having an impact on concussions? Some sources say they can make a better helmet to prevent it, but it seems like it is more an issue of anatomy of the skull than the helmet that is the issue.

    • Scott Peak says:

      Hey, Jacob.

      Thanks for the welcome!

      I think the NFL should be active in researching any improvements that could be made to modern helmets, in order to reduce severity/frequency of concussions. Theoretically, if a helmet is built that absorbs significant force, it should help. However, it is not possible to eliminate concussion risk completely using helmets alone unless a helmet is created that absorbs force and prevents inertial forces that stress neurons in the the brain. The NFL should absolutely fund such research, but it is more of a hope than reality right now.

  7. SJ says:

    Must say, I love the article and the ramifications/influences over observers and Fantasy-nics like us.

    Would love to see your next piece on the ever-changing landscape of ACL/MCL/PCL/etc knee reconstructions thats become a very hot topic of late. I dont know how such in-depth knowledge of the recent studies can be located, like you’ve done here, but would love to see it.

    Other than Concussions, Im absolutely blown away by how perspective has changed on these once career threatening knee surgeries.

    • Scott Peak says:

      Thanks for the kind words, SJ! I appreciate it very much. I’m just glad the article helps provide an update for concussions. I try to incorporate updated literature, so DLF readers get the latest medical research on these subjects. We had a request through Dynasty Doctor for a summary on ACL reconstructions, and how players like AP are able to return quicker than a few decades ago. There are a lot of interesting reasons why ACL recovery is much faster now. I’ll have it done this week, and please do let us know your thoughts/comments on it.

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