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  1. Wesley Wood says:

    We had a guy draft him as the 1.03 in a startup mock last week. So people are definitely buying.

    • Zachary Ragan says:

      While I do agree that he’ll only get better, if his value is that high right now then he.might be a decent sell guy. At some point with all players there comes a time where their value passes their true worth and gives you a golden opportunity to exploit that and add multiple pieces. I’m not disagreeing with Pete by any means because I think he’s absolutely right, but if you own Kaep and say Luck or even Brees then I think you have some very interesting options in front of you.

      • Craig says:

        I’m as big a fan as pretty much anybody as far as Kaepernick goes, however 1.03 in a startup mock I find to be insane… he’s definately not worth that high a pick yet

      • Glen says:

        I have both Kaepernick and Luck (and Palmer). I am pretty sure I am keeping both. I have been burned with having the wrong backup before so I dont see any reason not to keep them both. What is fair value for Kaepernick. We get 6pts per TD passing or otherwise.
        I am not hurting at any other position but could always use young talent.

        • Murph says:

          At this stage (value at its highest) you should demand no less than a high end RB1. Best to target someone who fell into an Alfred Morris or Doug Martin last year. This is my personal opinion because the value of running backs is so high with the multitude of injuries they can sustain.

          • voiceofunreason says:

            I like Kaepernick but your evaluation of the 49ers offense is more than a little biased. There’s Crabtree (getting to be very overrated) and Vernon Davis. The rest of the receivers look below average and long shots right now. Hunter and James are both unknowns and Gore is hold. Not horrible but not much better than average.

          • Murph says:


            never said I liked the 49ers offense I simply stated that if you want to trade Kaepernick now is the time to do it before the offense is exposed in 2013. If you ca get a high end RB in return pull the trigger…I agree average offensive weapons.

    • JC says:

      That pick skewed the whole mock draft….

    • Scott Peak says:

      1.03 in a startup mock? Wow. I think that’s crazy. I would think sixth or seventh round maybe but 1.03 is way too high, IMO.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Sell high. Mediocre output this year against bad teams (St. Louis, New Orleans) and threw for 0 TDs in a couple games. Obviously sample size is huge but we saw what ATL did against him – I’d expect a lot more of that next year – especially after Baltimore tears him apart.

  3. Murph says:

    Great article and completely agree. Most of his fantasy production has been skewed by rushing numbers which as we saw with RG3 presents an inherent injury risk. Kaepernick was only completing around 16.5 passes out of 26.5 attempts per game. The high completion percentage is there (irrelevant in FFB) but I would much rather have QB that takes 40 or more attempts per game because it provides more opportunity. I will enjoy watching this overrated Fantasy QB go early in drafts while I pick a decent option up in late rounds next year.

  4. David Lamson says:

    Calling Kaepernick a running QB does him a disservice. He is a QB who CAN run and hurt a team if he needs too. His arm and how he has started going through his progressions is what makes him dangerous. And don’t forget what this has done for Frank Gore. His value is bumped up because of Kaepernick.

  5. Robert Austin says:

    Keepernick has been on and off our wire for 2 years. I personally have owned him twice but got in a bind and had to cut him earlier in the year. I traded my 1.08 for him and couldn’t be more happy. Our drafts are diluted anyhow since we allow our teams to draft one college player that isn’t eligible yet so guys like Lattimore, Allen, Hunter and Woods are all spoken for so my 1.08 is really more like a 2.03-5 of a normal 12 team draft.

    • Duck says:

      I’m a huge Tennessee Vol fan and saw many games, I’m here to tell you, all the draft sites and projection sites have Justen Hunter ranked so high, but I’m not sold he will even be around more than 3 or 4 years.I don’t think he’s that good. But Corraderelle Patterson, the “other” Tennessee WR is a stud, he reminds me of Julio Jones “a lot”. I will let others pick Hunter early and gladly take Patterson later. He made a lot of great athletes in the SEC look very bad this year….He is special!!! Let’s keep this all on here to guys, for OUR best interest! Lol

      • Zachary Ragan says:

        I’m a huge Tennessee fan too, I agree about Hunter, drops a lot, doesn’t go over the middle and gets frustrated easy.

  6. Chris Howat says:

    Dynasty- I have to go Rodgers, Newton, Luck, and Kaepernick before i draft Brady and Brees. Is that crazy? I would pass on the older two and wait for Kaepernick until late 3rd or 4th.

  7. Chris R. says:

    More so then anything else, I trust in Harbaugh and how he develops QB’s. It was the reason I was high on him in our rookie draft that year, the leaps he’s taken in terms of accuracy cannot be overstated. You have a guy as accurate as he has shown to be, with a huge arm, ability to run, incredible offensive line, and great organization who looks to have developed him properly.

    Next year will be his first off-season as the starter, I expect him to continue to grow and look better. He’s not 1.03 good or a top 5 QB by any means, but as of now I’d prefer him and Wilson over RGIII which would have been considered insane at the halfway point.

    We can argue his perceived value all day, for me, he’s got QB1 upside and is improving which is more then I can say for a guy like Andy Dalton, who we know is a solid QB2 to own and nothing more.

  8. Scott Peak says:

    Nice article Pete!

    I often wonder how mobile QBs can impact the value of running backs in dynasty. We’ve seen Cam adversely impact fantasy production from Carolina RBs, especially in vulturing TDs. If you look at Frank Gore, he averaged 83 YPG, 2+ receptions per game, and had 6 TDs in the first 9 games. After game 10, Gore averaged 65 YPG, less than 1 reception per game and had 4 TDs in 7 games. Plus, Kendall Hunter got hurt in game 12, so you’d think Gore’s numbers would go up, not down. I’m not saying Gore is a sell, but Kaep might end up devaluing the Niner running game to a degree. Gore didn’t have a 100 yards rushing when Kaep started game 11 onward.

    It might be interesting to start looking into the impact mobile QBs have on fantasy value of running backs. It seems like Wilson didn’t impact Lynch too much, but then again Seattle played conservatively for most of the year. I wonder how Wilson will impact Lynch next year, assuming his career arc continues at its current trajectory.

  9. Ross says:

    Hey guys, have a dilemma regarding Kaepernick.

    Last season was my first in a keeper league and after a bad draft I came out as champ:). Looking to continue it but can only keep 3 of top 5 picks. They are (in draft order): Brees, CJ2K, Jennings, AP and Kaepernick but it gets complicated we can keep up to 7 including 3 of the aforementioned 5 so also have Spiller and Ridley at RB and D. Thomas and Cobb at WR.

    So my question is; would you drop CJ and Jennings to keep Kaepernick as a backup or drop him and Jennings to keep CJ to use as trade bait for top WR?

    Standard scoring 10 team league. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again

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