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  1. JBlake says:

    Jonathan Stewart presents the award to Ryan Mathews….that’s awesome because I own them both…and I’ll be drafting 1.04 next year.

    A bit surprised to see Trent listed as a disappointment. I know he was outperformed my two fellow rookies, but he did score 11(!) TDs.

    Award for longest mid-season streak of disappointing starts has to go to Eli. He averaged 8 points from Weeks 6-10 and then let you down again in Weeks 15/16. I doubt anyone was starting Cutler by the end, but Eli lost a lot of championships for people.

    • clarion contrarion says:

      the based are loaded for my championship team
      w/ mathews on 3rd ,fitz on 2nd base, stewart on 1st base
      hakeem at the plate and finley warming up in the on deck circle. Is it possible to have a great championship season that was a disappointment if so I did it . I am not sure if I should be proud of my title or disgusted by my quintuple steaming pile of disappointment.
      I am confused whether to stand pat and try to repeat or just blow up the team and start over .

    • Eric Olinger says:

      He was only listed because people were drafting him as a bona fide RB1 and he did not quite live up to those lofty goals. It is in no way a knock on his value moving forward.

      • Rick Scott says:

        He was a RB1 in our league (.5 ppr), finishing 8th in scoring after sitting out the final week (which didn’t count anyways).

        I’d hardly call that a disappointment for a rookie back who was doing well just to suit up in Week 1.

  2. McLovin says:

    gotta agree with jblake…trich had 1300 yds and 12 tds…what’s a brother gotta do??
    and if you have not learned by now not to trust mc fadden and matthews…shame on you, btw murray is fast approaching dmc status..so, word to the wise, trade him now while someone may still value him as a RB1

  3. David Lamson says:

    I got bit by McFadden and Lloyd both. Thank goodness I was able to trade them. Too much talent to underperform.

  4. Anthony Bartilucci says:

    I also have to agree, I don’t understand why Trent Richardson is anywhere near this article. His YPC dropped off during the 2nd half of the season but the man was playing through injuries all year had almost no training camp due to the knee clean up procedure and still put up big numbers as a rookie.

  5. Zach Levitt says:

    I think you forgot a Defensive Back?

  6. Rob says:

    Agree with others…

    Trent gets 1,300 + yards, 51 receptions, and 12 TDs as a rookie, all while playing with a variety of injuries, and he’s a disappointment?

    Yes, his football play tailed off down the stretch, but he was still a pretty darn, consistent fantasy producer.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      I think it all goes back to the unrealistic expectations had for him in the first place. He had a solid, but not elite season – so many expected that elite year prematurely and were thus disappointed.

      • Eric Olinger says:


        • McLovin says:

          outside of AD, Rice, Foster, Mc Coy and Martin or maybe spiller, who you gonna take ahead of TRich as RB1??? The kid had 4 games of single digit production, which is pretty similar to most top backs…I think most would disagree with you on this one…just sayin’

          • Jacob Feldman says:

            I have T. Rich as 6th on my list for dynasty RBs behind the five that you mentioned. Only people that thought he was a lock for a top 2 or 3 RB should be disappointed.

  7. Eric Olinger says:

    Its not about his potential moving forward, I still have him as a Top 6 RB also but he was being drafted at the end of round 1 and pegged as a lock for 1300 yards. He was inconsistent and the TD total was what saved his fantasy season. He was constantly nicked up. He came into the league as a sure fire ROY candidate and wasn’t even the best rookie running back. Plus isnotlike I gave him the Stewie. It did bring a lot of attention to the article though….hmmm?

  8. joeday says:

    Standard scoring, non PPR, 2 bonus points for 25+ carries, 3 point bonus points for 100+ yards rushing.

    1 — 4.40 (probably shouldnt have even played this game)
    2 — 29.50
    3 — 11.10
    4 — 16.40
    5 — 18.80
    6 — 5.40 (hurt aka broke his ribs…didn’t play much of the 2nd half)
    7 — 1.90 (played one drive and re-injured his ribs)
    8 — 22.40
    9 — 18.60
    11 — 16.40
    12 — 19.20
    13 — 15.50
    14 — 17.10
    15 — 15.20
    16 — 6.80

    4 games under 10 points, 10 games over 15 points (including a 7 game streak over 15.2 points)…finished 9 in this scoring system while missing week 17, most of week 7. Yes, if you thought he was going to score in the top 4 as a rookie you probably are disappointed, but that means your standards were pretty unrealistic.

  9. phorts says:

    Is it bad that I own JStew, Mathews AND Finley in the DLF Premium Invitational League (as well as a few other nominees)? Yes, yes it is.

    Is it WORSE that i traded UP to the 1.09 to take Mathews?

    Or, how bout taking Finley at 5.01 instead of RG3 who went next and then had to mortgage the future to get back?

    Or, or… How about selecting JStew at 4.01 instead of AP who went at 4.02?

    Oh the misery.

  10. DP says:

    Love the article. But gotta agree with others, I’m completely dumbfounded to find Trent Richardson listed under “biggest disappointment at running back”. That’s just straight up crazy. Surprised to read that it’s because some had too high of expectations on him. To me it’s insane to put him on a “biggest disappointment” list because a minority of owners unrealistically over estimated him.

    I think in general, 99% of people would say he had a fantastic rookie season on a crappy Browns team. If, I owned him, I’d be more than happy with that type of production.

    Great article otherwise, as usual :)

  11. Klyepod says:

    I own T-Rich/Mathews/McFadden and won the championship. Start 2 RBs and started them all-season (spot started Felix Jones for 2 weeks). I sure hope they drastically improve for 2013.

  12. BadBadLeroyBrown says:

    “(Vernon cries all the way to the stage, screams incoherently into the mic and walks off into Coach Harbaugh’s waiting arms)”

    Haha that was a good one

  13. sean mcguigan says:

    I agree Mathews for sure with the huge hype around this season and all the talk of 400 touches and well over 2000 yards but DMac is now a perenial underachiever……..I use to own him and even tried once to get him back as I loved the kid in Arkansas but at this stage he really needs to be moved down in rankings big time….he is barely ever healthy and even when he is he does not seem like same guy anymore….I am sure he will still be a top 10 target but ths is misguided IMO how many times do we need to get fooled before we realize he is fools gold?

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