15 Responses to “The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Seventeen”

  1. luke deighton says:

    Loved your write ups all year man, congrats on a great year! Looking forward to the off season content.

  2. Doug says:

    As a RunDMC owner…I would have never guessed he had 707 yards rushing…and 1,000 total. Had to be the most unassuming 1,000 yard combined season ever. I would say its disappointing…..but merely (sadly) expected.

    I’m not sure what’s worse….owning McFadden, or owning 3 players on the underdog list, 2 on the unbeatable lineup list…and still not making the playoffs!

    • Mike D says:

      Oakland immediately canned their OC after the season ended. If anything this was an indictment on how he used one of the better power runners in the game. I expect – IF he can stay healthy – McFadden to have a fantastic 2013 season.

  3. Timothy Holloway says:

    Really enjoyed this article and all the other content throughout the year. This was my first year as a member and I came away very impressed. Looking forward to next year. Thanks

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Comments like those keep thevDLF fire stoked. I have five more articles in t he editing room as we speak.

      • Mike Rapolas Jr says:

        I will echo Tim’s sentiments above. While I did not officially have membership this year, I will be doing so for the upcoming year. I play in leagues with both staff and general site members, and have had overall great experiences. The knowledge base and sincerity I have seen here is extremely impressive. Keep up the great work…!

  4. Aaron Katyl says:

    I have a question…what was so “unexpected” about the “unexpectedly horrible lineup of the week?” Outside of Ray Rice and maybe Bush as a RB2/Flex, I wouldn’t feel confident about starting any of them based on how they produced (or consistently didn’t produce) all season.

    • Aaron Katyl says:

      But all that said, I loved the content this season and I am glad I joined…looking forward to an exciting offseason!! I was crushed by injuries in dynasty and redraft this year, oh well!

      Early thoughts on Morris and Moreno next year? I couldn’t give away Moreno before the season (even to the owner who owned both Hillman and McGahee) and I want to believe in Morris, I really do, but I was fooled by Helu last year. Fortunately I own both if Shanahanigans come to the fold. Any thoughts on Moreno getting the starting gig next year if he plays well in the playoffs? McGahee is at the end of the road and Hillman still looks very raw in limited opportunities (doesn’t block well and fumbles).

      • BigD says:

        i’m no expert, but i think you hit the nail head when you mentioned that eyes will be watching how he is in the playoffs to determine next year. mcgahee is wrong side of 30 and 2.8 million salary. moreno is 27, 4th year in, 1.7 million and a performing vet that peyton manning can depend on. he stated eariler(before moreno was named starter)that this could be a great opportunity for moreno to get back. manning is now solidly in his corner and thats what counts for me. i think elway and company would agree with anything that manning is feeling strong about? you do the math. i’ve got $1 invested in him and will put in only $4 total into him to keep him next year($100 salary cap) he’ll be a great #2 rb in my opinion

      • SJ says:

        Im torn on this decision as well (Moreno vs. McGahee).

        I feel like the DEN front office isnt entirely sure either and will most likely retain both going into the year. Both get hurt, both arent spring chickens, McGahee sure isnt obv, but one would likely be a featured and solid RB2 when playing.

        I guess what Moreno did is really affect Hillmans upside for the time being, but who knows what’ll happen there beyond 2013.

        IMO if your a McGahee (or Moreno) owner, the safe thing to do is just get both of them going into next year and just play the waiting game when the season rolls around. I think its safe to say one will be the lead dog there.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Well, this week left us without too many candidates we hadn’t already mentioned.

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