8 Responses to “Sunday Six Pack: Week Seventeen”

  1. JBlake says:

    “Matt Leinart out with an extreme case of being horrible at football”…perhaps the funniest commentary I’ve read all year.

    Biggest news I’ve seen this morning is that Ray Rice is not expected to play at all today. Huge for me, as I’m up against the Rice owner and I picked up BPierce a few days ago hoping for just this scenario…

    • JBlake says:

      Now they’re saying that there are conflicting reports but Ray Rice should play the first few series today

      • Ray says:

        Week 17 should never be used for finals. Good luck to Rice sitting … but what a lame way to win a title. I’ve won a title with wk 17 in use only one I don’t count

        • BigD says:

          i dont see week 17 as a bad or cheap way to win a championship. it is very difficult to get there in the first place and it just tests your metal as an owner and coach to make the moves to win it. obsticles are part of the game every week. 17 is just another to jump. i won last year in my league having aaron rodgers. about week 13 i had the forsight to pickup matt flynn for just such a senerio. it can be done, but it just shows how good you are?

          • Ray Voeller says:

            In redraft I kinda see your point. In dynasty if you’re in a league w/ smaller rosters it’s lame IMO to use week 17.

          • Aaron Katyl says:

            And had McCarthy decided to start Rodgers, but he made it known that he would only play a quarter or a half at most, then what do you do??? Week 17 playoffs are silly in my opinion.

        • JBlake says:

          For the record, I don’t like Week 17 championships, either. It feels almost like a bye week or Preseason Week 3. But at the same time, being like a bye week, it does test who has the best depth and/or who can make the best waiver wire replacement decisions. In this case, I was correct to replace Matt Ryan with Kaepernick, while my opponent was not active on the waiver wire and decided to replace Ray Rice with Jackie Battle.

          In this particular league, the Commish pays out most of the money for regular season champs, then the remainder for a 8-team playoff. There’s also a high team score and high player score payout, and all are eligible until the end of the season. In this way, the Commish feels like he’s motivating everyone to stay involved all the way to the end, and he’s not open to changing to Week 16.

  2. bigD says:

    what if i had brees. what if i had peterson at rb. what if i have calvin at wr? come on its part of the game. just because week 17 offers some challenges? week 7 has its own challenges when half your team maybe out on a bye? fantasy football is short and i’m not going to give up a week because its tough to field a lineup? hey, deal with it. its all part of the game, and like i said, if your good, you do.

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