4 Responses to “DLF’s Weekly Impact Events”

  1. @unclepauly333(Paul Batts) says:

    I dropped Ivory to pick up TY Hilton this week.he could be huge if he grows his rapport and trust from Luck.Hilton is worth a pickup just for the chance that he becomes Marvin Harrison to Luck.

    I wish I didn’t have to drop Ivory(he’s a beast) but I’m short a depth at wr so it was worth the gamble for me.I only had Cruz,Dez,Decker,DHB at wr and I’m carrying 8 RBs at the moment.

    Great article Ryan.

  2. Tyler Shelton says:

    Dynasty, 12 team 30 roster spots. My current QB’s are Peyton, Luck, Sanchez, and Nick Foles (PHI).

    I am thinking of offering Peyton and a #2 for Newton and a #3. I am currently tied for 2nd to last in the standings but could make the playoffs as the last wildcard by total points scored. The other guy is 2nd overall in the standings.

    What do you think of this trade? If I had to, is my #1 and Peyton worth a trade for just Newton?

    • Ross says:

      Why oh why would you want to trade that much for Newton when you have Luck. Unless this is a 2 QB league, that doesn’t sound like a good move to make.

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      I love the idea of getting Cam for Manning as a non playoff team. I would give the 2nd for a 3rd and would do it w/o getting the 3rd. I would be hesitant to give your 1st and Manning for Cam though.

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