14 Responses to “Undervalued Dynasty Wide Receivers”

  1. Cannon says:

    With so many heartbreaks it is really hard to get behind James Jones, and he is already 28 years old

    With that said…I am making a playoff push and am in need of a WR. I was offered Jones for my 1st round pick which through trades would be a mid round pick in an extremely deep league.

    Would you put that kind of value on Jones?

    • Mark says:

      Yes. Do I think Jones is worth a 1st most years? Nope. However, the 2013 class looks weak. I’m okay with over paying if you’re trying to make a run.

  2. The Dame says:

    Absolutely not

  3. Robb Hurst says:

    I made that deal in my leage for jones and Larry Foote. I HAD to getsome WR help and couldn’t find it anywhereelse. This rookie draft sux so i took the sure thing.

  4. ray says:

    Stevie Johnson, Blackmon & C. Givens would it be a over pay straight up for Sidney Rice ?

  5. GTASTIC says:

    well written…all i can say as a rebuttal is the owners that had desean jackson last year haven’t forgotten that he quit on the season due to his disatisfaction with his contract negotiations—in effect he destroyed teams by holding back—we actually witnessed him stopping on routes, refusing to block and getting alligator arms if there was any traffic-not something an owner forgets…yes he is skilled and valuable, but next year and in the future i will certainly look for other players to draft when his name comes up…james jones seems certain to hold value, especially if/when jennings goes, but rodgers had made many wr’s look good…i remember rice going back to minnesota–injury prone, gets the dropsies, and really hasn’t been amazing in seattle—i would rather take a chance on a young up-n-comer than hope to hold rice for his possible someday comeback season—-all that said, an enjoyable and thought provoking article

    • Mark says:

      Can’t fault you for feeling that way in the least. However, Rice is in the midst of his comeback. He has scored touchdowns in 3 of the last 4 weeks is getting around 50-60 yards a week. Considering the relative newness of his relationship with Wilson, the upside is there. Could break his shoulder tomorrow getting out of bed too, but no risk no reward.

  6. Matt Feit says:

    i sold james jones for off in a deal as a throw in during the draft– however it did net me Russell Wilson and Dwayne Allen so I honestly can’t be too upset about it… but if I had him right now aye carumba I may have 2 more wins on a team that’s already 5-3

  7. Mike Rapolas Jr says:

    In one of the Backyard Brawl leagues I just moved Decker for Rice and Ben Tate. I’m out of contention this year, and the impetus for making this deal was not just for the potential of Tate for next year, but that Rice, if healthy, can come not too far away from Decker can do. Getting Tate of course was icing on the cake…

  8. Coleman Kelly says:

    I traded away James Jones in a deal for Andrew Luck. He’s always been fluky and he’s almost 30. Might be worth it this year, but even his TD rate is unsustainable.

    • Mark says:

      First of all, Andrew Luck is a stud and in a deal for a stud I’d consider James Jones a throw in.

      However, Jones has value for 2-3 years at least. I normally would agree with your assessment that his TD rate is not sustainable. However, he had the same number of touchdowns on the same number of catches last year as he has this year with only half the season down. With the lack of a running game, a qb who throws 3-6 touchdowns a week, and the lack of a true red zone receiver I don’t really see why 10-14 touchdowns per year is unsustainable.

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