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  1. Sensei John Kreese says:

    Alright, so I finally acquired Randall Cobb (on contract through 2014), who has been the primary object of my affection since April. This is the story of what was needed to procure his services.

    Mike Wallace (contract would have expired at the end of the season)
    Kyle Rudloph (2014)
    Ronnie Hillman (2015)
    2013 first and second round rookie picks (probably the 1.7 or worse)

    I’ve been taking a ton of heat for this move, but I feel that if you get a chance to get a premium player, you take it.

    2013 starting wr core (I consistently start 4 wr and 1 RB)

    Julio Jones
    AJ Green
    Percy Harvin
    Randall Cobb

    With this being the end result, do you guys think that I gave too much?

    • bob serviceman says:

      Yes – you paid a lot of 1 dude. You may get good returns right away, but it could be costly down the line.

    • Cyrus says:

      Way too much.

      Rudolph has hit a slump, but he was a 2nd round pick in my draft. I think he is worth at least that. Hillman was a 1st.

      So you gave up two firsts, two seconds and Wallace to get Cobb. If Cobb rises to the level of Julio Jones, AJ Green and Harvin, I guess you paid face value for him. Otherwise, you overpaid.

      In my league, you can extend or franchise players with expiring contracts. If Wallace is an Unrestricted FA at the end of the year, I am fine ignoring him. If he is not, you grossly overpaid.

      I’m just not sold on Cobb continuing this hot streak when everyone is healthy (excluding Jennings, who will be gone next year). He has been good, but I don’t think he is a top 5 WR yet, which is what you paid.

    • Larry T says:

      That was a very expensive acquisition! Will it be worth it only time will tell, but you had your heart set on getting him and that can be considered “Mission Accomplished”. Did you over pay? IMO, absolutely. But you got what you wanted and sometimes you are forced to pay a premium. It might be a short term benefit, but as Bob already indicated, you might be paying off this purchase for years to come…..

      • Sensei John Kreese says:

        Cyrus, yes you are right.

        In our league, each team is able to franchise one expiring contract. I am already franchising Harvin. So, really take out Wallace, I do not start him and would have lost him at the end of the year. If i were to write an article at DLF, it would be about proper management of franchised players in contract leagues. I would have gotten nothing for Wallace, otherwise.

        The way i see it, I traded a first and a second, at the back end of what looks to be a thoroughly mediocre rookie draft, a backup tight end and a 20 year old lottery ticket for a guy who I believe will be a top six receiver come draft time next year.

        • Cyrus says:

          I still think that is a lot to pay. Until Cobb proves himself as a top 6 WR, I think you overpaid.

          I also question your management of Wallace, as I don’t think you got back value for him. I completely agree with trading a player you cannot franchise for anything that brings you value (say, a 3rd or 2nd round pick)… but if you don’t get enough value, don’t trade him.

          There are two additional ways of measuring value:
          1- If contending, he brings value to your team this year in the playoffs
          2- Regardless of whether you are contending, he brings value as a potential FA.

          That is, if Wallace is on your team, he is thrown into the FA pool and available for you to bid on. Also, even if you don’t win the bid, he takes up cap space (or draft position, if you just have a FA draft) for your competitors.

          This might not affect you much, or you can employ the strategy of giving a “franchise tag” player to another team for your advantage. For example, if the other owner has a player you like but doesn’t value him (lets say Chris Johnson) to franchise, but you like Chris Johnson– you can give him someone he wants to franchise to get Chris Johnson in the FA pool.

          But now I am just off on several tangents. What matters is that you made a trade for a player that you believe in. I think you paid more than his going rate at this time, but understand if you really want him.

    • VoiceofUnreason says:

      People always want to trade for a players who is playing well, naturally. When you do that you are always buying high. Other than qbs, guys go up and down. Look at Lesean McCoy or Calvin Johnson. No major injury but not even close to last years points. A long way of saying you should have traded for him in the offseason or last year. You missed the boat and overpaid by an insane amount. I like him but if the other wrs, te and rb weren’t so poor right now he wouldn’t be getting so many looks/tds. I’m not convinced he’s a long-term #1wr and for that price he better be top 2 or 3 at least.

      • Sensei John Kreese says:

        Agree to disagree. This time last year, Greg Jennings was looked at as a top 5 WR. If this trade backfires on me, I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t place a high premium on draft picks and although Hillman and Rudolph are nice prospects, its not enough of a deterrent for me to pass up on a potential superstar.

        • Cyrus says:

          See, Jennings is an example of how WR’s fluctuate in value. While you are looking at Cobb as “future Jennings” (I assume), we can point to Jennings as “future Cobb.”

          (That said, I think Cobb is younger with similar talent and will be productive for several years, but Jennings is still productive, just injured).

          Also, Jennings is a great example of what Voice is saying to do– I bought low on Jennings now, and will wait for him to get healthy and leave the Packers. Some risk involved, but I have a potential top 15 WR that I paid a relatively low price on.

    • Ross says:

      I got Cobb for my first round pick, I’m in second place, the week before he blew up on StL. Seeing this as his price tag in someone else’s league makes me think that I stole him…which I believe I did anyway.

  2. Alan Bauerle says:

    I feel u have great talent now at wr. Yes u gave up alot of picks but would you be starting those picks at all? I guess the Wallace move was a lil much but you probably wouldn’t have started Wallace at all w that lineup of recievers. What is your qb, rb, te situation like? If your good all around then don’t worry. It cost u a ton but u got your man.

    • Sensei John Kreese says:

      Thanks Alan, like I said above, no, I do not start Wallace.

      My starting lineup for 2013 should look like

      Rodgers or Brees
      TE- Who knows? total crapshoot outside of Gronk.

      I also have Sproles expiring, but who is also eligible to be franchised by another team. Either i can ride him, on my bench, and get nothing for him after the season, or I can trade him now, get something back, and let another owner franchise him. So, soon Ill be posting about how I gave Sproles away.

  3. Jon says:

    Do you guys update your dynasty rankings during the year?

  4. Jon Lambrecht says:

    I doubt highly that many owners of Spiller, Stewart, Murray, Fitz, White, or Nicks would trade them straight up for DMC. He wasn’t hurt and was underperforming. Now that he is injured AGAIN, it is weird to say but; his value isn’t even on the same level as Chris Johnson, Forte, or even McGahee… which is pretty bad. That ship has sailed. About 5-6 weeks ago, I’d have traded Chris Johnson and something for DMC, Now… I wouldn’t do it straight up. With all the man crushes on Nicks and Stewart… No way in heck are most people trading them for the oft injured and underperforming DMC in my opinion.

    If you own DMC, he is a hold. Walk back off the plank. You will likely not get 80 cents on the dollar. More likely 50-60 cents. Wait on him to come back, wait on the off season… bottom line, wait. Don’t sell now. It is by far the worst time you could do so. I know you say you are DONE with him… take a deep breath and move him later then.

  5. Burnonedown says:

    I was just offered that exact trade, bradshaw for blackmon. I had bradshaw. i countered with greene and a 2013 rnd 6 for blackmon and a 2013 rnd 3.

  6. Jake says:

    Been offered Arian Foster and a 1st round pick (possibly top 5) for RG3. My other QB is Big Ben and my other backs are Peterson, MJD, Wilson and Ivory. What do you think?

  7. Jgoods says:

    I drafted both Luck and RG3 to equal one starter this year. So far it has worked out great. 14 team 4 keeper league. Gave up RG3 and Keller for AJ Green and Tony G. Having Luck playing so well I think its a no brainier. Am I wrong?

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