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  1. SJ says:

    I guess this now means were going to begin the Roberto Wallace sleeper hype now??

    Oh boy cant wait.

  2. SJ says:

    I tease cus i love :)

  3. sean mcguigan says:

    I wouldn’t want anyone on Miami…they are kind of like the JETS Fantasy wastelands……maybe Reggie stays healthy as RB2 but that is about it….ugly

  4. Tom says:

    Ha you should probly get the story right before you write it.. Chad found the receipt for condoms, meaning it was his wife’s, who is just a slutty gold digger (see basketball wives) and she saw her chance to cash in here. Not to mention this relationship started on Twitter. I can almost guarantee you that this was not Chad’s doing, he is one of the least violent people out there. Like everything else though with out media today it’s a headline conviction and therefore people don’t want to actually get the facts or know what really happened they just assume they’re guilty. Our society is pretty messed up.

    • gary edgerley says:

      is this a really a pleas for sympathy from media scrutiny for a guy that has went out of his way at every chance for 10 years to draw the media to himself – trhat is what is really messed up .
      in bizarro world I feel sorry but that is the only place .

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Everything I read claimed his wife found the receipt, but that’s really a meaningless detail in the end. Regardless if who wins the ” he said, she said” battle, this should have never ended with a headbutt and a trip to the police station.

      • Cyrus says:

        Chad is a great guy and I honestly can’t picture him headbutting his wife. According to one report, he told police that she headbutted him.

        His wife, on the other hand, is someone I could easily see headbutting Chad. If you saw any of her other drama filled antics, I don’t trust her statement whatsoever. Despite her claiming he headbutted her, I don’t buy it.

        Also, everything I have read has said it was his receipt. Then again, that could be another crucial aspect that she is misrepresenting. My guess is that it was Chad’s receipt, but she headbutted him over it. Biddy is crazy.

        • smcguiga says:

          Cyrus….so you know Chad personally?(Chad is a really great guy?)……He is a flamboyant Tool is you ask me and hope this is the last we have to hear about him….everything i have seen/read about him indicates a complete igomanic…..they usually aren’t great guys…..I say Good riddance…..his skills have deterioated anyway….go get a real job Chad

          • Cyrus says:

            I do not know Chad personally, but have interacted with him on Twitter and followed him for years.

            He is an egomaniac, as are most “larger than life” NFL players. Chad is also extremely smart to generate publicity and while his media presence might be annoying to you, he is ahead of the curve in terms of marketability. He has a personality and isn’t afraid to show it.

            I don’t think he is that smart, which is why he has done some stupid things, but the same things that annoy you about him (flamboyant, egomaniac, etc.) are what will give him a career after football.

            He isn’t selfish and has a great heart. If you don’t know some of the things he has done (flew a widower to his wedding because she felt sad about her husbands death, flew a fan to a Patriots game just because) that show who he is as a person, I recommend you revise your opinion on him.

          • Cyrus says:

            My bad, flew a “widow” to his wedding. I forgot which gender was which.

    • Robertbobson says:

      so, slutty gold diggers deserve to be head butted by men who outweigh them by 100 pounds of muscle? Because they met on twitter, or she’s on a reality TV show, she was just asking to get assaulted? Charming thesis.

      • Cyrus says:

        No, he was saying that Chad didn’t hit her. She hit HIM.

        Have you seen her in Basketball Wives? She physically intimidated the other girls. She is more thug than he is.

        Unfortunately, she can both try to attack Chad and then cry wolf and say he did it.

  5. Brady Lawson says:

    So which WR will be headed to Miami next offseason? Bowe? Wallace? A top rookie? Or maybe the return of Wes Welker? Any of those options would be a big upgrade from what they have now. Will be interesting to watch, no doubt.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Gentlemen, it’s Charles Clay time.

  7. tebow says:

    i was hoping to re-create my 2006 wr core w moss,chad and to.

  8. nathan says:

    Why would he keep the receipt? Thats a stupid question… I am sure he totally kept it on purpose, in order to return them… Im sure its completely impossible that he threw the bag in the car with the receipt in it, and the receipt ended up floating around in the car… I have never found a receipt I didnt intend on keeping just randomly somewhere… /sarcasm… It just doesnt even sound like something he would do… Say what you want about the guy, but hes managed this long to have 0 issues as far as legal problems since hes been in the NFL… Is it completely impossible that hes telling the truth and shes just a crazy money grubbing bitch that hooks up with professional athletes in order to make a dollar or two? Im not saying she is, but lets look for a second on how she became known to the world… A reality show about basketball players wives… living the high life on their chosen athletes dime… I hope he finds a team, as much of a loudmouth as he is, he still works hard and has as much talent as most of the receivers in the NFL…

  9. Smcguia says:

    Cyrus….nope I am not changing my opinion just because he did a couple of nice things with his millions doesn’t make him a good guy…..nope…..I personally would hope he has to get a real job may bring him back to earth….dude is a tool IMO that will not change…..bye bye Ocho Cinco…….good riddance

  10. sixshooter says:

    How did this turn into a he said, she said conversation? Because I ain’t willin’ to accuse either of anything at this point!

    This is supposed to be about how this all affects fantasy football and I believe it means good things for guys like Bess, Naanee and Clay! Not so sure it is good news for the Miami’s QB’s but who know’s! Maybe it is better for Tannehill to develop chemistry with a receiver who is going to still be with the team past the 2012 season!

    Great topic for discussion but just not a great topic for fantasy football fans to debate who was right or wrong between Chad and his girl so let’s debate how this affect’s the ‘phins instead of debating something that is more suited for the teen gossip mags.

    Wish I had more time to write a story for the contest because this would be a great topic…..hint, hint!

  11. Ken H says:

    Gents…who cares about the details since none of you are privy to them! This discussion is about football and its impact on dynasty leagues!!!
    Whether he did anything or not does not affect me and I could care less about NFL players personally since I know none of them…Twitter wise, fantasy wise…who gives a (expletive) Really???
    Awful responses folks, this article inspired ‘reality tv’ like comments…Like everything else, most of us don’t care about Chad Johnson and his personal life!!!

  12. Ken H says:

    Also, if you want to discuss the matter in this way, go to facebook or go ‘tweet’ it…this is DLF, let’s stick to football…

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