11 Responses to “Deep Sleepers with IDP”

  1. Boomer says:

    DJ Smith could be on a timeline a lot shorter than 3-4 years. Hawk and Bishop aren’t cheap on a team that needs to resign Matthews, Rodgers, Jennings, Bulaga, and Burnett.

  2. Bob says:

    Great article

  3. Kev says:

    Do you see any sleeper value for Armon Binns? Or do you think he will get beat out by the rookies for WR2?

    • Ken Kelly says:

      I think those are two different questions.

      First, I do think he’ll get beat out by either Sanu or Jones.

      However, I DO think there’s some sleeper potential there as well.

  4. Aaron says:

    RE: Kevin Cone, ATL

    I don’t know anything about him, but this statement I found peculiar…”So, he has the athleticism of an NFL receiver, but he comes from a college team that doesn’t always produce NFL receivers.”

    Calvin Johnson and D. Thomas???

    • DLF_KENC says:

      Calvin Johnson came from GT well before the current triple option offense and Demarius Thomas is exactly my point, very athletic and very raw. I didn’t mean to say no NFL recievers come from GT, just that the current offense doesn’t produce NFL ready WRs. Thanks for letting me clarify!

      • Aaron says:

        Fair enough…I just found it peculiar. I know Megatron was before Johnson’s triple option system and obviously they don’t exhibit their current WR’s in their system, but I think Cone or Hill will produce for someone…

  5. Chris Crane says:

    I like this list. Personally I’ve been saying DJ Smoth for a while. Besides watching LSU football I do like watching my Mountaineers of App State. Love the situation he’s in and can be had for peanuts. If your IDP league is as deep as mine (start 3 LB/DL/DE & 3 DBs plus a flex) I highly recommend DJ Smith. The wait will be worth it. Now same team: you can’t mention Graham Harrell without mentioning BJ Coleman. I think that is a little closer of a race than everyone expects. Finally, if I don’t draft Lester Jean in one of my 3 leagues and he breaks out… Im jumping! Y’all on this man like cats on catnip! Hahaha

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