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  1. RobertBobson says:

    isn’t this jeffery stuff out of date? It thought his stock was rising after his pro day? Has something new come out?

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      He was rising, after falling, but multiple reports have been coming out now that he’s gaining weight again and that the dramatic weight loss and strength conditioning that he gained was for the combine only.

      His value is all over the map. I think he’ll come off the board late in the 2nd

  2. Samson says:

    At what point would Colby Fleener make it into a dynasty rookie draft 1st Round? Obviously it depends where he’s drafted, but where would you put him in respect to the available WR’s? (PPR format – start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex)

    If he goes to a favourable situation, could you make a case that he’s better than the 5th WR?

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I don’t think that will happen this year. It’s relatively rare to have TEs go in the first round but there have been cases (Winslow, Vernon Davis, etc.). Fleener isn’t that type of prospect. It will be interesting though if he makes it out of the first round to see what the Colts would do with their first pick of the second round, since they will already have Luck.

      It could be a bit early to take Fleener as the first pick in the second day but pairing a truly offensive TE with his college quarterback does buy you some instant chemistry and I don’t see it as a huge stretch. No one has suggested or talked about that yet to my knowledge.

      • Krcil says:

        I like this… especially since the Colts do not have a [well] known TE on their roster.

        • Boomer says:

          Him being picked with the first pick of the second round in real life and fantasy makes a lot of sense. Indy needs play-makers in general and I think Indy is better off going low risk vs potentially Stephen Hill with the same pick.

      • Sean says:

        Thought I’d interject and point out that the Colts don’t have the 1st pick in round 2, the Rams do.

    • Hawks Nest 12th Man says:

      Have picks 1.1 , 1.4 , 1.11 and 1.12 , plan on taking Richardson, RG3 or Martin, Fleener and Marvin Jones. I do believe Fleener is worth a late 1st.

      • DLF_Jeff says:

        I don’t agree on Fleener being that high in this draft, but if you have a dire need at the position, I suppose I could see it. That said, though, if you are going to take a TE with that pick, you could get a much more known quantity at the position by trading away the pick for it. Why risk the bust factor at a difficult position like TE when you might be able to get a Gresham, Pettigrew, or an aging rookie that will post well for the next three years?

        Or spin the wheel and take your chances.

        • StevieMo says:

          I watched all of the Stanford games the last 2 years and Fleener’s the real deal. He’s a poor man’s Jimmy Graham in my view, and at some point will be a Top 10 fantasy TE.

  3. tstafford says:

    My sense is RG3 is rising too for fantasy at least. It’s sort of the QB equivalent of the Blackmon/Floyd situation.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I agree. NFL career wise, there’s no doubt in my mind about Luck’s true long term value, which will pay dividends in fantasy as well. But RGIII could have a much quicker burn in fantasy and really light things up early on … or at least have more fantasy relevance early on. I’d still take Luck first without much question, but I wouldn’t argue too much against a pick of Griffin.

      • StevieMo says:

        Like my buddy Kirk who took Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning in our 1998 dynasty draft because of Leaf’s “better physical potential,” mark my words: Don’t pass over Andrew Luck in 2012.

        Not saying Griffin = Leaf.

  4. Sensei_John_Kreese says:

    Just a few thoughts

    If the Rams trade out at 6, to the Chiefs or Eagles, that would mean that Blackmon would be available to the Jags at 7. So, at that point..would the Panthers select Floyd at 9? I bet they consider it. Dontari Poe has no business being drafted in the first 10 IMO.

    Am i crazy in thinking that Brandon Weeden is a better qb than Ryan Tannehill?

    At 22, the Browns should be looking desperately to trade down. There aren’t any receiving prospects worth of being drafted there. If they can trade down to around 30, and pick up a second round pick, their draft could look like: Richardson, Fleener, Jeffrey and Weeden.

    • Sensei_John_Kreese says:


      If someone comes back to this article in 3 years and reads that, I’m either going to look like a genius or an idiot.

      • Jeff Haverlack says:

        That’s what it’s all about though. I’ve often said that a couple of years after a big prediction, everyone will have forgotten about the misses but not about the hits …. because you can constantly remind them about being right. :)

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      Blackmon could be going earlier as well but I don’t think so now at this point. Yes, I believe CAR would look at Floyd at at #9, they need a young big receiver to be their “next”.

      No, you’re not crazy to think Weeden is a better QB. I think they are very close. I’d still take Tannehill due to the youth factor and the fact that he should mature well and Tannehill really has a nice intermediate arm. Weeden’s age is going to work well against him in fantasy unless drafted into a that can have some success very early on. He’ll likely be hitting his stride at 32+.

      I’d like to see the Browns trade down from #22 if they don’t get Blackmon. Hill, Hunter, Fleener, Jeffery and even Randle will be available later and into the early second.

    • Hawks Nest 12th Man says:

      If Browns take Richardson 1.4 would really like to see them make a strong play for DaCastro Guard from Stanford. Holmgren likes can’t miss guards in the 1st round…Steve Hutchinson comparisons have been thrown around about DaCastro.

  5. tebow says:

    robert turbin vs benard pierce? im going back and forth on what big back i like better

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      How about a draft duel article on them? But in all likelihood for those two, it’s going to come down to situation and time. Picking the one that will be most successful in the next year or two is going to be very difficult

      • tebow says:

        yeah i understand the sit and time will make a big diff i was watching flim last night and i want to take a big back somewhere in the draft.i like turbin a lot more after watching him,he runs angry and he has some wheels for his size.

  6. Hawks Nest 12th Man says:

    Doug Martin is 20 lbs heavier than Ray Rice. I agree on Martin not being as laterally quick but to say he isn’t as strong? Maybe pound for pound Rice is stronger … but overall strength sorry I just don’t see it.

  7. jeremy says:

    What’s your take on Tony Moeaki this year? Just wondering what his value is

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I like him. All fantasy coaches should check their respective waiver wires to see if he might be there. He was dropped by many coaches after not making it to the regular season last year.

      I think it will take him some time to get up to speed, but he’s most certainly worth a stash.

  8. meineymoe says:

    Jaguars, with the signings of L.Robinson and L.Evans, will not go WR in the first round – I expect a much less sexy DLine pick.


    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      There’s one of those absolute statements … “will”. I don’t think Lee Evans and Laurent Robinson necessarily means that they won’t go WR, but it would seem like more of a luxury pick now.

      • Ken Kelly says:

        I don’t think the signing of Evans makes a difference, either. I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t even make the team, though the lack of depth on that squad virtually guarantees it. He just hasn’t been good for a long, long time.

    • Meens says:

      how the hell does gene smith keep his job. That team is brutal

  9. Crackin' says:

    So what players would be good 1.10 dyno picks?

  10. RobertBobson says:

    SHHHHHHHH about Criner!

  11. Sensei_John_Kreese says:

    Ryan Broyles is a guy I am closely watching. 131 catches in his junior year, he may translate as a terrific slot guy in the NFL. Sneaky pick, especially in PPR.

  12. Wertz says:

    I have a trade question for anyone interested I would love some advise. I am in a league where we start two Qbs. I have Cam, Flacco and Palmer? I have picks 1, 3, 13, 15 and 17. The guy picking two traded up to pick RGIIi. I planned on taking Luck then T.Rich. I was offered Vick and Dez Bryant for pick 1 and 17. I have pick 1 because my best Wr is Britt and my 2nd best is Wayne. My Running backs are CJ Stewart Daniel Thomas and deangelo. I have Vernon and Fred Davis. Would you make that trade knowing Vick is older and an injury risk, but Luck is unproven, with the huge upgrade at Wr?

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      No I wouldn’t do that myself. But I also tend to play for the longer term. Vick is an injury risk and is aging. Bryant just hasn’t really shown up yet and questions are starting to arise.

      Are you sure TRich won’t go at 1.02? If you are SURE he traded up for RGIII, that’s fine … but if he did, then take TRich at 1.01, that way you’re not risking it and you’ll still get Luck. If he flips and takes Luck, then simply take RGIII … but I wouldn’t let TRich slip to the 1.02 if you really want him.

      I’d also look to package picks to get a proven WR.

  13. Dan says:

    Should I trade the 1.06 pick in a all rookie draft for Crabtree the 2.12 and 3.01? I think crabtree will be a solid number two WR and is still 24 years old. I could grab a few WR prospects for cheap with the picks which will give me three developing players over the one guy at 6. And if i get stuck with this years Dan thomas i would not be to happy.

    • Dan says:

      From what i can gather, T Rich, blackmon, Luck, Rg3 and the #2 RB will be gone. Probably martin or whoever goes to the best situation. So i can grab Floyd who has a lot of potential, but if he turns into a #2 Wr like crabtree already is i would be happy.

      • StevieMo says:

        Crabtree is a guy who has averaged one TD every 4 games in his career and has a difficult time getting separation. He’s just a guy. The only NFL scout I know said Crabtree would be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round if the NFL redrafted tomorrow.

    • Joe Kool says:

      Not ever been a fan of crabtree, so that is truly what is influencing me.

      Would love to know what other WRs you have.

      I more than likely would keep 1.06 however.

      • Sensei_John_Kreese says:

        Can you make trades DURING the draft?

        If Floyd falls to 1.6, i wouldn’t even consider it.

        • Dan says:

          I think floyd will be there for sure and will most likely take him. But i also have took jon baldwin last year and We all know how Wrs are a crap shoot.

      • Dan says:

        I was more asking about this deal because my buddy told me that this was the worst deal he ever seen for the 6th pick. i thought it wasnt enough but wasnt horrible with the 2 later picks.

        I have mike wallace, Antonio brown and Harvin. I am not going to sit here and fight that crabtree is a stud because he has not proven anything. His rookie year was a hold out and last year what really his first year with average QB play in smith. That will not change , but crabtree started coming along last year at the end with smith. He had 41 receptions and 3 tds over his last 7 games. Calvin and cruz had 42 and 5 tds over same period. Crabtree is a Chain mover and i am actually thinking moss and Manningham will just stretch the field for him and davis to have more space. I am not sure smith can make that bomb to Moss work. I will probably not do the deal, but i was just looking for him to be a good #2 wr talent.

        • Dan says:

          what i mean by chain mover is that he is not the guy going to get long tds. He is a possession receiver and moves the chains type of receiver in my book.

    • I actually think it’s a pretty even trade for you. Realize that if you trade a receiver to get one back in the first round, that history suggests that the 1.06 is going to be a “bust” pick ….. unless it doesn’t.

      If you are looking at this as Crabtree for Floyd and those other picks, I’d probably do the deal because I’m not a huge Crabtree supporter.

      If it’s me, I’d do the deal as long as I had good depth at WR and you are doing okay in that area. In most cases though, I don’t like to trade away a younger known position player for the rights to take another young unknown player in the same position.

      I’d probably do the deal

  14. Hawks Nest 12th Man says:

    I personally see the Vikings trading with the Bucs. It’s a interesting situation. For the Vikings trading down to 6 bit dangerous. If Bucs covet Richardson and don’t want Blackmon and are not super high on Claiborne they potentially could trade down to a team that wants Kalil if Vikings allow a team to trade up for Richardson. Just my thought but trading down to pick 6 is risky. Plus I believe the Rams truly want Blackmon. S Jax can take pressure off both Bradford & Blackmon for next couple years.

    • We’ll see. The way I see it, the Vikings need OT as well as CB and WR. They get can best available at 6 while the Rams move up for Richardson. And they could probably pick up a third in doing so, or maybe even a second next year.

      I don’t disagree about the Tampa situation.

      We’ll find out soon enough.

      • Joe Kool says:

        As a Rams fan and someone who will be drafting TRich..I am hoping he goes to St.Louis..more favorable situation than Cleveland..assuming SJax is traded for a couple of picks..etc.

        • Hawks Nest 12th Man says:

          More favorable than Browns but not more favorable than Bucs. They have more pieces in place and don’t have to face Patrick Willis twice a year. Come on Bucs it’s a match made in heaven go get T Rich and make him face of franchise … Lebron WHO? in Florida

  15. Joe Kool says:

    Arizona STATE linebacker Vontaze Burfict…HUGE difference if you are either a Sun Devil or Wildcat…

  16. Bob Ray says:

    “To see them then trade into the first round for the rights to Weeden speaks volumes about what they expect from him.”

    The Browns had the 22nd pick from the outset.

    I actually like David Wilson going to the NYG. I’m hopeful he falls to me at 1.11 now, though I doubt he does.

    Great first round recap – really enjoyed it.

  17. Sensei John Kreese says:

    Any chance the chat will work today?

    I was really, really bummed that it was offline yesterday.

    • We’re looking into it and we had a long chat with our hoster yesterday to find out what happened. Looks like it was a conflict between the chat script and the unix host causing a major memory event.

      I was really disappointed as well. I don’t think it’s likely that it will work tonight but we’re looking to see what can be done.

      From this, however, will come the opportunity to find a much better chat program with much better capabilities and a greater feature set.

  18. Jimmy says:

    Have the 1.3 pick and I know Blackmon and Richardson will be off the board. My pick is between Luck or Martin. I have Rivers @ QB and RBs are McFadden & DeMarco Murray. (we give 6pts for passing TD)

    Should I grab Luck and trade Rivers in a year or two or take Martin and run?

    • If it’s me, I’m still taking Luck but I do understand how difficult it is to take a QB when you already have one. Luck is just too rare a prospect for me to pass on.

      • Jimmy says:

        Thanks Jeff.

        That was my thinking as well – elite QB’s are hard to come by. I have some young RB’s in the stable (although my starting 2 aren’t the healthiest) Maybe Martin will get hurt in camp and i can grab him in the 2nd round.

    • Bob Ray says:

      Depending on if you think you’re going to compete this season, I think it comes down to whether you value Martin over what you could get by trading Rivers.

  19. John says:

    Need help with a deal, Would you trade 1.01, 1.07 and J Jones for foster, Dem thomas WR and 2.03. Can thomas be a top 5 WR with manning?

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      Foster > 1.01
      Thomas << 2.03

      My answer would be no.

      You’re losing a bit too much. As far as Thomas being a top 5 WR with Manning, yes he has the potential, but the only point of caution I’d offer would be that Decker appears to be an early favorite of PM.

      Why not counter with something like Foster/2.03 for 1.01/1.07? Or, swapping Jones with another WR. He’s what’s killing the deal for me.

    • I’m assuming Julio Jones and not Julius? If that’s the case, the addition of Julio Jones to that deal kills it. The 1.01 equates to Foster this year in all likelihood, D. Thomas + 2.03 is not worth 1.07 + Julio Jones.

      D. Thomas still hasn’t been consistent on the field for a length of time that I need to trust him.

  20. Coach says:

    seems to me that i did good trading out of my draft spot last year. i didn’t know what pick i would end up at (ended up being 1.07 for Sam Bradford). Usually i kick myself on draft day, but I’m not seeing a guy who id love to have. Even at the top of the draft!

    Richardson- William Green anyone? Don’t like Browns.

    Blackmon- Jags? ehhhh

    Bradford busted for me last year. I’m hoping i win the trade in the long run though.

    • Jason says:

      the absolute only simliarity between Trent Richardson and William Green is the team that drafted them… let the comparisons stop there.

  21. Chris Rodriguez says:

    Any explanation on why L. Miller has slipped so far in the draft?

    • Ken Kelly says:

      He’s injured at the moment and apparently teams are scared off by his “chalkboard sessions” pre-draft.

      As I stated in the pick-by-pick analysis, we’re entering the danger zone here shortly. If he’s not taken soon, he won’t even be assured of a roster spot.

      Think Jonathan Dwyer…

    • Just selected by Miami, so he won’t have to move far. Not a great situation for him but in the 4th round, you have to be happy just to be drafted. He’ll have time to heal up and hopefully improve his football IQ

      • Coach says:

        i don’t think its a terrible situation for him. Daniel Thomas didn’t impress anyone last year and Reggie Bush is a flash in the pan. i could see him starting by week 8.

        • Meens says:

          Miami is an very good destination for a RB. I am slightly concerned about him dropping in the draft this far. That being said, I was a fan of his talent pre-draft and he only has Reggie Bush (1 year left, old coach, most likely injured again) and daniel thomas (another mid round pick who struggled after being picked when sparano was coach). You guys are crazy slotting him in the 3rd. If hes realatively healthy, He’ll be picked by me at 15 if my league is as crazy as this site. Overreacting. “Chalkboard sessions” just stop, please, hes a running back!

          • Running backs that fail chalkboard sessions get their QBs killed

          • Meens says:

            chris johnson and marshawn lynch are as dumb as they come. but they are good athletes

          • Chris Henry in Tennessee was a phenomenal athlete and couldn’t grasp blitz packages. That sole reason kept him off the field and soon to be out of the NFL.

            Football IQ is a HUGE part of the game, especially at RB. Failing blocking routines or not understanding disguised or real blitz packages is the quickest way out of the NFL from the RB position. Even fumbling is more accepted.

  22. Greg G. says:

    Has Polk been drafted yet?

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