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  1. StevieMo says:

    The beauty of dynasty league football is that you have to make such long-term decisions — just like real GM’s do. There’s nothing like a tease to keep you scratching your head and sacrificing part of your soul, ever hoping that the guy will finally grow up and dominate. I remember keeping Laurence Phillips on my roster for a few years, always hoping he’d get his head on straight (which he never did). Jeff George also made the rounds in our league — he of the monster arm and one big year.

    The “gamble on greatness” picks are an interesting part of the game, but my rule is no more than one (character) flyer on my team at any given time.

  2. Boomer says:

    Earlier in the offseason I got Roddy White and 1.6 for Britt. Still high on the guy but felt that was enough to part with him.

    • Lotto4Life says:

      I could probably make the exact same trade, but I also have Julio, and I’m not sure I really want both of those guys. I would love to move up into the top 7 in the rookie draft, though (have 1.11).

      • Boomer says:

        Lol. I have Julio as well and b/c I also have Megatron didn’t see a reason to keep all three young guys on the roster at the same time.

        • Sensei_John_Kreese says:

          “b/c I also have Megatron didn’t see a reason to keep all three young guys on the roster at the same time.”

          Anyone else remember the “Bad idea jeans” sketch from SNL?

        • joekool says:

          Why would you not want 3 young studs? The more 1-studs and 2-youth..the better..no? So if Britt doesnt work out, you still have Calvin and Julio..and maybe could flip Britt for someone else who maybe has a crush on him…etc

          • Boomer says:

            I have Mike Wallace as well. Can only start 2 WR’s and a flex. To be honest Julio sits the bench on my team.

          • Boomer says:

            ….and Torrey Smith. So my WR’s after this deal are Mike Wallace, Megatron, Smith, and both Falcon WR’s. Anyone else now see why I don’t NEED another young WR.

  3. BenP says:

    Bought Britt in my league from a down owner for Miles Austin and some other smaller pieces. Hoping that Britt is turning the corner in his personal life and ready to focus solely on football. I think he can return to form after the acl, but we’ll see. I’m a Britt believer, and think the sky’s the limit for this kid.

  4. Luke says:

    First article of the series I disagree with. I love Britt. A couple of days ago I traded Miles Austin, Robert Meachem, Jermaine Gresham, and a 2013 1st for Britt and Jason Witten. It was a lot to pay but I felt it was worth it.

    • Eric says:

      I like Britt too, but yeeesh that’s an overpay for a player with many questions to answer.

      • Luke says:

        Yeah, I thought that at first too. But Austin has hamstring problems of his own, who knows if Meachem will do good in SD, Witten is a upgrade over Gresham, and I think that my 2013 1st should be rather late. If Britt plays a full year, I think I’ll look back at this and say it was a steal

  5. tebow says:

    awe im like a girl that always falls in love with the bad boy and gets my heart broken w these types of players. high talent but have baggage,im a sucker for love what can i say?!hahaha britt is a player that can get u in trouble its better to stay away and see what he does before u trade anything for him. its better to overpay to know what your getting than getting burned

  6. coach says:

    i’m not a fan. no thanks.

  7. Joe says:

    I just recently got KBritt and 3.11, I gave up finley,1.7,2.7. How did I fare on this deal?

    • Scott says:

      I’d say pretty good. Last year, I traded Britt for Anquan Boldin, Emmanuel Sanders, 2012 pick 1.02 and 3.02. I actually didn’t want to trade Britt, but I lost him to injury, and my team ended up 12-1 and competing for a title. I kind of regret that deal, but at least I got pick 1.02. I like Britt a lot, and traded Peyton Manning/Victor Cruz for Michael Vick/Britt in another dynasty league. Yeah, he is an injury risk, and his off-the-field issues are a concern. Still, he is an elite talent, and if you can stomach the risk, I think it is worth picking up him. In your case, I think you did very well. I’m not convinced Finley’s production will ever reach the hype, although he is a talented player in his own right. Pick 1.7 and 2.7 is not hard to lose when you are talking about a player like Britt.

  8. Jason says:

    What kind of runningback… what range should I be targeting if I were to trade Britt… I’m already solid at receiver and at this moment wouldn’t even be starting him but am desperate for a runningback

    • Josh G says:

      Maybe in the Beanie Wells or Ahmad Bradshaw type range I would guess?

      • Luke says:

        No, you should get a better back. In the ADP data the PFF posted the other day, Britt is going in the range of Forte, DMC, and Charles. Look there

        • Scott says:

          I agree with Luke. I don’t think Beanie Wells is enough. I think a RB like Forte or Run DMC would be necessary to move Britt. Another possibility would be Demarco Murray. That is more in line with Britt’s current value, which seems to have reached gargantuan hype. Now, whether that hype is right or wrong is another question. What is not a question is excitement generated by Britt in most dynasty leagues, and that excitement has escalated his asking price. Britt has potential top 5 upside, and that comes with a high price.

        • Josh G says:

          Good luck getting a top 10 RB for a WR with lots of questions (jail time, injury, questionable QB)…if you can..more power to ya.

          • Scott says:

            You won’t get Kenny Britt for Beanie Wells. I seriously doubt you would find anyone on DLF who thinks otherwise.

          • Josh G says:

            You may be right..but I dont think you’d get McFadden either. I was merely trying to find a decent range where he’d be. Since McFad, when healthy, could be a top 5 RB..and Britt needs a better QB…I dont see Britt as a top 5 WR personally..ala..Megatron, Fitz, Nicks, AJ Green, Jennings, Cruz, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Roddy, Wallace..are all ahead of him (though I might be inclined to give the nod over White due to age)..plus some others that are maybes like Harvin, Jordy Nelson, Marshall, Austin..etc.

            It was just a range..no need to split hairs so much.

        • Coach says:

          you’re nutsy. no way would i trade forte, mcfadden or charles for Britt. teams that devalue running backs are teams i want in my league.

          • Josh G says:

            exactly my point..which is why someone more like Beanie Wells or Bradshaw comes to mind. Perhaps thats not enough by some peoples estimations..and thats fine too..but Forte/McFadden/JC Superstar is way overpaying for Kenny Britt.

          • Luke says:

            i can concede maybe forte is too high. but whats nutsy about JC or DMC? JC as well is coming off a torn ACL, and being a speed back, that might affect him more than a WR. DMC is always hurt, and while he has top 5 potential, so does Britt. I wouldn’t trade Britt for DMC.

          • Josh G says:

            Then we are in agreement..no way in h3ll I’d give up DMC for Kenny Britt


  9. Spolan says:

    great article!

    just an idea for a future article: the history of talented players that had many off field issues early in their career and how many of them actually ended up maturing and turning the corner.

  10. Chris says:

    Take a closer look at this photo. No way your #1 WR should wear a thong!

    “Putting with a Wedge”–Randy Quaid

  11. tebow says:

    guys that blow their knees out and you can still get full value do it for a fresh pair of legs. charles and britt are going like they played a full 16,if you can get them for cheap go for it but dont forget that they were laying around when you needed points

    • Eric says:

      Completely agree. I basically have the “All-ACL” team right now, since I still have Britt from my original draft, and traded for Charles this offseason.

      There’s just too much recent history of young guys without much tread on their tires making full recoveries from ACL surgery. Even Welker came back and caught 120 balls this year, and he’s no spring chicken. Moreover, AP still seems to be a pretty hot commodity, and he tore his ACL at the end of the season.

      With Britt, I can get on board with being scared away by his rap sheet. But passing on a 23-year old WR with top 5 potential because of a torn ACL in week 3 is just crazy.

  12. Will says:

    Hey ken i was wondering if you take suggestions on dynasty dilemmas and if so id like to see one about brandon marshall, idk if he fits your criteria for a dynasty dilemma but idk what to expect from him this yr and was thinking about trying to acquire him.

  13. sixshooter says:

    Hey Will, as a Bronco fan I can tell you that BMarsh finished his last three seasons in Denver with 100+ catches and somehow found a way to produce two 80+ catch seasons in Miami with Johnny No Name tossing the rock to him. Not sure why anyone questions this guy unless it is concerns about his character because the guy has yet to fail to produce on the field and being reunited with Cutler is nothing but good news for Marshall owners, and Cutler owners for that matter! Cutler and Marshall are pretty close and Cutler seems to know how to relate to Marshall in a way that many others have failed to do so it will be interesting to see how this all works out.

    Right now though might be the last chance you can get Marshall at a decent value because if he and Cutler connect like they did in Denver, I am afraid that Marshall’s value will go through the roof. Maybe I am being a bit extreme but I honestly believe these two are in for a great season as long as Marshall can stay out of trouble and both can stay healthy!!!

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