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  1. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Surely you guys can come up with more interesting daily content then this!

    • Can you expand on why you feel this isn’t interesting and a snooze fest?

      Is it because you haven’t heard of him/think he’s no more of a player than depth? Think the questions are boring? Hate interviews in general?

      Without context to your comment, there’s very little we would do to refine the content and specifically I will do with interviews.

      Side note and FWIW, I have this guy in my top 20 TEs right now. He’s an afterthought in many leagues and often a throw in to deals. He shouldn’t be.

      • Zzzzzzzzz says:

        I don’t want you take it personally. I am not knocking the article itself. It was well done. It just seems like a bit of a stretch when DLF is only posting one article a day. I guess it’s a tough time right now as we wait by the hour for April 26th. Everyone is eager to see what happens with picks 4 thru 32 and what dynasty impact players will land where (fantasy wise). I’m more interested in rookies then I am 2nd year players but that’s just me. I understand all the recent hype around TE’s because of the Gronk/Jimmy beast potential but I guess I am just one who would rather hear about ALL 20 TE’s instead and see where Housler stacks up against the rest and who you would pass on. Personally, I focus on TE’s who have an elite QB… and right now that’s not Arizona.

        Love the site, love the effort. Keep at it.

      • Josh G says:

        I had only seen his name in passing (I have Graham, so I dont truly need Housler as of yet), but I wonder why your voice isnt in the rankings..as the 4 people on this site have him either unranked (2x), 26 and 41 for an average rank of 44..nowhere near the top 20, and likely not on many people’s immediate radar..at least until this article gets read by a few more people! :)

  2. DLF_KenK says:

    One thing we’ve really tried hard to do is create a wide variety of different types of articles over the past few months. Some may be right in your wheelhouse and some may not. Some are player based (interviews, spotlights, dilemmas), some are team based (strategy, commish, etc.) some are draft specific (mock drafts, draft duels, etc.) and some are just plain quirky (DynastyMania). Our polls and comments lead us to believe that mix is important, even if some of those may not hit your own personal #1 topic each day.

    The great thing is the volume of worthy content we’ve produced this year, I believe, is unmatched in the industry…by anyone, really.

    So far this year, we’ve produced 78 different articles, including 39 since March 1st – that’s right around one every day. While some other sites may have come relatively close to the quantity of posts, we’ve received many comments saying the quality has been unrivaled. Our articles have never been one or two paragraphs long with no real opinion or just filler. It’s just not what we’re all about.

    This comment actually gets me kind of excited!

    Our followers are actually expecting content from us on a DAILY basis now. We’ve never had those kind of expectations before and are certainly doing our best to provide the highest balance of quantity and quality during the offseason. While we may not have a post EVERY day, we’re really coming close. In fact, Wednesday will mark our 500th article since the middle of 2010 and, like I said, we’ve had 39 since March 1st.

    I think we’ve done well so far! Keep the expectations high – we’re doing our best to reach them.

    • tidewaterjc says:

      This is by far the best collection of FF minds I’ve found, coupled with some great articles. Been tracking Housler since the 2011 Rookie Draft – thanks for shinning a spotlight on him :(

    • clarion contrarion says:

      daily, !
      I check every hour or two – but then I should probably get a life that doesn’t involve spending 4-6 hours a day of football related info

  3. tebow says:

    even though i never heard of this guy before i still read it and now he is on my radar! i told my league mates about your website and now everyone is a daily follower. i like that the guys that run this site take us reader’s ideas seriously and have new content everyday,it really means a lot to us followers.

  4. tebow says:

    even though i never heard of this guy before i still read it and now he is on my radar! i told my league mates about your website and now everyone is a daily follower. i like that the guys that run this site take us reader’s ideas seriously and take the time to answer our trade/draft questions,it really means a lot to us followers.

    • clarion contrarion says:

      ideally you should tell yerv friends abiout yahoo or cbs or fantasyfootballxtreme or one of the other B- TEAMERS and keep this site for yourself

      wise up & win

      • Josh G says:

        Yep, I dont tell anyone in my league about this or rotoworld (not half as good articles..but certainly very quick response for player news)..however this can backfire..

        For example..I tried to trade Jacoby Ford for another player before the beginning of LAST year..and half of the league threw a fit because none of them knew who Jacoby Ford was. If they had visited a decent fantasy site such as this, instead of merely Yahoo, theyd have known he was a good sleeper at the time…etc

  5. Hungry For Content says:

    That’s all it is… we just can’t get enough. As soon as I found this site it instantly because my #1 dynasty league site. I just keep finding myself coming here multiple times a day and wish there was more to read! I”’ even open up a thread looking for new comments trying to find something I haven’t ready before.

    GO DLF GO!

  6. I respect anyone’s opinion if they feel an article is “boring” or uninteresting to them. But you have to understand this site is read by thousands of people. That’s why there are MANY different types of content. Some will like player interviews and some will not. Point is we have to understand that it’s ok to not like everything but respect that other people may appreciate it.

    • Zzzzzzzzz says:

      Agreed. Without my original comment I still think there would be no (or very few in comparision to others) comments on this thread.

  7. mr rourke says:

    I’ve been carrying Housler in deep leagues and I like him. I’m not too excited about him being put on other people’s radar, but that’s the job of this site.

    Housler has elite TE upside. He’s fast, has great hands, and can make the big catch. He got some playing time this year due to injury’s ahead of him on the depth chart, but he wasn’t really ready. TE is a very tough position to pick up and having a rookie be able to pick everything up and perform at a high level with no offseason is something that you can’t have high expectations for. He should make great strides this coming year with an offseason to learn.

  8. jerrys kids says:

    i agree that he has a great chance at a break out and it all comes down to no competition. with no real talent in his way as of now a quality game or 2 to start the season and he can quickly be come a hot commodity.

  9. The minute the Cardinals drafted him he was on my radar (meaning I was going to draft him)… but when the Cardinals signed FA Todd Heap (FA in 2013) I said “darn” and decided to wait to 2012 to reopen the books on Housler. Housler ran the fastest 40 among TEs at the 2011 combine. Now the 40 doesn’t always translate into fantasy success but then Kolb came along. Geaux (yes I’m from south Louisiana) look at Brent Celeks 2010 numbers when Kevin Kolb wasn’t eating cheesesteaks on the sidelines, but played in 7 games.

    Week 1 Kolb gets hurt…

    Week 4 Loss v Washington… Celek 3 receptions, 27 yards, 1 td, on 7 targets.
    Week 5 Win at SF… Celek 3 receptions, 47 yards, 1 td, on 9 targets.
    Week 6 Win v Atlanta… Celek 4 receptions, 46 yards, 0 td, 7 targets.
    Week 7 Loss at Tenn… Celek 2 receptions, 8 yards, 0 td, 5 targets.

    Scratch week 17 when Philly rested players, Celek, but started Kolb.
    Cant find the other week Kolb played because he didn’t throw so screw it.

    Celek tallied 12 receptions, over 100 yards, 2 tds, on 28 targets. Now as most fantasy people forget fantasy football is all about opportunity. Celek had 28 opportunities to score while Kolb was QB for really 4 games. Thats 7 opportunities per game. Multiply that x 16 = 112 targets if Kolb stays healthy. That is speculation but sometimes its okay to speculate. See Gas Prices. Celek played 15 games in 2010. Vick was his QB 11 of those weeks and tallied 50 receptions averaging 4.5 targets per week. 3.5 difference in favor of Kolb.

    Overall = Housler is worth a stash in a dynasty format depending on roster limits. He may not be the next Gronk Jimmy. Yeah you may have a top 5 TE but what do you have behind him? Dickson? Miller? Kendricks? Rudolph? etc…. Those are decent TE2s but remember fantasy football is all about filling your roster with studs and potential. So when Housler has a breakout game and he’s your 3rd maybe 4th TE someone may offer you a 1st rounder! Ive seen crazier things happen in dynasty league football… just type ACCEPT on your cell phone and send that text.


  10. Robert says:

    As a Housler owner I read the article with a lot of interest. Since my TE situation is not something to cheer about, this article sounds like music to my ears.

    Only thing I have to do now is keep my fingers crossed hoping that everything goes according to plan… If he doesn’t pan out and I’m left “devasted”, I blame it all on Steve for giving me some false hope LOL.

  11. sixshooter says:

    Wow! I am a bit stumped by the criticism over this article. I actually picked this guy up in our dynasty league “after” another team dropped him because I can see his potential. Also a bit surprised that not many have heard of him until now which, to me, makes this article even more valuable. I would much rather read an article on a lesser known player than read over and over and over again about how the Saints TE was a former basketball player who transitioned to the pro’s with a ton of success. Duh……we all know what Jimmy Graham has done. And….I guess we all should know that this years’ TE rookie class is extremely weak and many are going to consider reaching for a Coby Fleener just because he is a higher ranked rookie TE and I think they are going to be disappointed. If there ever was a good year to pass on TE in the rookie draft….this is the year!!!

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