19 Responses to “Draft Primer: Ranking the Running Back Destinations”

  1. tebow says:

    i asked for this and now its here! great site fellas,i think whoever the steelers take might be the best rookie rb after t-rich just because its such a great situation no matter who it is

  2. Sensei_John_Kreese says:

    Carolina Panthers

    If they add a running back in the first two rounds, just quit. Seriously.


    Hey, i’m sorry to do this,but Mike Polk’s new Browns video is out. As a Bills fan, i can relate.


  3. phorts says:

    This has been a big debate in the forums as well as amongst my fellow Dynasty leaguemates. I own the 1.1 in my draft and i’ve been saying that STL would be my preferred spot for Richardson after CLE and they think i’m crazy. I love when a guy gets to play along side a perrenial stud for his first year in the league and SJax is not only that, but a quality dude, hard worker and STL is a young rebuilding team that i see making Richardson, or whatever back they coose a primary focus just like SJax.

    I’m higher on Jets and TB than you appear to be as i dont see Blount or Green as the answer here, but i’m thinking more of the best spots for Richardson, not necessarily all backs.

    Green Bay 2 star at best for me. Even if this incoming rookie RB got the starting gig to himself it still wouldnt produce a RB1, and probably not even an RB2. ARodge had more TD’s than the RB’s combined, Kuhn as well. Hell, even Raji had as many TD’s as Starks. Keep me away from that shituation!

    Than kv

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      Little story. Fantasy coaches love backs that will see the field sooner rather than later in most cases. Read that as situation over talent. Many years ago, I had the 1.05 and really wanted Steven Jackson, but then he was drafted to play behind Marshall Faulk and I decided to go with Kevin Jones who was to be an immediate starter for the Lions. It worked for about 1/2 a season.

      With running backs, I am a big believer in drafting talent over situation … almost religiously now.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been bitten a few times by taking talent over situation but it ALWAYS turns out to be a short term bite. Frankly, I don’t know how to draft any other way….for better or worse I always bet on talent winning out.

        • Josh G says:

          As perfectly evidenced by Daniel Thomas last year….though the field of work is certainly extremely limited.

  4. StevieMo says:

    I like the article, but I think an additional component would have been how good the respective teams’ offensive line prospects are.

    • DLF_KenK says:

      Yeah, as I mentioned, it was a factor, but not the driving force. O-Lines are pretty tough to judge season-to-season based on FA and injuries, but it was a factor for sure.

  5. tebow says:

    situation or talent is a great debate! would you take polk if he lands w the steelers or wilson drafted by the rams? polk would get carries right away on a great running team or take the better talent that will have to sit behind a proven workhorse for 1 season maybe even 2 before he is the primary back?

    • Sensei_John_Kreese says:

      I dont know man, thats what i have the crew at DLF for.

      I think it depends on your depth as well. I drafted Helu and Torrey Smith last year in the first round, based solely on situation. I also tend to draft with an eye on maturity. Pay attention to the interviews. Torrey Smith, for example, is a quality human being. Guys like that will always have a coach willing to take a chance on them, IMO

  6. Fife says:

    Great analysis! I am waiting for the same thing with WR’s now!!!!

  7. jerrys kids says:

    as the owner of the top pick in 1 of my dynasty leagues I am really hoping richardson lands in tampa over cleavland. I know multiple factors were considered in this but I would hate to have him face pit and bal 4 games a year vs the schedule he would have in the nfc south. how much was future opponents considered?

  8. Bill Rayfield says:

    Solid review of the running back landscape; good job!

  9. invisibulman says:

    I have the Bengals and Browns as 1 and 1a. Cinci has a strong run blocking line and no viable RB on the roster. The other parts of the offense are already in place, so there should be some goal line touches to be had. I think the talent gap this year between RB2 – RB4 is pretty small this year, so whomever goes to Cinci is likely my pick at 1.4

  10. Mercenaries says:

    Great piece!!! I’m currently sitting at 1.6 in my rookie draft. I know that the top 4 (Luck, RGIII, Blackmon, Richardson) will most likely be gone by the time I’m on the clock so I’m very interested to see where some of the other RB’s like Martin, Miller, Wilson, and Polk end up. If one or two of them end up it prime situations, I could even see one of top 4 fall to me. Can’t wait for the draft!!!

  11. tebow says:

    people say that luck and rg3 are going to be top picks but in my league those guys arent going to get picked until the 2nd round,the first 5 picks are always backs since everyone needs more in a 12 team.people already have a servicable qb but w the landscape of the nfl today young talented rbs are at a sky high demand. if a back falls to me at 1.6 i would be overjoyed.

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