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  1. Cyrus says:

    I attempted to leave a comment before and it didn’t work. I’ll leave a short comment instead.

    1) I am happy to see your confidence in Brady. I have him as my QB1 in a dynasty and had the chance to draft RG3, but I traded the pick to get Stewart instead. I hope to be able to get a QB in the future, closer to when Brady fades.

    2) I agree completely about Hernandez. Gronk is a beast but if the defense starts game planning to stop him, Hernandez will benefit. He is the clearcut #3 barring injury, in my mind.

    3) Very interesting to see the team strategies, and especially to see how the QB/TE teams differed. I love dynasty start ups, but I am in too many dynasties to do any this season.

  2. Sensai_John_Kreese says:

    This site is being even more annoying than that Larusso kid.

    I think you’ll be happy with where you got Helu. He may be the second best receiving option on that team. I bet you he catches 55-60 passes this year.

  3. It was fun to participate in this mock draft. On paper I think I really like @jrnall2’s 1st 8 picks the best. Excellent drafting.

  4. Sensei_John_Kreese says:

    I really like your team, Mr Behar. Though, there is one question i have to ask. In retrospect, do you regret trading down from 1.4 to 1.9?

    The reason i ask is because if someone offered me Hakeem Nicks and Denarius Moore for Megatron, I’m not sure i could do that.

    Thanks for the hard work doing what you guys do.

    • Jarrett Behar says:

      Thanks John – that is much appreciated. I don’t regret it at all because Megatron went 1.02. I have him rated as my #1 overall dynasty player, so if he had been there at 1.04, I would not have traded down and would have taken him. With Calvin gone, I thought there was value in moving down to get Nicks and pick up an extra 7th was worth it to me as the talent level tends to really start to fall off after the first 8 rounds.

      • Sensei_John_Kreese says:

        Understood. Sorry for being lazy about looking at the actual draft order. I just assumed. Also, if you’ll allow me..excellent usage of the word “Ameliorate”. First person outside of my family whom i’ve heard use that word. :)


  5. phorts says:

    I like the move as well, as i’d prefer to build around WR then any of the players you could have gotten at 1.4 (one of the “big 3” RB or a QB.

    Also, your team has the most “startable” depth of all of them. Fred Jackson could outperform both Richardson/Helu/Bush and provide excellent in-season trade bait. Love the team…

    it was fun to follow, cant wait for a post nfl draft DLF Mock 2!

    • Jarrett Behar says:

      Thanks – that’s what I’m going for – balance between youth and being in the hunt to win now. If Helu started well, I would certainly try to flip him to an RB needy team for value.

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