11 Responses to “Dynasty Sleeper: Andre Caldwell”

  1. tidewaterjc says:

    Glad I scooped him up in 2 leagues last week before this article. Excellent evaluation Ken!

    • DLF_KenK says:

      Well, you need to take this one with a grain of salt for sure. My goal for the post is just to basically have owners pencil him down as a possibility for one of their last few roster spots in deeper leagues. In leagues with more than 25 spots, teams typically have room for some projects.

      The likelihood of him emerging isn’t great, but we define sleepers a little differently than other sites. This Summer, we’re going to see sleeper lists full of players like Demaryius Thomas, Stevan Ridley and Ryan Mathews.

      Reallly? C’mon.

      Many sites are scared to go out on a limb and drop some names who will likely flame out. We recognize the intelligence level of our readers is superior to that of virtually any other site out there (just visit the forum and you’ll see), so we won’t insult our readers by playing it safe.

      That being said, Caldwell is what he is – a guy to pencil down at the moment and see what happens with the Broncos during the draft. He’s not without talent and landed in a great spot.

      As always, we’ll go out on a limb and suggest some flyers. We’ve historically hit more than we’ve missed.

  2. Chris H says:

    nice article, please keep them coming. we use a 1000 blind bid for waivers and i missed out on caldwell. that said i was able to grab dreesen. do you see him having any value? with the pick up of peyton’s old friend in tamme, as well as their two young developmental te it seems it may be a wasted roster space. casey is available and with the exit of dreesen is he the better stash te?

  3. Alan Bauerle says:

    Nice article thanks! Now he’s on the waiver wire in our league. I have the 14th 15th n 28th pick in the draft. Gonna use my 1.3 on one of the big 3. Would you use one of my 2cnd rounders on him or wait till the 3rd. Our league is deep n anyone that plays w Peyton is def worth a shot.

  4. RobertBobson says:

    I really like this sleeper call.

  5. Miguel says:

    See, THIS is a real sleeper. Even though I probably won’t target him (at least not at the moment), it’s refreshing to see this kind of analysis and “mining” that most fantasy writers are too timid or too uninformed to do. Well done, keep ’em coming.

  6. StevieMo says:

    Might be a bit risky if Manning is not 100%. You do have to assign a risk premium to anyone associated with Manning. One good hit and the dude could be done, with no discernible backup anywhere in sight, or his arm could be 60% of what it was.

    • DLF_KenK says:

      You certainly do have that to worry about. Thing is, if he’s one of the last players on your roster (as he should be), it wouldn’t be too hard to cut bait and move to the next project.

      Good luck!

  7. Mangelo says:

    But he couldn’t beat out Jerome Simpson for the flanker spot and Shipley beat him out for the Y. Those are not difficult hurdles to overcome. I remain a skeptic.

  8. Howard says:

    Good article, but the dynasty sleeper that you should be talking about is Golden Tate. That’s the guy that is outside the norm that websites don’t talk about. Is Caldwell a sleeper, yes but his name is out there because of Manning. He was non existent in Cincy. Tate is going to his magical 3rd year.

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