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  1. As a Jonathan Stewart owner in 1 of my 3 dynasty leagues I have pursued him countless times in the other 2 leagues and those owners are just like me: they know what he brings to the table and can wait. I was offered 4 2013 1sts for Stew today (plus DWill) and I just couldn’t do it. In the league I run we just had our initial draft this past January. Its a PPR league & we start 2 RBs and my RB core looks like this:
    5. Jonathan Stewart, CAR (drafted 2nd round at 1.9)
    6. Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG (drafted 3rd round at 3.4)
    7. Reggie Bush, MIA (drafted 7th round at 7.9)
    8. Mike Tolbert, CAR (traded before FA started for a 2012 2nd and 3rd)
    9. Ben Tate, HOU (traded for a 2012 1.7 and 1.11)
    10. DeAngelo Williams, CAR (traded for a 2012 1.7 and 1.11… DWill was a throw in)
    11. Frank Gore, SF (traded 4 2013 1sts… the 2012 3.1 was included)
    12. Kendall Hunter, SF (traded 4 2013 1sts… the 2012 3.1 was included)

    I have a stable of RBs and guess what those 4 1sts I was offered for JStew, I didn’t do it because I can wait 1 more season. Its like giving that girl you broke up with 1 more chance and hoping she doesn’t run off with a guy named “Cam” or “DeAngelo” heck this time “Mike”….fyi i got so many 2013 1sts because I drafted QBs and people forgot to draft QBs lol

    JStew owners UNITE!!! Keep him
    JStew non-owners GET HIM!!!!

  2. Josh G says:

    Nice article and I have both bought and later sold JStew in the same league. My league allows us to keep our starters and 5 bench spots…and for me JStew was always graded as “hmm..do I keep him..try to trade him, or cut him…” considering I had other backs that were arguably better. But its so difficult giving up on a guy you KNOW is elite. But to make room for productive players..sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

    I hope he gets the chance someday, somewhere, someday SOON, to showcase his talents…even though it will be one of those moments where I say “I knew I should have kept him!!!”

  3. Sensai_John_Kreese says:

    I cut Jstew in my league, so i get him back in the free agent auction and sign him for 4 years. Figured his value wont get any lower. Could have had him for 11 dollars just next year, but i’d rather pay 20 for 4 more years. Great read, Ken.

  4. bigd says:

    i think that with carolina having deangelo in a contract that they cant trade, tolbert in town, and one more year on stews contract, maybe this is the year that they trade stewart to get some value out of him before he walks away free next year?….maybe denver and fox want him?????

  5. DLF_KenK says:

    It’s entirely possible. They’re saying he’s not on the block, but I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t listen to offers.

    If someone like the Browns offered a 2nd day pick, wouldn’t you think long and hard about that? If you’re the Browns and are set on taking position players in the first two rounds (which I’m not convinced they are), you’d basically be looking at these two options:

    1. Jonathan Stewart (via trade with your #2) and Justin Blackmon (drafted in the first round)

    2. Trent Richardson (draft him in the first) and someone like Mohamed Sanu (draft him in the second)

    They could even conceivably trade that #2 for Stewart and take Tannehill at #4.

    Either way, I’d think it would be worth a discussion.

  6. Coach says:

    i pulled the trigger 2 years ago on MJD for Deangelo, Stewart and Fitzgerald. the owner then backed down before he hit accept on the website even though we agreed to the deal.

    i’m happy.

  7. TheFlyingLineman says:

    GREAT article, Ken! As soon as Tolbert signed with Carolina, I began sending out offers for JStew in most of my leagues. I think that a lot of owners initially threw up, as you put it, when Carolina signed Tolbert. I, for one, believed that it was more of a clearcut sign that management knew that Stew would be going elsewhere next offseason. That almost led me to believe that he could be traded THIS season in order for Carolina to get something out of him before he just walked. I think that RIGHT now is the perfect time to be buying him. Just last night I gave 1.03, 3.04, Ponder and a future 3rd for him. If you could have told me a year or two ago that I would get Stewart for the kind of deal, I would have told you to put down the pipe. The limited amount of carries he’s had throughout his career to this point seem to more that justify the idea that he will provide multiple years of solid production, if not elite status.

  8. Cyrus says:

    This article (and comments) makes me feel like less of an idiot for the trade I just did.

    I gave up the 1.02 for Stewart, Dalton and a 2nd in 2013 (team is bad, will be top 4 I think). Everyone in the league said that I was stupid and bidding against myself, but I had two thoughts…

    1- I wasn’t bidding against myself, I was bidding against what the owner would require to give up on Stewart. If Stewart is always in a RBBC, I lose the trade. If he becomes the starter this year or next, I win big.

    2- I drafted Stewart at 1.03 his rookie year. (Talk about a crazy year, our draft went: DMC-Mendy-Stewart-Forte-Kevin Smith-Chris Johnson-Ray Rice… all have had value but I would prefer to get Ray Rice or Chris Johnson of all of them, and they went last)

    So in 2009, Stewart started in the playoffs and helped me win the Championship. During the draft, I traded him for the 2.09 in 2010 and a first in 2011 and 2012. The 2.09 was used on Eric Decker (paying off now) and the firsts became the 1.01 in 2011 and 1.02 in 2012. So by trading the pick to get him back, I am just taking pity on the team that traded with me before.

    Btw, I screwed up the 1.01… someone offered me Mendenhall and Steve Johnson (who was a FA in the auction league). I thought it was a great deal and took it, but Steve Johnson was paid too much so I didn’t keep him and Mendy sucked… but at least Ingram didn’t do much either. I do kick myself that I could have drafted AJ Green though.

  9. meens says:

    wow. eveyone has a right to an opinion but you guys in the comments are way over valuing him. for the guy that turned down 4 2013 1sts for him: you are missing a great opportunity to build great future value while only giving up what has been a flex player to this point.
    i dealt with the stewart shenanigans for years. i had him and dwill until last offseason. i got a feeling that dwill would resign from him and stewarts offseason comments about liking playing together. i sold dwill for 2 future 1sts b4 he chose to stay, after he resigned i shipped stewart away for 2 more mediocre future 1sts. today i consider it an absolute steal by me! i expect to get at least one player that produces more than stewart out of those 4. i currently own 1.04 and would laugh at the thought of gibing that up for stewart while hes stuck in a 4 man rotation. even if his laye career opportunity comes hed be lucky to have a career much better than turners prime years. the biggest strength a dynasty owner can have is to not fall in love with his players. when the trade value outweighs the actual value its time to sell. stewart is the best example i can think of

  10. Ken Moody says:

    Reports coming out now that the Panthers are in fact looking to trade Stewart. It’s a buyers market right now in the NFL for RB’s, but surely some team will want a top tier talent like Stewart, and be willing to pay for him. Buy now, while you still can.


  11. "Slick Rick" says:

    This morning, JUST before this article, I traded Hillis/2.1 for JStew….!!!!

  12. Just remember Santa Claus rewards those who are patient… Santa Claus comes 1 more time (2012) before free agency 2013! Heck the Easter Bunny might reward us because Carolina is open to a JStew trade

  13. StevieMo says:

    As a dynasty player who cried, “Sell!” after Shaun Alexander’s last monster year, I’m yelling, “Buy” this year. Reminds me of the Michael Turner situation in San Diego, where you had to warehouse him for a few years but it all paid off when he got the gig in Atlanta. Stewart has a lot of treadwear left on his tires and should have 5 very nice years wherever he ends up.

    We might get lucky and get a draft day deal this year but I think it would be crazy for the Panthers to do that.

  14. Dan says:

    This is the PERFECT article for me right now, I had williams and Stewart in my dynasty league for the last two years think one day they will be apart! ONE DAY!!! I just traded Stewart in a deal to get the 4th overall pick thinking he would be stuck in hell for another season or two. They then sign tolbert and are going to trade him. HE is going to be a top ten back and kill me everyday he does it. I am going crazy!

  15. Greg says:

    I traded 2 weeks ago, just before the Tolbert Signing, Felix Jones and Heap, to buy Stewart 😀
    I thought i would pay in 2013, but it should come early

  16. Brad says:

    Just last night I pulled the trigger on acquiring J Stew for Ingram Straight up. I look at those 2 and as of now IMO they are in very similar situations, so why the lateral move? Simple, I view J Stews potential much higher than Ingram’s and this league is a salary cap/contract league and J Stew is signed thru 2013 for $10 while Ingram is thru 2014 for $15. If J Stew leaves Carolina I will have the option of resigning him at the end of 2013 for the same $10 that he costs now.

  17. Shockey says:

    Unless there is no market, Stew will be traded. With d’angelos contract, the Panthers put them selves in a corner. That’s why the signing of Tolbert is astute. This is Cam’s team, and Tolbert gives them a low cost rbbc partner, good pass blocker and check down specialist. All future financial resources the Panthers will use will go elsewhere, not rb. Tolbert will be part of the rbbc there for the foreseeable future. Stew is talented, no doubt. I, like many, salivate him getting out of the most frustrating fantasy tandem in fantasy history. I strongly believe he will be dealt by the draft. The Panthers should be able to get at minimum a 2nd round pick, still have dangelo and Tolbert as a quality tandem, and let Cam lead. Stew owners, its gonna happen.

  18. StevieMo says:

    I have a good team but my RB situation has not been good the last two years (bad luck and bad drafting). Anyway, I now have Stewart, Ingram, Ridley and McGahee plus pick 1.03 in our upcoming draft (which I acquired for Finley and pick 1.07). I expect our draft to go Luck, Griffin, Richardson).

    That could be a nice turnaround if my four RBs become Richardson, Stewart (assuming a trade situation upgrade), Ingram (assuming health) and Ridley (with BJGE gone). I can probably get a third rounder for Willis.

    The thing that’s cool about dynasty football is how rapidly things can change in one offseason (of course they can also change for the worse — ask Peyton Hillis). This site is great in terms of getting everyone’s point of view and incorporating it into draft/trade strategies.

  19. Detroitcity says:

    let me ask you guys a question, which of these 2 trade scenarios would you prefer…been trying to get Stewart for a few weeks now and these are the 2 offers the owner of Stewart is willing to do. I would lock Stewart up thru 2015 with a trade

    #1: 1.1 pick & 1.6 pick for 1.3 pick, 1.4 pick, Stewart, Deangelo (its a salary cap league and he would be dumping Deangelo’s salary to me but could be beneficial if Stewart gets traded)

    *note i also own the 1.5 pick, so i would have 3/4/5 after this trade

    #2 Bradshaw and 1st in 2013, 1st in 2014 for Stewart

    • Detroitcity says:

      RB carry a larger premium in our league, so Richardson would be the 1.1 pick with out a doubt, whether its me picking or him

  20. BB Wayne says:

    I offered 1.10, 2.01, 2013 1st, 2013 2nd, Moss or any other receiver not named Austin or Brown for Stewart. This was before the Goodman trade. I thought it was fair, but the owner said no. Would love to have him so I could pick up Luck or Griffin with my 1.01 instead of Richardson.

  21. Forrest Cohn says:

    Just got him for Jahvid and Mario Manningham. Great trade

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