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  1. tstafford says:

    Jeff – Nice work. I think I’d take a shot on Broyles higher than that just for the pure upside. He’s probably a late second, early third where you have him ranked. I’d go more like early to mid second. Tim

  2. Luke says:

    Two things-one, it’s Coby Fleener, not Toby. I also think Marvin Jones deserves to be ranked in the WR section.

  3. tebow says:

    i thought after the combine u would have turbin and hillman over grey and pead. do you think pead will be a better fantasy back than turbin? with a late first i will considering one of these 4 players depending on where they are drafted.

    • I think that all four of them are nearly dead even in potential, I’d probably rank Hillman in the last of that group. It’s all going to depend on the situation that they are draft into. I like Turbin’s chance to increase in value in the right system but I couldn’t rate him over Gray or Pead at this juncture. But it’s VERY close.

  4. StevieMo says:

    My question is this: Is this a projection of talent and draft position, or a ranking based on dynasty value over, say, five years in the league? On this site that’s what we should be targeting, although admittedly it depends a bit on where they end up.

    • Essentially, it’s the former, but with some degree of the latter thrown in. That is why Weeden is a the QB4, and almost a QB5 for me. Age is taken into consideration.

      But for the most part, I concern myself more with ranking the rookies as related to their talent, their NFL outlook and their potential fantasy productivity.

      I put in a LOT of hours of watching tape, reading reviews, watching more tape, studying the nature of their production, etc. etc. If I can get my rankings correct (and I have a track record that I’m proud of) within the positions, then coaches that come to trust my rankings can put them to work however they wish and for whatever outlook they are looking toward.

  5. BB Wayne says:

    Miller and Streeter are (FL) Miami guys, not (OH). I do like where you have Stephen Hill. Not only did he light up the combine, but dove for a catch and landed on his neck. Got right back up readied for another drill. That is all I needed to see.

  6. Adam says:

    Do you think you could drop Turbin off your list? I really don’t want the word getting out.

    • Believe me Adam, I hear what you are saying. The toughest part for some of us here on the site is that we are essentially giving away how we REALLY feel about players and rankings. Before starting the site years ago, we had to come to grips with the fact that we had to be able to do that, otherwise we were holding back and our readers wouldn’t want that.

      I guess when it comes down to it, what we are saying is that given the choice of being competitive or doing all the research that we do for the site and our readers, we’d take the latter every time. There is no better feeling than when a reader emails or comments that our advice/research helped them win the league.

      …well, maybe that and winning our own leagues too. Last year we were 17-1 in our Dynasty Experts League with the best sites around, taking the championship. That was a great feeling.

      I’ll see what I can do about Turbin but can’t make any promises. :)

      • Adam says:

        Yeah, I know you have your priorities. It’s just that he has been high on my board for quite some time now, and recently he’s done nothing but fly up everyone else’s board. I do more than my fair share of homework, and I hate nothing more than to find players that aren’t on anyone’s radar until the last minute and lose out on the potential steal of the draft.

        • Indeed. Turbin has been quietly gaining steam since his 4 TD performance vs. Colorado St. He did tail off at the end of the year and the competition was less than stellar. He’s a great prospect but I don’t see him cracking the top 7 or 8 in the position.

          He’ll be a fun mid to late 2nd round selection however in fantasy.

  7. Danny Hall says:

    I Definitly think Marvin jones should be in the list. Guy has the measuarables, pretty good tape and from what I read looked good at the senior bowl. Yes Keenan Allen was all the rage at cal but jones shouldn’t be over looked. But other than that a pretty good list!

  8. The Lung says:

    I’d agree that Marvin Jones is an egregious omission from the list – in these rankings, I’d have him as high as #7; basically, after Sanu but before Alshon Jeffery.

    Also, Case Keenum, Kellen Moore, and Jordan Jefferson are just terrible QB prospects and I’ll be shocked if ANY of them get drafted in the NFL Draft. Small schooler B.J. Coleman from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and G.J. Kinne from Tulsa are the deep QB prospects to watch in their places.

    My $.02

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I think one of those QBs could be drafted but I wouldn’t be shocked if all of them go undrafted. My guess is that Jefferson will be drafted in the 6th or 7th rd.

      I’ll have to take another look at Jones but I haven’t seen much on him to make me think that he’s deserving to be in the top 10-15. There are a ton of prospects out there and this year, after the third tier of receivers, it isn’t promising.

      Truth be told, I’m not that excited about the class after the 2nd tier of receivers. Very bust worthy and mediocre group as a whole.

  9. CCrane says:

    Cant believe you penalized Vick Ballard to #15 after he tripped over himself running the 40 at the combine… hahahah

    • the clarion contrarian says:

      anyone who gets out fortyed by rich eison is lower than 15 in my rankings

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      Ballard just barely made it on my list at all, very late addition. A large % of these backs aren’t going to ever be heard of again … that’s just the nature of the game.

      • CCrane says:

        As a LSU student/ fan… Im bothered by your Jordan Jefferson ranking. I know the guy. Nice guy. We have booku mutual friends. I see him in the clubs around BR all the time (he hasnt been back to Shadys since the pre-season incident), but thats just ridiculous he is ranked.

        • DLF_Jeff says:

          I’m not sure if you’re saying he should be ranked more highly or lower. Either way though, ranking QBs outside of the top five is a fool’s folly nearly every year. So few will ever rise to NFL or fantasy prominence. Once I get to the fourth tier of QBs, often times the third tier, I start looking at size and NFL potential more than anything else. Things like football IQ are very important in this area and I think that is what drops Jefferson’s value.

          But in all likelihood, you could swap the QB6 and the QB12 in this year’s draft and have a 50/50 chance of choosing the one that has the best NFL career.

  10. mikaela73 says:

    How is Tannehill the #3 QB on this list? Granted, I haven’t watched as much game time as you, but the couple of games that I did see, he was an average college QB at best. Is he better than I give him credit for, or are all the rest just that bad?

  11. The Lung says:

    Case Keenum, Kellen Moore, and Jordan Jefferson all go undrafted.

    I certainly have made my share of egregious misses over the years, but this is one thing I was quite certain about, and for good reason.

  12. The Lung says:

    And Case Keenum got cut by the Texans today.

    I hate to say “I told ya so” but this one was plain as day.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Well, I don’t think anyone was saying he was going to be a star or even make a team for that matter. He was the 10th ranked quarterback on a post-combine board and never made it further than #75 on our rookie rankings sheet.

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