4 Responses to “Avoid the Lloyd?”

  1. Miguel says:

    I can see him back in Chicago and could see him with some value there. I would only take him in a redraft though – no way I would touch him in dynasty.

  2. Ray says:

    He is to risky for me to touch. If he goes to Pats or stays in St. Louis there are still to many question marks. Pats offense relies on TEs, Welker and mixing the ball around to everyone. St. Louis will be a new offense, Jeff Fisher has always built teams on defense and running the ball. I am not touching him. If I had him would try to sell someone on idea he could put up similar numbers to Randy Moss if he ends up in New England

  3. JFever says:

    I wouldn’t touch him in dynasty. Way to much risk. If I owned him I’d be trying to sell sell sell. I also agree with the difficulties with the ranking of Starks and Flynn but strongly dissagree with the difficulties ranking Lynch and Cruz. The both the later have high ceiling I agree but with the evolution of the NYG passing offense and the improvements to the Sea offensive line I beleive both have a floor of Wr2 or RB2 / flex for lynch. I agree with Ken Kelly that Lloyd could be a borderline top 10 or could finish significantly lower than that. I don’t see the same wide range of performance possibilities for Lynch and Cruz however. Starks and Flynn…. yes. Well written article… Thanks.

  4. bigd says:

    stay away from lloyd….sell only. wrong side of 30 and unpredicatble. cruz is the type you look for now. (types) demaryius thomas, randall cobb, antonio brown, etc…can become a “cruz” type wr. young and in an upcoming, fast paced offense. flynn i just love if he goes to miami. with philbin now there and big bad brandon marshall….whew nice setup. lynch i believe has another year, but time is creeping up. starks is trade bait now. a rb in a passing heavy offense.

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