4 Responses to “Filling your Roster with Upside”

  1. Mangelo says:

    Some nice deep sleepers here

  2. Pikachu: BFF says:

    Liked the reasons for some players I hadn’t even considered.

  3. Markinmi says:

    Recent struggles aside, I don’t see Kyle Williams as a threat to ascend to the WR2 position in SF. The 49ers love Josh Morgan’s run blocking ability and he might be their best all around WR in general. I’d put Morgan on your list instead of Williams.

  4. itsxwill13 says:

    Im very high on Moeaki and Housler, in some leagues i feel the TE spot is often overlooked and some guys may have the mentality if they dont have Gronk or Jimmy, they just figure whatever hopefully this guy just nets me a solid 5, when in fact there are a bunch of TE out there that can be a big chunk of your points esp in PPR leagues. I like to look for teams that have rookie QB or young QBS who use their TE as a security blanket, they will net you the most points

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