11 Responses to “On Target – 2011 WR Target Wrap-up”

  1. Bigcsr67 says:

    Nice work Jeff, as always.

  2. voiceofunreason says:

    I’d be interested to see previous years. Another way to look at the numbers for a guy like Mike Williams is that he doesn’t get much seperation and doesn’t have good enough ball skills to make tough catches. So the team needs to get a better wr and throw less to him.

    I could see the case more for Little, as he does have more talent and (hopefully) improved qb play next year could benefit him as would another year of experience.

  3. Tosnsprx says:

    I’m going to try and acquire Little in my league.keep up the great work! This is my favorite time off the year in in dynasty.

  4. bigd says:

    your statline sucks. you left out one of the best wrs regardless of targets and receptions….jordy nelson

  5. bigd says:

    nelson had 95 targets-68 recpt-1263 yds.-15tds. if he was 2nd intotal points between calvin and welker in our league. if your stats has some obscure reason to keep him out of your figuring….keep it….i’ll use my own stats. i won our championship and picked jordy in the 7th round. i’m ok with that. and i’d be more concerned over his numbers then say jerome simpson?

    • Jacob says:

      If you read the intro, only numbers through week 16 were used. Jordy Nelson wasn’t in the top 40 WRs by targets at that point. If you are complaining that he isn’t on the list, then you missed the whole point. Targets normally equate to production. Someone with targets but low production will probably change. Someone with low targets, but high production (like Jordy Nelson), will probably regress back to the norm. If you follow this logic and agree with it, Jordy Nelson is the prime sell high canidate.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      As pointed out by Jacob below, the stats I used were target based and through week 16. Nelson had 79 targets and did not make the list based on the target list above, which was generated using targets. Additionally, even if he had made the list … Nelson isn’t the type of receiver that I’m looking for in 2012. He’s very well known based on his 2011 performance and will be a high selection in 2012 in all likelihood.

      I got him in the early 2nd round of a rooke/FA draft this past year and was happy to get him. I highlighted him multiple times for his upside prior to the 2011 season due to the high powered offense that he was in combine with the expected retirement of Driver soon. At the time, I had James Jones ranked a notch above Nelson as we waited to see who emerged from either Jones/Nelson.

      Nelson also had a superior ~75% reception rate through those 16 weeks which isn’t likely to be repeated. His receptions though should increase in 2012.

      But again, a receiver like Nelson isn’t what we are trying to identify through this exercise.

      Congrats on your ring!

  6. bigd says:

    i appologize for not understanding the exercise of this article, but i do pay very close attention to targets/to receptions= production. i’m a packer fan and visit camp anually. this year i could see it in practice that nelson would be the #1 wr for the pack with his repore with rodgers. he will be by far the best wr over jennings next year as well. when i scout for a wr in the draft or FA i look to those measurables always. i just was very confused for the omission of nelson regardless of targets/receptions when you look at his over all production even before week 16.

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