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  1. Congratulation to my co-coach on a great year in the league! I wondered how easy it would be to co-coach at this level with Ken, but it has been amazing how in-tune we were with each other and the trust that we had in each other when moves were to be made.

    A little bit of an odd year for your DLF crew. Aaron Rodgers and Welker, of course, were studs. Reggie Bush and Marshawn Lynch were huge performers for us and Antonio Brown was the highlight waiver wire addition. Losing McFadden and Jennings really hurt but we had enough depth to pick up the slack.

    Demaryius Thomas finished very strongly and has given us real hope for next year. We were initially very weak at WR but a trade for Greg Jennings to match with Welker, and now Thomas and Brown, gives us enough youth to be excited about.

    Ryan Mathews and Jonathan Stewart remain young with enough potential to provide upside.

    On the downside, Boldin is obviously fading quickly and our studly LB group headlined by Fletcher and Ray Lewis will have to be addressed.

  2. tim says:

    Awesome work guys. DLF is the preeminent dynasty site because of the community as a whole. This is a great example of the quality of content and knowledge that we all enjoy.

    • Thanks for the comment Tim. We’re very committed to improving the content, both volume, stats and rankings in the coming year as well. But most of all, we won’t rest until we have every committed fantasy coach on the planet signed up and participating in our forums.

      If you are reading this now,whoever you are, if you’re not signed up on our forums … PLEASE do so now. We can’t build the best site and have the very best community without EVERY one of you signed up and participating.

      You won’t find a site more committed to that end, I promise you that!

  3. Eric says:

    Great job guys, congratulations!

  4. C.Crane says:

    Good job fellas. We know who is who in Fantasy!

  5. Man of Walt says:

    Great job guys! Just shows why this is the best place for dynasty information and discussion.

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