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  1. Corey says:

    My dynasty season is over (won the championship!) and I’ve got an eye towards next year.

    In a 16-team deep IDP league, is this too much to give up?

    V-Jax, Demaryius, 1.2R and 2.14R
    For his:
    Ray Rice and Paul Posluszny

    The reason I’m doing this is that I have way too many WRs and a shaky RB situation. I’d still have Fitz, Dez and Victor Cruz starting at WR (Laurent, Preston Parker on the bench) and would roll with Ray Rice and MJD in the flex. If I don’t do it, I’d slot V-Jax in the flex and be relying on MJD only (Kendall Hunter and Felix Jones are my other two RBs).

    I’m gonna move one or two WRs this offseason for sure. My other option would be to wait until closer to the draft for the value of 1.2R to shoot up.

    I guess in the end, my question comes down to, is a top tier RB worth a WR1 and two high first round picks?

  2. Dynasty builder says:

    What do you think about dynasty prospects West or Price (JAC) vs Ramses Barden (NYG)?

  3. Marcus says:

    In my dynasty league (distance scoring) should I at all give consideration to keeping Antonio Brown over Miles Austin… Austin while extremely talented was injured throughout this year and wasn’t all that impressive in 2010 (I know Romo was out but still)… any thoughts???

    • That is a VERY tough call. Austin has the size that I like but Brown is a great route runner and is the new Desean Jackson. I lean toward Brown on this one … he’s really been impressive and he’s been nicely consistent, especially in PPR.

      If this is a non-PPR, I’d give Austin the slight advantage. He scores far more often and has Dez Bryant that draws most of the double teams in the red zone.

      • Marcus says:

        It’s a touchdown only league and I agree with you… I prefer Austin’s size… I just fear Laurent Robinson’s emergence… also Antonio Brown hasn’t done much scoring but man is he impressive.. and he’s still young with lots of upside.. I’m leaning towards Austin for sure I was just wondering if I was crazy for even considering Brown over him.. Luckily I have about 5 months to figure this out.. thanks again.

        • Being that it’s a TD league, Austin is your guy. Brown just isn’t a scorer in that way and I don’t expect him to be in the near future.

          • Marcus says:

            yeah, I just hate the way Laurent Robinson has emerged.. however when Austin has been out there he’s still been finding the endzone… I’m just afraid with my luck (which is none) that Brown will be the next superstar or something.. I already cut one guy this year for James Starks who I now deeply… and I mean deeply regret to the point I don’t even want to play fantasy football anymore after 20 years (yeah it’s that bad).. so I’m being much more careful now and I suppose keeping Austin would be the careful thing to do.

      • That’s fantasy football. I traded away Arian Foster for a ham sandwich before last year after he finished with those nice two game and the Texans drafted Ben Tate.

  4. tebow says:

    so whats up w spiller? u guys ddint like him and he is.. showing some tough runs

    • He’s actually looking pretty good. Not as an inside runner though and not against any noteworthy D’s. For the most part, the runs he’s been breaking are outside and without a lot of traffic against slower D’s. But I saw a couple of nice runs yesterday up inside where he ran with toughness and good vision.

      I still don’t think he can carry the load but he’s looked far better than he has in these past 3-4 games than he has over his entire career.

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