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  1. Ken says:

    1 guy for the flex this week, tough choices but can I really mess up? throw a dart?

    Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE) @NYJ
    Brandon Lloyd(StL – WR) @Cle
    James Starks(GB – RB) Min
    Mario Manningham(NYG – WR) @SF

  2. Lucas says:

    I’m considering trading Demarco Murray for Cam Newton. Who would you rather have on your dynasty team for the next 5 – 10 years?

  3. Max says:

    Actually, you published Seattle’s Mike Williams stat line above.
    Not TB M. Williams

  4. Pedro Cervantes says:

    Johnny Knox has been killing me all year in my 32 team dynasty league. He hasn’t been terrible when he has gotten the ball but that is the problem, they for some reason refuse to throw his way. I was offered David nelson or Robert meachem straight for him. Should I take either of the offers or just stay put with him and hope for the best?

    • Vince says:


      He will be a free agent after this year and playing elsewhere. Still a crap shoot but he has way more talent than knox.

    • Draho says:

      I think Chicago would be so much better if they would lineup Bennett & Knox as WR 1 & 2 and not let the other ‘receivers’ on their roster do anything more than cameos. Unless that happens, I think Meacham is the best of the 3 you mentioned.

      On another note, if you don’t mind my asking…how do you work a 32 team league? Specifically with QB/bye issues? Do you just try to gobble as many qb’s on your roster as you can to avoid taking a 0 during bye weeks?

      • Pedro Cervantes says:

        It’s basically two 16 team( one AFC one nfc) leagues combined thru a forum. When we started everyone selected a real NFL team. From that team you began with their k and d/st as a permanent fixture of your team( they cannot be traded) you also got to select 3 keepers from that team. For example I selected the packers a year ago and selected Rodgers, Grant and Jennings. Those players can be traded. Then we did a offline draft thru the forum where everyone signs in as their NFL team and posts their trading blocks, trades and waivers thru. From there on we have a one round rookie draft and 2 rounds free agent draft in the offseason. As far as the qbs go, most teams have one starter and most are smart enough to handcuff them as the league is so deep. But there are some teams with no starting qb or some that have 2 obviously. Usually teams with no starting qb just take the zero because they either have a rookie in the wings or collect backups( everyone knows how many qbs some NFL teams go thru. It seems like this would upset the balance of the league but it doesn’t at all. All our 32 members are extremely committed and teams with no qb know their rookie pick will be better for it and they can play for the future and draft one next year or trade a team that maybe has two.
        Heres the forum link if u wanna check it out- http://s4.zetaboards.com/NFL_Fantasy_League/index/

        Also had another offer I’m torn on.
        I give Matt forte and Greg Olsen
        I receive mjd karim and Vernon Davis

        My team is one of the favorites to win it all this year if that changes anything.

        My starting lineup-
        Rodgers Forte Bradshaw Marshall Knox Jacoby Jones Olsen Pack D Mason Crosby

        Should i jump on this trade at first glance it seems I should but Vernon seems to be truly limited by Alex smith and mjd has been good but forte has been great. He seems to be finally proving he’s elite. Take it or stand pat?

        • Draho says:

          Thanks on the summary…interesting.

          I’d pass on the trade. I’d call Olson/Vernon a wash at this point, and I would give Forte the edge over MJD/Karim. I think Forte puts up decent numbers for as long or longer than that combo will. I don’t see Karim taking over as a full time back when MJD slows down.

          • Pedro Cervantes says:

            What if that offer for Knox was,

            Knox and Jacoby Jones for meachem and David nelson?

            Or Knox and Jacoby for meachem and Donald Jones?

            Should i do either of those? If so which one? Or stick to just Knox for meachem?

          • Tim says:

            I think you’re just as well off flipping coins when choosing between guys like Jacoby Jones, Nelson and Donald Jones.

            If I’d do anything, I’d just go straight up Knox for Meacham and keep your fingers crossed Meacham stays healthy.

  5. Coach says:

    I need one of each. non PPR

    Jackie Battle, James Starks or BJGE


    Stevie Johnson or Antonio Brown

  6. Sensai_John_Kreese says:

    ok, so i havent really asked any lineup questions this year, but i think i have a tough one here


    pick 2-

    Chris Johnson
    Roy Helu
    Hakeem Nicks (who isnt 100 percent)

  7. MDA says:

    PPR League please pick two to start:

    Jackie Battle
    Chris Ogbonnaya
    Earl Bennett
    Mike Williams (TB)
    David Nelson

  8. Camel says:

    1/2 ppr. Wasn’t sure where to put my lineup question this week… Thx guys.
    1.Pick two: Bowe, CJ2K, Blount, Julio Jones, Beanie
    2,Pick one: Vernon Davis or Fred Davis
    3.Pick one: Wiilis Mcgahee, Roy Helu, Ingram or Hakeem Nicks (less than 100%?)

  9. Scott says:

    I am in a Dynasty League and currently have three waivers left to use for the season.

    I am contemplating picking up three of the following players:

    1. Ben Tate
    2. Denarius Moore
    3. Greg Little
    4. Torrey Smith
    5. Jabaal Sheard (IDP League)

    Anyone’s input would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Captain Obvious says:

    Yes, pick those people up… seems like your in a very shallow league.

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