19 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft Preview”

  1. Meroj says:

    David Wilson, VT
    Dwight Jones, UNC

  2. Marcus M. says:

    Darrell Scott of UCF… although I doubt he’ll come out

  3. Curt says:

    Mohamed Sanu?

  4. Justin says:

    What are your thoughts on Kniles Davis after his injury?

    • I love his size and he does a great job of running behind his pads with a good pad level … for a back of his size. Not overly elusive but with his size, I wouldn’t expect him to be. His upper body still floats above his hips pretty well which I like to see – not overly stiff.

      That ankle injury is something I hate to see, especially with a bigger back. He’ll be back next year and that will pay dividends for him. Excited to see him next year.

  5. Alex in Tulsa says:

    Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State is a more polished QB, with a better arm, than Jones or RGIII. Is his low ranking (#6, at best) due to his age? Ignoring age, he is the 2nd best pure QB in the NCAA’s this year.

    • I like Weeden but his age is a big issue. With the learning curve of QBs, it’s tough to see him making a difference before his 30th birthday. If he’s 4 years younger or so, he may crack my top 5. As it stands, as a passer I really like him but for fantasy leaguers … just not enough time to justify the risk.-

  6. Noneother says:

    Doug Martin – Boise St

    • Good looking player but I want to see him facing better competition. Decent size for a smaller back too and runs with great instincts. But putting up big games vs. the likes of Colorado State, Air Force and Nevada isn’t going to impress many. Would help if he was more adept out of the backfield in the passing game

      I’ll be interested to see how he runs at the combine.

  7. Bad news for my #4 WR Ryan Broyles, who tore his ACL today. It ends his college career and will significantly affect his draft value.

    • sensai john kreese says:

      any chance he may slip to the second round of fantasy drafts now?

      • Absolutely, depending on the number of teams in your league. It will also depend on in what situation he is drafted into.

        Before the injury, I figured he’d go in the #8 or #9 area … now that would likely drop to #12 to #13 or so.

  8. SchafMoney says:

    Hey Jeff as a Badger fan I like seeing that you have noticed Monte Ball. All summer I was talking him up to my buddies saying he will outplay James White and be a stud this year. They mostly laughed at me, but I guess I am getting the last laugh now. Anywho, what are you thoughts on Russell Wilson? Personally I think he has a strong, accurate arm and can throw well on the run. He also is highly intelligent and makes good decisions throwing the ball. The biggest knock on him is that he is 5’10”, how much will that hurt his value? Doug Flutie part duex?

  9. The Lung says:

    I absolutely loved this article, and agree with most of the rankings. With the understanding that these rankings are still very much in a very fluid state, I’d quibble a bit at the end of the WR rankings. Due to the serious injury to Ryan Broyles, I’d drop him off the top 5 list and put in either UNC’s Dwight Jones or Iowa’s Marvin McNutt. Both guys are potential starting wideouts on the outside in the NFL, where I see Nick Toon and Jeff Fuller as slot guys at best.

    Come to think of it, I also think that Boise State’s Doug Martin is an egregious omission from the RB rankings.

  10. Monty says:

    I have Cam and 1.01, 10 team, 5 keeper league. Are you suggesting trade Cam for a RB or WR and drafting Luck or go with Blackmon/TRich with Cam?

  11. R says:

    “After Richardson and Polk, the next three backs are very close in value . I give a slight edge to Miller here at #3 due to his size, youth and production.”

    After Richardson and Polk? Slight edge to Miller over James and Ball? Jesus Christ. Stick to your day job.

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