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  1. Mike says:

    Steve Smith (PHI) will come back strong, emerge in the PHI offense, and make NYG look stupid! -NOT
    -While he’ll be reliable with the targets he is given, he will continue to battle Jason Avant for the WR3 looks in an offense that spread the ball around some. Don’t expect more than 4-5 targets a game.

    From the ashes a phoenix is born yet again in a Josh McDaniels offense in STL -NOT
    -I suspect that Bradford will continue giving whoever is open the looks and it will rotate almost every week. Alexander and MSW will flash brilliance, but they will also either succomb to injury or weeks of zilch. The most reliable WR there will again be none other than Danny Amendola once he comes back into the slot.

    Arian Foster will shake off he injury bug and show owners why he was drafted as the best RB in football! -NOT
    -He will continue to be plagued by the hammy issues for some time. And when he finally comes to full health will find that he will be forced to split some time with Ben Tate regardless. While he provide good production down the stretch, he will not be a RB1.

  2. Sensai_John_Kreese says:

    Fantasy owners will find that the Bengals offense will not provide enough consistancy for AJ Green to be a reliable fantasy start week in and week out—NOT!

    This guy is the absolute truth, With Shipley done for the year and Simpson struggling with injury, Andy Dalton will continue to grow up with Green. I fully expect WR2 numbers by the end of the year and if this guy is on your bench, He wont be for long

    This suit is black not

  3. Eric says:

    a few of those Nots have been kicking me in the ass, so I hope you’re right!

    You didn’t include the Not about how TB Mike will continue to struggle and not find enough separation for Freeman to target him. Does that not continue, or does Benn and/or Briscoe step up as a viable WR2 in Tampa?

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I had fully intended to do one on TBMW and completely forgot him. I like Benn to step up and for TBMW to get going again this week.

  4. Eric says:

    On the Arian Foster thing – The Texans won’t rush him back, they will let him get healthy and he will prevail. Ben Tate is a nice back and I drafted him last season before his injury. Truth be told the two backs have similar exceleration to the hole, but Foster has better vision at the second level and will be the premier back come crunch time, for a team that knows it has playoff aspirations.

  5. Bob says:


    You have the Cam Newton story backwards bud. Played Zona week 1, than did 400 yds against the Pack in week 2. Both surprising though!

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