3 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Ronnie Brown agrees with Eagles”

  1. Misift74 says:

    Ronnie Brown: Touchdown Vulture. Sorry, McCoy owners…

  2. Misift74 says:

    To elaborate, Brown has the size and skill to run in key situations, including short yardage (no big deal) and goal-line (BIG deal). I think McCoy apologists are fooling themselves if they remain in denial that Brown will dent McCoy’s TD totals.

    It’s just one more reason to have guys like Ray Rice and Arian Foster higher on my draft board (still).

    I love McCoy and understand that his reception totals will be outstanding once again but I continue to have mild concern about how many carries he gets and inability to produce short-yardage touchdowns.

  3. Hot nikkels says:

    Vick had had 9 rushing TD’s last year so he was a problem for McCoy owners as is. Adding Brown to the mix further hurts McCoy’s TD totals.

    I don’t believe McCoy touches as a whole will be altered much, but his goaline looks could be harder to come by then you’d think.

    Short term I don’t like it for McCoy, but longterm he’s still a legit fantasy back.

    Shall we call him the new Ray Rice, but the NFC version?

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