6 Responses to “Possible Fantasy UFA’s”

  1. wallace's warriors says:

    I am in a league where we have just got the league up and waivers start on the 25th. We have FAAB waivers and the budget is $100 for the whole year. Michael Bush is the best prospect right now and will likely be the best all season. How much should I bid on him? I have Mendy and Greene but my flex option is weak and I think he would be a valuable flex guy. He is pretty much the best player available because the next best is Redman right now. He will likely go for a lot but what do you think is a good amount to bid on him?

  2. Sean says:

    Very well written article. Some of these players will be huge fantasy factors depending what team they could end up on.

  3. Tim says:

    Nice article. It will be fun when NFL FA actually happens. There will be a flurry of dynasty activity that generally doesn’t happen at this time of year. Will fill in the void before week 1 nicely!

  4. Tony says:

    Good Info, just drafted Smith(NYG)hope is able to contribute this year.

  5. Glad you liked the article guys!

    Just a small update: word now is Bush will probably be a RFA after all.

  6. Maya Schaar says:

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