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  1. jdo says:

    My only concern with this draft is that only a few teams control the first 2 rounds, so the picks tend to be skewed towards needs rather than a more accurate picture of how a draft might go

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      There is that possibility but “Team 4” was drafting with a BPA (Best Player Available) mentality because he needs it all. You’ll note that he took back to back QBs with Gabbert and Locker. Team 4 also happens to be one of the DLF site partners too. :)

  2. Tones says:

    To some extent EVERY draft is skewed by team needs and an owners willing to be patient.

  3. Johnny Five says:

    Personally I was suprised to see Baldwin fall into the third. He may be a head case but has huge upside and fell into a starting position. Also I like Salas in STL, but I think Pettis will be better in the long run. I also think Kendricks will produce the most fantasy pts for rookie TE’s this year. Bradford has a great accurate arm, and McDaniels has said he wants to get his TE involved more like the Pats did last year.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I agree. I expected to see him go mid 2nd round. I also agree about Pettis, I like him just a bit more than Salas. I have to do more research on him too because I haven’t seen enough to REALLY qualify it to that degree yet.

      Pretty safe bet on Kendricks in my estimation but forecasting any sort of real long term value is tough for him.

  4. Cyrus says:

    Ok, have a question from one of my dynasty leagues.

    I have the #4 pick and can go one of two directions:
    1- Julio Jones
    2- D. Thomas or Ryan Williams

    At WR, I have:
    Wayne, Steve Johnson, Harvin, Mike Williams, Danario, Demaryius Thomas
    at RB, I have:
    Gore, Mendenhall, Moreno, Reggie Bush, B. Tate

    I feel like I should definitely go with Jones, but now I am not sure. Care to give insight? Also, I have 3 other first rounders, so I can get WR or RB later in the round too.

    • Team Canada says:

      Julio Jones hands down!

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I think you have to take Jones. If it’s a PPR league, most definitely take Jones. WRs outside of the top 5 NFL picks are very busty but Jones was close and I like his NFL style of game.

  5. Misfit74 says:

    PPR or ? Knowing at least the basic format would be key. Thanks!

  6. Kind of surprised Edmond Gates did not get drafted in the first few rounds in you league. I think he went to a fabulous landing spot in Miami. People are a bit down on Henne, but with Marshall lining up on the other side Gates could shine year one. What is your take on Gates?

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      With WRs, it’s a lot of “could”, “perhaps” and “might”. Gates is not without skill but I don’t necessarily see him being productive. Take a look back at my Inside the Number article that deals with WRs and you’ll see just how many bust.

      He’s worth a 3rd or 4th round rookie pick for sure, but just don’t hope for anything for a few years, if ever. Very high bust rate with WRs.

  7. Sensei John Kreese says:

    im assuming this league is non-ppr?

    i am taking greg little and torrey smith at 1.8 and 1.9 in my dynasty ppr

    cant imagine a scenario where id take quizz, murray or vereen ahead of either of those guys. Id much rather have a starting reciever with huge upside over RBs who could maybe, one day, under optimal conditions, be considered comparible to darren sproles

  8. tosnsprx says:

    No Vincent Brown? He is going to be a PPR beast in SD. V Jax or Floyd will be gone leaving Brown to kill it with Rivers

    • With late round WRs, success is never guaranteed. I remember the same being said about Buster Davis. Brown has a chance, but I’m not overly excited about his prospects.

  9. Chris R. says:

    Thanks for this. I always appreciate live drafts. I’m in 6 dynasties, only 1 has gotten underway and we are in our 3rd round.

    I notice you gave Johnny White some love, I had my eye on him also, so I’m guessing out of all the 2nd tier RB’s he’s your favorite?

    In tier 1 I’m guessing its:

    Hunter Vereen
    Helu Jr

    Tier 2:

    Delone Carter
    Jacquiz Rodgers
    Alex Green
    Demarco Murray
    Bilal Powell
    Jordan Todman

    Is Johnny White the guy you want out of this group? I have 4 2nd rounders in 1 dynasty where RB is my need after trading out of 1.09 where I felt Kendall Hunter was too early to go(which he still went after I traded back), but I think I may just jump on 4 of these guys and hope I hit on one.

    I also think you made the right move trading up for AJ. 1 thing I like to do before my draft is look at our last few drafts, and look at how many scrubs are in every round. There are usually a few guys you’d only want each round unless it was an awesome draft like 2008. It’s much better to just pay a little and go get that stud to lock down a spot.

    • Bilal Powell may be a better play at this point based on what is coming out of NYJ, but I do like White. Many like Murray as well but I’m not as high on him. But Jerry Jones loves the guy. Alex Green is getting a lot of love too but people are overlooking his system. I do like his hands and size though … but his system in no way translates to the NFL so he better have talent built in.

      Agreed on A.J. You never know when you trade up for a receiver but not many go in the top 5 and then bust … only Charles Rogers in the last decade.

      Yes, I do like White and would overdraft him a bit. But he’s raw. He’s also in a great situation for getting touches soon, but he’s in BUF which is about as bad as DET for RBs.

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