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  1. Hot nikkels says:

    I think Skelton is back to the bench to develop. The Cards will bring in a veteran free agent or trade for one when a CBA is reached IMO. If they don’t then Larry Fitzgerald will most likely hit the free agent market and pick his team of choice, but more importantly get the QB he feels will get him to another superbowl.

    Skelton is a nice stash in leagues with deeper rosters, but I don’t think he’ll have immediate value in 2011 or possibly 2012.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I agree. He’s in a no win situation unless Arizona can’t land a veteran or doesn’t draft a QB in the first two rounds during the draft. He’ll have a chance in 2012 if he plays behind a Bulger or McNabb.

  2. Sanh says:

    Nay, I think Cardinals would sign Marc Bulger to be their stopgap QB to allow them to groom Skelton. Bulger and Warner are alike when it comes to QB skills. Remember, They did covet Bulger but Bulger went to Ravens due to a high contract offer.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      That’s the expectation, but something tells me that Bulger isn’t the answer this year. I still think the most likely path is to sign a veteran like Bulger or McNabb rather than draft a QB early … but only Whisenhut knows for sure at this point what is really desired.

    • Hot nikkels says:

      I dont think Bulger threw a regular season pass last year. You never know, but I think Mcnabb would be a good fit for the Cards since his home and family are in AZ. Still, players like Mcnabb and Bulger are stop gap players at this point in their careers.

      I believe that the Cards are going to be in the mix for Kevin Kolb and will overpay to make sure they acquire him. What are the chances the Cards do whatever it takes to get the QB that will get Fitz to want to sign? Or is that no part of their thinking process? They’ve already been asking him about personel from what I read. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin.

  3. Brian says:


    Bulger and Warner are equal in quarterback abilities? I couldn’t disagree more. Warner, possible HOF, Bulger stepped in and ruined the team, a journeyman backup for what the Rams did for him, nothing else, can’t hold Warner’s shoulder pads.

  4. Robert Bobson says:

    There’s nothing possible about Warner’s HOF possibilities. Look up his playoff stats, he’s the most efficient QB of all time in the playoffs. One of his big knocks is that he played on super talented teams, but looking at the rams post warner, and now the cardinals post warner, there should be no doubt of his talent.

    Back to the subject at hand, I went all in on skelton last season, and picked him up in every league I was in with my 3rd round draft picks. I never expected him to start this season, and I find the fact that he did promising, particularly in dissuading the cardinals from taking a QB in the first round. For his future, I would not mind at all a Veteran McNabb-type QB landing in Arizona ( and McNabb lives in Arizona, so it’s a natural fit).

    Even if the cardinals draft a qb though, I don’t think it’s an end of the world disaster. If he has the talent, he will make it somewhere, at somepoint. In drafting him last year, I knew that he was a project pick. I think the fact that he started this year may cause some people to expect too much from him, too soon. They may get impatient with him if he doesn’t start this year, or doesn’t produce at the start of the season if he does start. I think people should be patient with him, because QB’s need a while to develop in general (usually) and he specifically comes from such a small school that I think more patience than normal needs to be exercised.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I think Skelton is a decent bet for 2012 and I don’t believe that the Cards will draft a QB at 1.05. The second round is a possibility but I think they’re better served picking up a McNabb or Palmer though. But there’s also the possibility that nothing works out and Skelton gets to take his chances. I love his intelligence and his poise, I think he has a chance to be good.

  5. Palmer says:

    If they really want to help Skelton (and thereby help Fitzgerald) the Cardinals must address their run-game.

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