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  1. Tim says:

    I’m sort of surprised you see Graham as a “major buy candidate this offseason”. If recent posts in the forum are any indicator, his owners expect top tier compensation for him. Personally, I see him as a sell-high assuming you can get top-five value for him coming back. At a minimum, I think he would be very difficult to acquire and probably not worth it except in TE premium leagues.

    • Hot nikkels says:

      I’m one who is high on him and that was before Shockey left town. With that being said if I was able to get a top pick for him I’d move him, but I’d rather see what this kid can do in the Saints O as the main TE as opposed to trading him for a mid first or later. Most probably didn’t expect him to produce until the 2012 season, but he’s performed well way before that time.

      Barring an injury I don’t see why he can’t score 10+ tds. Receptions and yardage are tough to gauge because Brees spreads the rock all over, but I’ve seen enough to feel comfortable with Graham as a weekly starter.

    • DLFKenK says:

      Well, with any buy candidate, price is the most important factor. People who use this site are pros, no doubt. My thinking is if you can snag him from an owner who doesn’t really recognize his potential, you do it.

      If his owner in your league expects top-5 TE value from him, you don’t.

      He’s a guy you kick the tires on to make sure his owner realizes what he may have. If he doesn’t, make an advantageous offer.

      • Warren says:

        Another owner in my league inquired about Graham. He suggested Dallas Clark. I’m not sure if he also wanted something else, but regardless, I opted to decline.

        • Justin says:

          I am in a 20 team league where we use 2 starting TE’s. I currently have Michael Hoomanawanui and Jeremy Shockey. I am looking to upgrade at TE. I really like Graham and was thinking of making a move for him. I have the 13th pick in our draft coming up. Do you think that is to much to offer? or should I try Shockey plus my 2nd round pick?

        • DLFKenK says:

          I’d agree with Justin on that front. I doubt 1.13 is enough to get him. If it is, I’d do that deal based on your current TEs in a 2TE league.

  2. Tim says:

    Justin – I don’t think the 1.13 pick is enough to get him in a league that requires 2TEs. Tim

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