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  1. Adam says:

    Already in rebuilding mode I’m happy to not have any of these guys on my roster.

    This is a very big year for unrestricted free agency in my dynasty league (auction and term contracts format) and some of these players are bound to command high prices at auction, while I’m content to pass on placing bids.

  2. ScottD says:

    If you are in true rebuilding mode, I’d add the following name.

    Peyton Manning. He’ll be 35 next season.

    Check out the following QB from 35 on. Dan Fouts, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, Ken Anderson. It isn’t pretty. Warren Moon held up pretty well and Favre had a couple good season after 35, but most of these guys were declining fast.

    Let me be clear, if you are in contention, I don’t think you can trade him, but if your rebuilding project is pointed at 2012 at soonest, I’m guessing you can find a contender who will pay very well for his services and really kickstart your rebuilding effort.

  3. Dan says:

    The only player on this list that saddens me to trade would be Antonia Gates. He has been on my teams for years. A few season ago he helped me make the playoffs…

    Being a life long Browns fan I have enjoyed watching Hillis bull doze his way through the season but if an injury doesn’t get him in 11 hardesty will. Plus it remains to be seen what the new coach has in mind for an offense.

  4. Bigcsr67 says:

    Hillis is on this list, but Arian Foster is not??? That seems a bit off?

    • DLF Ken K says:

      I’m squarely in the camp that Foster is going to be a top 5 running back next season and beyond. With Hillis, there are too many variables for me to believe it.

      Again, I’m not trading Hillis for peanuts. If I can get top 5 value for him, I’m on it.

      With Foster, I wouldn’t move him for top 5 value because I think he’s going to finish there again.

      • Steve says:

        Hey Ken,
        So I have 2 guys on that list in which I am trying to pkg (Sjax and wayne) and 1 of 2 first rd picks for cj/ap. Im not really worried about losing them but im curious if you think i need to include foster into that category. I am honestly not sold on him yet, just have visions of trading for slaton before and him fumbling away my year. So is foster the real deal cj/ap kind of dude or is he the head of the 2nd tier class?

        • Ken Kelly says:

          I’d focus on Peterson and Johnson first, for sure. If I was in a start up, I’d take either of them over Foster right now.

          I’d say that AP and CJ2K are 1-2, with Foster, Rice, MJD, etc. in the second tier.

          There’s just a larger body of work with the others. Foster’s upside merits him being in with the second group, but I’d hesitate lumping him in with the first in a dynasty league.

    • Hot nikkels says:

      Hillis broke down at the end of the season and Foster did not. Houston is retaining Kubiak and the OC Dennison. Foster is the real deal IMO and I don’t see a change in the zone running scheme which suits fosters running style.

      • Steve says:

        Yeah thats what I thought as well. Id have a hard time giving up wayne and sjax, if only for name recognition . thanks ken

      • Bigcsr67 says:

        All I am saying is that now is the time to get optimal value for Foster as well. I think both Hillis and Foster will not ever duplicate the numbers they had this year, and if you are looking to get optimal return value, now is the time.

        • Hot nikkels says:

          So you’re saying sell a guy whenever he has a monster year? Chris Johnson couldn’t duplicate 2009, but he’s still a top 3 guy. If I’m a Foster owner I will deal him, but I’m getting top 5 compensation. I don’t know if there is another RB in the league with a better situation to boot.

  5. Mike Cross says:

    awesome read thanks alot!

  6. Riders4Ever says:

    You show Lloyd as playing for CHI it obviously should be DEN. But that’s just picking nits.
    I traded Hillis for DeAngelo before Williams’ injury. I was ridiculed by other league members after Hillis blew up and DW sat. I guess alot depends on where DW plays next season, but do you think I’ll end up the winner in the deal?

    Also, what about adding Frank Gore to the list? He turns 28 in May and finished as the 16th RB in ppr leagues, but I think he’s entering the decline phase of his career.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Funny, I always see CHI with Lloyd because he burned me so many years ago. Fixed now.

      Yes, I think you’ll be the winner in that deal long term, as long as you’re a rebuilder. Williams has 2-3 productives seasons left.

      You could certainly add Gore, Manning, and even Roddy White to the list if you wanted to get maximum value, though White probably has more like 4-5 good seasons left.

      Really, it’s all about your window of opportunity. If you’re truly rebuilding, I’d be hard pressed to keep any productive RB over the age of 27 or a WR over the age of 29 or 30.

      • Bigcsr67 says:

        So what kind of value do you think you can get for Roddy White? I have been contemplating moving him for a player and a pick.

        • DLF Ken K says:

          Well, I think you should be able to get a young player like Dez Bryant, or something like Mike Williams (TB), plus a high first rounder if you’re going young.

  7. Clint says:

    Great article, knowing when to sell long-term producers is a tough (and sometimes personal) decision. Having L.T. since a rookie and S-Jax since a rookie I knew I was getting long in the tooth, so I sold high midseason. I traded L.T. and Dwayne Bowe(1st week into his terror) for Felix Jones and Greg Jennings. I then traded S-Jax for DeAngelo Williams and Wes Welker. I am now younger and stronger at WR.
    Current Roster
    Aaron Rogers
    Eli Manning
    Tim Tebow
    Ray Rice
    LeSean McCoy
    Deagelo Williams
    Tashard Choice
    Felix Jones
    Rashard Jennings
    Marshawn Lynch
    Greg Jennings
    Sidney Rice
    Hakeem Nicks
    Wes Welker
    Jermichael Finley
    Rob Gronkowski
    I would have won the championship if not for the Rogers concussion, anyways I’m very happy right now but am always wanting to improve. Mario Manningham and D. Thomas(Denver) are F.A., I know I am thin a WR depth wise, is Eli really worth rostering??? What is the outlook for Choice, Felix Jones, and Rashard Jennings? Best case landing spot for DeAngelo (GREEN BAY!!)????
    Thank you always checking the site!!!

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Manningham and Thomas are both good prospects, especially with the uncertainty around Steve Smith (NYG). You have a VERY shallow league, though.

      I don’t really see much room on your roster. I could be talked into Jennings being dropped for Thomas, but that’s about it.

      I think you have to roster Manning, just in case of a Rodgers injury. Tebow is still a huge unknown in fantasy circles.

      Choice needs to go somewhere else, and I think he will. He has a lot of potential. He may never be a featured back, but he can be productive in the right system.

      Felix Jones should get another really good shot next year, especially if Choice is moved. If it’s just Jones and Barber, I still expect a bit of a breakout next season for him.

      Best spot for DeAngelo? Hard to say. I don’t think the Packers will go for a RB and will likely platoon Grant and Starks. Seattle will probably stick with Lynch. The best case scenario for him is probably Miami. I just fear it’s going to be Denver, though.

      • Clint says:

        Other F.A. WR’s:
        Danario Alexander
        Blair White
        Emmanual Sanders
        D. Heyward-Bey
        A. Benn
        Anthony Armstrong
        I like Benn because of the stability that Josh Freeman offers, although Mike Williams will be the go to guy it will leave Benn one on one all the time, it seems like the Bucs are setting up nicely offensively for the next 7 to 8 years.
        Any thoughts/comments??
        Thanks for the input!!!!

        • DLFKenK says:

          All depends on what you’re after. Alexander has the highest ceiling of that group, but also the lowest floor. Benn would likely be the most consistent (though Sanders may have something to say about that).

          Good luck!

    • Clint says:

      10 team league
      changed to dynasty last year from 2 person keeper league

  8. Matt Warton says:

    I need some trade insights…

    10 team, dynasty league. Standard scoring, no ppr, passing TD is 6pts.

    My roster:
    QB: P Manning, Roethlisberger, M Flynn
    RB: CJ, Mendy, J Starks, B Scott
    WR: Wayne, Stevie Johnson, Woodhead, S Moss, M Thomas, R Moss, M Williams (SEA), J Jones
    TE: Finley and Owen Daniels

    Ive been offered Brees, Maclin and 2011 1.3 for Manning and CJ.

    I can also move Wayne for S Holmes and 2011 1.9.

    Thanks for the insight and keep up the great work!!


    • DLFKenK says:

      Matt, the first trade is terrible for you. Bad enough that I stopped everything I was doing to jump in and tell you no.

      The second one is worth at least considering, but I wouldn’t do it at this point. You don’t know where Holmes will be next year and you’d be leaving yourself really thin at WR.

      If the other coach really wants that deal, he’d wait until the 1.09 was on the clock. At least then you’d know what was available.

  9. Major Loser says:

    Hi guys! I need help:
    Kyle orton
    Matt stafford
    Jason campbell
    Cj spiller
    Matt forte
    Frank gore
    Anthony Dixon
    Marshawn lynch
    Ryan train
    Ben Tate
    Greg Jennings
    Miles Austin
    Jacoby ford
    Vernon Davis
    Rob gronkowski
    Germaine Gresham.

    Here is my question. Im in a 12 team dynasty with the 5th overall pick. Should I package gore, welker and Gresham to push into a top 5 rb trade or is that too much? I feel like my team is deep enough to survive it. I’d target a wr in the draft (there are a ton in this one), and I’d still have austin jennings, and crabtree as my top 3 wrs. With gronk and Davis I’d still be strong at TE. Please give me some opinions. Thank you so much…

    • DLF Ken K says:

      Is this a PPR league? If it is, it’s a little murky. However, if you can truly get a top 5 RB, you should go for it.

      If I were you, I’d be looking to upgrade your QB as well. In fact, I think that’s of greater need.

  10. Major Loser says:

    It is a ppr. Thanks for the help.

  11. CantStopTurner says:

    My two keepers can not be of the same position and WR/TE are all WR’s in my league.

    So. It hurts to see my two keepers on the list as dump type players. Turner/Gates. My settings are 1pt every 25 yards and 6pts all TD’s. My other options are Andre Johnson or Mike Williams TB over Gates. Foster is a concern and TD’s are the name of the game in my league. What are your thoughts

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