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  1. Hot nikkels says:

    Amen. Ive always liked Lynch as a runner. I traded Ryan Grant last year and what ended up being the 1.4 in last years rookie/FA draft. To me he is also a hold unless I get an offer I feel I can’t decline.

  2. After running totals again, my current expectations for 2011 don’t really qualify for a great RB2, but more a high end RB3. And with the inconsistency within the Seahawk offense, just too much risk for me to feel good about throwing the RB2 tag on him. I’ve modified the article with the following line:

    Until he gets consistent carries and/or becomes a centerpiece in the Seahawk run-game, he will remain a high-end RB3.

  3. Mike Cross says:

    Aweseome read, almost traded him today lol!

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      It’s just hard to tell what he could be next year as Seattle has yet to get him consistent touches on a regular basis. In that offense, I don’t see a 1,200+ yard year but he should be good for about 270 touches and I do believe that should be the expectation for 2011.

      High risk, medium reward play. He’s young, talented and has a lot of promise. But will Seattle get him the ball?

  4. Hot nikkels says:

    He only has 1 more year left on his deal so he could end up playing elsewhere after 2011 if it doesn’t work out in Seattle.

  5. Dan says:

    Jeff, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve watched Lynch since he was in college and he’s one of those rare talents that have size, speed and hands. If he could put it all together, man he could do some damage!

  6. Chad says:

    You guys can have him. Bet he will get arrested this offseason or will be in some kind of trouble. Marginal talent at best…..

    • DLF JeffH says:

      I very much disagree with you Chad on your assessment. He is most certainly not a marginal talent. Marginal decision maker at best, yes … but he is extremely talented. That said, he doesn’t have the quickest first step that allows him to create on his own, so he needs a capable O-line to be good … similar to Peterson. But he has amazing leg strength, body lean, hands out of the backfield, vision, good pad level and stability through the hips for great balance. But to your point, he needs to exhibit better decision making now that he’s closing in on 25 years of age.

  7. Cyrus says:

    I was torn about this too… in my league, he averaged around 11.5 points per game from Week 9 on, good for #31 in the league.

    If you look at his stats for those weeks, he was on pace for 200 carries and 770 yards if it was a full season. He was being used more in the receiving game in the second half of the year as well– he would have been on pace for 32 receptions and 230 yards.

    For his future value, I think he will get the same number of TD’s (including the 3 TD game, he was on pace for 9). Therefore, the only way to increase his value would be more receptions or more combined yardage. Using the projections, he was on pace for 1000 combined yards– increasing his carries from 200 to 300 (keeping the same average) ups this to 1360.

    Even including the additional 100 carries, this estimate has him averaging just under 14 points per game. Looking at what RB’s did this past year, that would be good for #20 in the league.

    Of course he could improve on this, but I think that that estimate is optimistic–it includes a 3 TD game and a 7 reception game increasing the averages, and I am projecting an additional 100 carries over what he was projected.

    As a result of this, I traded him and Gresham to move up from 2.03 to 1.04. I’m hoping to land either a top RB or WR at that position who will have more upside than Lynch. Some think it was a lot to pay, but I drafted Gresham in the 4th round last year and felt like making a move.

    • DLF JeffH says:

      Yep, I went a bit below your expectations for carries and went with 270 at a 4 ypca. to get my figures. The Hawks just hired Bevell as their OC which is a big plus for Lynch. It will be fun to see what Lynch can do next year.

  8. Mick says:

    Can’t believe you passed on Calvin.

  9. KC Guzz says:

    Picked him up tonight in our our off season RFA auction before reading. I got him for $4.5M ($72M cap) while Ryan Grant went for $15M (yikes), Addai for $6M, and CedBen for $5.5M. I came in with the least amount of money and an already playoff caliber team; thankfully everyone was waiting on some stud WR’s. Steal of the auction until some one got Brandon Marshall late at $8M. I had Lynch pegged for $8-8.5MM. And my jaw hit the floor when the previous owner didn’t match my high bid. Yes!!

  10. Jerry S. says:

    I have 3 hours to decide whether to keep him or Steve Johnson in a distance scoring league… my other RB’s are

    Rashard Mendenhall
    Jonathan Stewart
    Knowshon Moreno
    Pierre Thomas

    WR’s are…

    Marques Colston
    Miles Austin
    Kenny Britt
    Julio Jones
    Robert Meachem…

    I’ve been torn on this decision but am thinking I’ll be keeping Lynch… thoughts??

    • As much as I like Lynch as a sleeper, Stevie looks like he’s set up for another good year. And with your WRs, I think the depth would be good. I don’t think Lynch will be getting a lot of playing time with those RBs

      • Jerry S. says:

        Well my thoughts are this… Mendenhall… he’s fully entrenched as my starter… as for the 2nd starter… Stewart… look what happened to him last year with the total lack of carries early on… granted DeAngelo is supposed to leave but what if he doesn’t.. anddd on top of that if he does leave what if he goes to Denver and screws things up for Moreno… because his old coach John Fox went there maybe he follows… and as far as Pierre Thomas.. we know the story there.. they drafted Mark Ingram… I could sure use depth at WR but the RB’s I have my doubts also… we still have our free agency day where I could get Fitzgerald, Braylon… it’s a salary dynasty league.. so there’s los of other WR prospects there while the runningback market is kind of dry…

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