17 Responses to “Dynasty Stock Market – Week 6”

  1. Cobra Kai says:

    Interesting call on Turner. He’s really only had one good year in his 7 year career. He always looked good in San Diego but, you know, you don’t get to save those years. He was wasting away on the bench. He’s only 5 months younger than Clinton Portis. But then again, I didn’t see LT doing what he’s doing this year or Favre last year. Still, as every Shaun Alexander owner can attest, better a year too early than a year too late.

    What do you think of Mike Thomas in Jax? He’s been better and more consistent than Louis Murphy and Johnny Knox. The problem is that none of these clowns can find the end zone. I’ve been playing Knox based solely on the potential output of the Chicago offense.

    • Dlf_JeffH says:

      Turner is one of those guys that you probably need to move NOW if you aren’t in the hunt. Tough to do but he’s not dynamic enough to play beyond 30 in my mind. I’m just not sold on Mike Thomas although in that offense, they needs someone to step up.

  2. Chad says:

    I traded Turned last year (for Kevin Smith and a 1st)..then KS blows out his knee and the rest is history…
    How about Keiland Williams? Heard Torain had his knee wrapped in ice after the game and might be a question mark for this weeks game.

    • Chris Paradis says:

      I’m big on K. Williams, and have had him stashed away since his preseason splash. I was a little disheartened to see Torain suddenly do a switcheroo and leap into the #2, sending Williams to the PS (I still don’t understand why it happened like that in the middle of the season).

      Regardless, Torain in an injury risk every game, and Williams fits the prototypical good-hands-good-zone-running back profile for Shanny. I fully expect at some point that he’ll be working the rock and making noise (so long as the O-line lets him)

    • Dlf_JeffH says:

      I was going to put Keiland Williams on this list and somehow forgot to. He looked pretty good from the snaps that he got and I like his style. Again, in that offense and behind Torain, the RB2 there should get snaps.

      • Chad says:

        Ryan Torain was thought to be injured after not finishing Sunday night’s game however he practiced fully on Wednesday and should be ready for this week’s.

  3. PigSkin says:

    What do you guys think about chad simpson RB for the skins.. I know torrain is suppose to be the man there now and williams is his backup..does should i keep simpson around?

    • Chad says:

      No, unless your in return yardage league

      • PigSkin says:

        you dont see any value next year at all? i figured with portis probably gone, he could steal some carries next year and get in the mix..but maybe not

        • Chris Paradis says:

          Well i would contest that if Torain or Williams don’t turn into beasts, then you have to chalk WSH into the mix for drafting a high-grade RB next year, all together IMO you could make better with your Roster spot. If you’re looking for something deep, and your FA is pretty bare, try Andre Brown. I think he’d have a much better chance in IND now carving himself out a role sooner than Simpson

    • Dlf_JeffH says:

      Chad Simpson is only a role player. I don’t think he has any really dynasty value.

  4. PigSkin says:

    Thanks for the advice, I think ill drop him later on in the season. Andre brown was not on our wire, we have a 60 man roster!

  5. John says:

    Interesting thoughts on Colt McCoy. What are his dynasty prospects compared to Tim Tebow?

    • Dlf_JeffH says:

      I’d still rather own Tebow but McCoy looked better than i expected. I’d like to see him get two more starts, inc. one at home two weeks from now. I think they have to see what he’s got. He’s a leader and has a lot of confidence and that’s half the battle. Pocket poise is going to be an issue.

  6. kiddragonsoft says:

    Some dumba$$ is mouthing off about my man Stark. He’s saying that Stark will only be used on special teams. Tell me it isn’t so….

    “Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel predicts that Packers RB James Starks (hamstring, PUP) will have a role this season only as a kickoff returner or if injuries continue to strike the team’s running back corps.
    The rookie is still limited to individual drills in practice and is a candidate for injured reserve. He’s been dealing with the hamstring injury for five months now and had a laundry list of ailments in college. Starks does have some natural ability, but you’re better off looking elsewhere for a second half sleeper.”

  7. Mr. Rourke says:

    Starks isn’t a “big” back. I’d call him awkwardly sized. 6’2″ and 220 isn’t big. At 6’2″, he should be 235/240. 5’11 and 220 is a nice size, but 6’2 and 220 lbs is just a big thin target. Since he seems to run with a high pad level on top of being 6’2″, he’s a giant target for defenders to haul off on. He’s not strong enough to be a power back and not fast/elusive enough to be a speedster. Plus B.Jackson is running for 4.5 YPC, but the team isn’t even trying to be balanced. Bringing a guy like Starks who has no idea of the pass protection on a team that has had issues with pass protection would be a joke. Brandon Jackson is 5’10 and 220 lbs to give you a reference of how Starks is not a big back, because Brandon Jackson isn’t big and he’s the same weight but 4 inches shorter. It’s already been mentioned that he hasn’t played football in 2 years and has never even practiced in the NFL with pads on. I fail to see the upside that so many want to see in Starks. I’d sell before people come to reality on Starks.

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