10 Responses to “Dynasty Stock Market – Week Four”

  1. Chad says:

    DMac starting to fall back to earth….

  2. Ross F says:

    Lloyd is putting up WR1 right now

  3. Ross F says:

    Correction: Lloyd is putting up WR1 numbers right now

  4. Warren says:

    Arrelious Benn is another player who could be on the rise since he should start seeing the field more. I’m excited about his prospects moving forward. He has a game that reminds some of Boldin. Also Massaquoi could become relevant again with the return of Delhomme.

  5. Josh says:

    Riser: Sam Bradford

    Falling: CJ2K????

    • Ken Kelly says:

      I could see Bradford rising, though we already think pretty highly of him around these parts.

      As far as CJ2K goes, he’s still producing at a high level. I think everyone wants to put him in the falling category, but his numbers are just more realistic this season.

      If he puts up two more clunkers, it would be time to reconsider. Not yet, though.

  6. Chris R. says:

    MSW is starting to piss me off. I bought low on him in the off-season in a few dynasties thinking contract season, so he would post high upside WR2 numbers, getting blanked multiple weeks is not what I had in mind. What a huge bust. I wish I never bought into the hype. One deal I needed a TE badly so I actually traded Desean Jackson for Brent Celek and MSW, talking about blowing up in my face.

    I would say Brandon Tate’s value is up by default, he’s a hot commody this week. Torain mostly, I play in alot of large leagues and I had been trying to stash him for weeks. It threw me off when the Redskins cut Torain then kept Keiland Williams on the 53, now it’s the exact opposite. Not sure what that was all about, but that move made me drop Torain in a few leagues I shouldn’t have and wasn’t able to grab him again.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Ouch and double ouch.

      You’ll see a write up on Tate in the Purple Haze article we posted today.

      Good luck the rest of the way!

  7. Whitey Ford says:

    I grabbed James Anderson off the waiver wire week 1 and he has been a starter ever since.

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