9 Responses to “Dynasty Spotlight: Bran-done Jackson?”

  1. Chris Paradis says:

    I think you about covered it.

    I too thought Jackson had meal-ticket written all over him when he was drafted. The “ace in my back pocket” I believe I might have referred to him as in August of 2007.

    However, I dropped dreams of fantasy glory a long time ago. That aforementioned preseason of ’07 was the last time he looked good. Brandon’s had opportunities to make an impression over the years due to injuries or what have you, but small sparks here and there aside, its always been the same story. He doesn’t come out swinging.

  2. Bob Marien says:

    I agree. Jackson is a 3rd down back and that is it. He has little use. He has had 2 shots at being a #1 RB. His rookie year he got injured, HELLO Ryan Grant (traded to GB for a 6th rd DP, NYG, and now. He just doesn’t hit the hole with authority which is what they want. One cut and in the hole. Starks may be the answer, but we will wait and see.

  3. Cobra Kai says:

    Nice job Jeff. You’ve captured both the fun and frustration of dynasty league football and reminded me of what it was like when I had Kevin Barlow.

    I’m currently stashing Marshawn Lynch on my bench in hopes he gets traded. Is Buffalo still shopping him? Is GB the place he’s most likely to go?

    • Dlf_JeffH says:

      Thanks for the note. Clayton said today that he expects Lynch to be traded before the trade deadline here in about 3 weeks. I have expected Lynch to be traded prior to the deadline all along, and really thought he’d be traded prior to the season. Green Bay may very well be the destination but they still have Starks and enough on the ground to make a run at a championship. Starks is available in week 8 I believe. I think SEA is the ultimate destination. They are realizing that Forsett isn’t a carry-the-load back and without a respectable run game, their passing game will suffer.

      • Cobra Kai says:

        Yeah I agree that Forsett is not the man, was not the man, will never be the man. You either have it or you don’t as an NFL RB. Another guy who doesn’t have it, I feel, is Jerome Harrison. Is Pierre Thomas becoming that guy, too? I don’t see enough Saints games.

        Good advice on Starks. I’ll be honost, I’ve never heard of him. University of Buffalo? He’s currently on the team in our league that is perennially loaded with emergent talent but can never win a championship. I call him “AA Ball” as in the minor leagues.

        Sometimes you gotta play the opportunity. I got Shady McCoy and I wasn’t sure how I felt about him even before Vick became the starter. Vick changes everything and I’m still unsure. I had Dunn back in Vick’s days in Atlanta. He wasn’t great.

  4. Jeff says:

    Advice: Grab GB, RB Starks NOW ! Look at the runs he had in college on youtube, he will be a great additon to a SB run for the Pack and your fantasy team.

    • I would be surprised if Starks is available in ANY dynasty league at this point. The bigger question is how much more value does Starks have at this point than when he was drafted? As it has probably gone up even though he has yet to play a down. In redraft leagues, Starks should be rostered now … I completely agree.

  5. I cant believe there are so many concussions in the nfl lately. You guys to wonrder if its because the nfl brushed it under the rug before this year, or is there a serious helmet problem.

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